Bicycle Repair Kit Checklist

Our FREE bicycle repair kit checklist below includes the essential tools needed to fix a flat. It also suggests to carry a multi-tool that can be used for minor adjustments such as seat height, brake lever position, etc. while out riding.

We also included a section for items that may be needed for longer or multi-day rides. If you are planning to take your bike camping or on a bike packing trip, chances are you won’t have access to a bike shop. Or, you and your buddies may be planning a trip to Moab! As soon as you get there you bust your derailleur off on your first ride of the trip.  There are multiple bike shops within the city, but during certain seasons you could easily wait a couple days to get your bike back.  It would be much easier to have the necessary spare parts and fix your bike in your hotel room so you can get back to riding!

These are the items we consistently use and never want to forget while on adventure. If we missed any important items please feel free to add them in the comments section below. We hope you find our bicycle repair kit checklist useful!


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Essential Bike Repair Kit Tools

  • -Spare Tube or Tubes (and/or Patch Kit)
  • -Tire Levers
  • -Bike Pump
  • -Multi-tool (with Allen Wrenches)

Bike Tools for Longer Rides

  • -Clean Rags
  • -Lubricant
  • -Patch Kit
  • -CO2 Inflator
  • -Tire Gauge
  • -Brake and Derailleur Cables
  • -Replacement Chain Links
  • -Chain Tool
  • -Spare Spokes (Minimum of 6)
  • -Spare Tire (Foldable if Possible)
  • -Spoke Wrench
  • -Spare Components
  • -Spare Cleats
  • -Electrical/Duct Tape
  • -Spare Nuts and Bolts
  • -6″ Adjustable Wrench

Additional Items

  • -Money
  • -Smartphone
  • -Portable Charger
  • -Identification Card
  • -Insurance Card

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