day hiking checklist

Day Hiking Checklist

Our FREE day hiking checklist includes everything you’ll need to have a successful day hiking in the mountains. We understand that not everyone is the same skill level, so this checklist can be modified to fit your needs.

To determine what you need to bring on a day hike, you need to think about how far you plan to go, how remote the location is, and what the weather forecast is going to be. In general, the longer and/or more remote the hike is, the more clothing, gear, and food you are going to need. Also, be sure to look at the weather forecast before leaving home and pack accordingly.

These are the items we consistently use and never want to forget while on a day hike. If we missed any important items please feel free to add them in the comments section below. We hope you find our day hiking checklist useful!


Printer Friendly Version (PDF)




Additional Items for Rain or Cold Weather

Food & Water



Emergency Items

Health & Hygiene

Personal Items

  • -Cell Phone
  • -Credit Card or Cash
  • -Portable Charger
  • -Camera/GoPro (See GoPro Checklist)
  • -ID

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