National Parks


National Parks are very popular to visit today. They are going to be a huge area of land that everyone loves, but what exactly is a national park? First of all, a national park are used as a conservation area – this often helps to protect and preserve the areas of natural land. The land can be semi natural, all natural or even some developed land that can be named a park, as long as a country or state declares the park as its own property.

However, many nations develop and designate parts of lands which they class as their very own National Park. However the idea over how an area of land is made a National Park is the very same. Many parks have conservation programs for the wild life found in the park and help to ensure their natural habitats are left undisturbed and protected. However, the National Parks are very much a big part of a country and is a symbol of national pride also.

There have been many world organizations which have been set up to specifically protect the parks such as the World Commission of Protected Area and the International Union for Conservation of Nature. These organizations consider the parks as protected areas because they are natural and areas of land which are very important to the world. They should be allowed to grow and be left undisturbed also.

The very first national park was Yellowstone National Park; this was back in 1872 and since then, the amount of parks has increased greatly. Throughout the entire world, there are 6,555 national parks; and the way people define an area as a National Park is the following.


The most important natural reserves in United States

– Acadia National Park

– Arches National Park

– Badlands National Park

– Big Bend National Park

– Biscayne National Park

– Bryce Canyon National Park

– Canyonlands National Park

– Capitol Reef National Park

– Crater Lake National Park

– Death Valley National Park

– Denali National Park 

– Dry Tortugas National Park

– Everglades National Park

– Glacier National Park

– Great Smoky Mountains National Park

– Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

– Hot springs national park

– Joshua Tree National Park

– Katmai National Park

– Kenai Fjords National Park

– Kings Canyon National Park

– Mammoth Cave National Park

– Mesa Verde National Park

– Mount Rainier National Park

– Olympic National Park

– Redwood National Park

– Sequoia National Park

– The Grand Canyon National Park

– The Rocky Mountain National Park

– Yellowstone National Park

– Yosemite National Park

 Zion National Park

The ecosystem or several ecosystems found in the park have not been altered in any way by human occupation or exploration.

Plant species and animal species are of interest with great natural beauty and landscape in the park also.

Steps have been taken to ensure that the exploitation and occupation of the land and that is remains undisturbed.

Why Do Visitors Visit The National Parks In America?

Most visitors are going to flock to the many National Parks throughout America and the world because there is so much amazing scenery to enjoy. The landscape is breathtaking and there is always something for everyone. Everyone who visits can say there is something there for them and they will truly enjoy the experience also.

This is just one reason why more people go to the many parks and return year after year. In fact millions of visitors head to the National Parks every year including the tourists coming from all over the world.

Why Are National Parks Popular?

There are many reasons why visitors come to the many park including;

Easy To Find And Reach

The Amazing And Beautiful Scenery To Enjoy

Some Of The Many Parks Can Allow You To Get To See Many Wild Life Creatures And Animals

Peace And Quiet – Some Areas Of The Many Parks Can Be Very Peaceful To Enjoy

A Camp Out In The Back Country

The Endless Trails To Take

The Hiking Trails To Take

Many Amazing Outdoor Activities To Take Part In

To Appreciate and Value our Natural Resources

Top 10 National Parks in USA


Most of the parks are going to be suitable for anyone including families and couples! Though many of the parks are going to be a great location to visit when it comes to back packing, hiking, fishing and even mountaineering.

Many of the parks are going to be very simple to reach and there are options to drive through the park as well as see amazing wild life and scenery also. There are options for professional and guided tours to take for any visitor and visitors can go around the park on foot or by vehicle.

There are options to visit the National Parks and go horseback riding, kayaking and climbing also. Though the visitor centres can be really great to visit and learn about the history of the park as well as see many amazing scenery and natural beauty.

Many of them are quite large and extensive to view however, it certainly will be very exciting to visit and explore many of the National Parks throughout the world and of course America. The American National Parks are truly spectacular and amazing to learn. For anyone who is lucky to learn or explore the parks will be very lucky and it will be a fantastic learning experience also. There are many to explore and they all offer something unique and wonderful from the next National Park.