Top 10 Countries with Most Serial Killers in the World

Human history has seen some notorious killers, from brutal emperors to the secret assassins or even some psychopaths. Some kill for the living, some kills for political reasons whereas others kill for to seek pleasure. The dark side of the picture reveals that these killers happen to be adept in their work that most of them never even got caught for their massive, brutal crimes. Human psyche plays a significant role in developing such character in our society, the way they are dealt. Poverty, frustration, psychological illness and mental disorders all the factors that manufacture serial killers in different parts of the world. How society, culture and laws affect the upbringing of such killers can be known by the country in which they live!


It is the reason we have sorted out a list of top ten countries that has or had the most serial killers in the world to have a better understanding that what factors trigger the cruelty among the individuals. How come a man can turn into a monster? These are questions that need to be answered to cater such societal evils and crimes.


Japan is one of the richly populated states in the world. The convicted serial killer that are known by people happened to be 13 up till now. However, many others are not even been arrested for their inhumane acts. Out of these, few used to kill a number of girls after keeping them hostage. The killers were raised in the environment where they developed complexes regarding their masculinity and sexuality which ultimately drove them to kill hundreds of innocents from opposite gender.


Canada has the history of most convicted serial murderers though country provides enough stability to its residents yet many raised to be a killer. The total number of convicted killers according to the recent figures happens to be 13. One of these proved that serial killers can belong to any socio-economic background as he was a billionaire who killed a sum of 49 women, aiming to score an even of 50. He kept his undercover pose to trap women and girls of young ages.


According to the recent statistics, French history is known to 17 convicted serial killers who were the most notorious killers of all times. The most dangerous of all was the one nicknamed as “French ripper” he was named so because of the horrifying way he used to kill and torture his victims ripping their body parts off. Back in his days, it was almost impossible to trace and catch such serial murderers due to the inadequacy of the investigation tools.


The number of convicted serial killers identified by police is around 20. South African history has seen a number of such killers who killed many to quench their thirst of pleasure. One of these murderers almost killed 38 individual and raped almost 40 women in a very short span of period. The way they had killed their victims has made it impossible for the dead bodies to be identified later on.


The Mexican state has more lawlessness than its neighboring states, therefore, the convicted murders and serial killers are hardly caught or arrested. Uptil now there were almost 21 convicted serial killers in whole Mexico. The famous of all was the women who had killed more than 50 individuals in her lifetime however the number of the victims is expected to be much more.


From the early times of Soviet Union to the recent ages, The Russian nation has gone through many transitions. Consequentially it has brought out many serial killers in the way. The notorious of all was the one who was punished for killing 56 women and young children after sexual assaults, harassments, and abuses. The total number of convicted murderers rose to 24, making the 5th country with most serial killers in the world.


Serial killings in Australia are famous for group plans and alliances. Their number of people used to combine to carry out their aim of killing others. The most case was of the group of three people using the help of a fourth accomplice. They used to torture the ones they didn’t like then killed them followed by theft. The total sum of convicted serial killers is about 24.


The country is blamed for having most brutal killers of all times. The most famous story was a killer who killed nearly 1000 individuals in his lifetime. The story seems hard to be true. But it was published before the execution of the killer. The victims’ bodies were found badly mutilated after the cult. The total range of convicted serial killers in the country has now reached to 26.


The hub of all Britain is also the center for most serial killers. People belonging to different parts of the world travel there to carry out their killing plans and agendas. The total number of convicted serial killers is estimated to be 47. The dark times of England had faced many notorious killers. One example from the 19th century was heart wrenching when a serial killer had killed 400 babies.


It is said that the US Is the birthplace of most skilled serial killers of all times. Every other hour on the clock there is some assault or murder being carried out. The total number of convicted serial murderer is believed to reach the number of 227 or might even more.