Top 10 Countries With Highest Cancer Patients & Rates in the World

Top 10 Countries With Highest Cancer Patients & Rates in the World

Cancer is a dangerous epidemic that has spread around the world rapidly. It is a deadly disease that destroys the body’s immune system and makes the body prone and exposed to other diseases. There were 12.7 million cancer patients around the world according to the 2008 estimates out of which 6.6 million were men, and around 6.1 million were reported to be women.

Lung cancer is the most prevalent among all types of cancers. Secondly, the breast cancer rate is very high, and then comes prostate cancer as a result, of these cancer amounts the patient cancer rates are expected to rise by 21 million by 2030.


Here is the list of the top ten countries with the highest cancer rate and to the surprise of many, these are the developed countries, and their cancer rate is higher than the other less developed countries.


Denmark is a developed and civilized country but has the world highest cancer rate in the world. It is also called the cancer capital of the world with 326 people in 100,000 having this deadly disease. The major reason behind this cancer rate is that most Danish women are smokers while the country is also prone to high levels of alcohol consumption.


Ireland is the second country with the highest rates. In Ireland, this disease is said to be caused due to bad luck mostly, and other reasons are the generic causes and the lifestyle factors. But the major reason in Ireland is also smoking and alcohol consumption.


Australia is the third country having the most cancers patients. 126800 cases of this disease in Australia are to be diagnosed this year, and the number is expected to increase by 50,000 by 2020. It is the major cause of death in Australia.

The aging factor in Australia is important as people who grow old get this disease. The most common are lung and breast cancer among women.


France s n the fourth position regarding cancer. The dietary supplements in France are also causing cancers prognosis in France. About 2% of women, and 29% of the men in France are suffering from cancer. Other causes of this disease are smoking and alcohol consumption in France.


New Zealand also has a high amount of Cancer patients. The Kiwis are educated people, but the disease’s rise in the country has raised many concerns. Breast cancer has largely increased. And around 3000 women suffering from this fatal disease are diagnosed.


In 2015, the total number of cancer deaths in the United States are 589,480 US. Most Cancer patients in the United States are due to the imbalanced lifestyle excessive smoking and the consumption of alcohol excessively the government of the United States is increasing the diagnosis facilities and looking over the dangerous increment in its figures.


In Belgium, the breast cancer rate was monitored in 1954. It is the most common in Belgium, and its rates are incredibly increasing posing a threat to the country. The cancer rates are highest in age groups between 35 to 49 and 50 to 69.


The total number of cancer cases reported in 2012 was 30.99. Cancer’s of the lungs, breast, prostate, and colon are most prevalent here. Almost half of the cases in Norway are found to be at the age of 70.


Canada is a well-developed country but still, it is suffering from high cancer rates and mortality. The reasons are the delay in diagnosis and the aging. The rates are increasing, but the government is taking appropriate steps to reduce disease rates.


The Czech Republic has high cancer’s burden in European countries. The most common one is nonmelanoma skin cancer. The total number of men amounting to 736 and-and 648 women out of 100,000 people in the Czech Republic suffering from this disease.

The overall mortality rate is 263 deaths per 100,000 persons. Breast, lung, and prostate cancer are also present at high rates.