drone pre-flight checklist

Drone Pre-Flight Checklist

Our FREE drone pre-flight checklist includes everything you’ll need to have a safe and successful flight. We understand that a lot of things can go wrong when flying a drone, especially in a location foreign to you. This checklist will help you remember to check some of the most important things such as the weather, wind speed, signal strength and satellite strength before your flight. We’ve also included a few important steps you’ll need to remember if you plan to take your drone on an airplane. Many don’t realize how strict airlines can be when it comes to drones, and these steps will help you get past security with ease. If we missed any important items please feel free to add them in the comments section below. We hope you find our drone pre-flight checklist useful!


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  • Drone
  • -Charger
  • -Spare Batteries
  • LiPo Bag
  • -Extra Propellers
  • -Remote Controller
  • -Protective Case
  • SD Card

Before Leaving Home

  • -Load Drone Updates Where Secure WiFi Connection is Established
  • -Load Flight Maps Where Secure WiFi Connection is Established
  • -Check Local Flying Laws
  • -Download Restricted Airspace Apps

Before Boarding an Airplane

  • -Drain Batteries to 50% or Less
  • -Remove Batteries from Drone and Put into LiPo Bag
  • -Place Drone and LiPo Bag in Carry-On Luggage
  • -Make sure Drone and LiPo Bag is Easily Accessible to TSA

Pre-Flight Checklist

  • -Insert SD Card
  • -Insert Battery
  • -Ensure Battery is Correct Temperature
  • -Inspect Aircraft for Faults
  • -Propeller Blades Tight and Move Freely
  • -Check Weather and Wind Speed
  • -Calibrate Compass
  • -Check Signal Strength
  • -Establish Take-Off and Landing Point
  • -Check Satellite Strength
  • -Select Flight Mode
  • -Observe Nearby Obstacles (Buildings, Powerlines, Trees etc.)

Take Off

  • -Turn on Controller
  • -Turn on Drone
  • -Hover Drone for a Couple Seconds to Monitor Behavior and Sound
  • -Make Sure all Controls are Responsive
  • -Press Record
  • -Stay Focused and Avoid Distractions