mountain biking checklist

Mountain Biking Checklist

Our FREE mountain biking checklist is intended for those who get out and ride on a Saturday morning to relieve some stress after a long week of work. It is also great for those who are planning a weekend trip with their buddies or family to their favorite mountain biking destination. The list includes a lot of extra items such as rain gear, cold weather gear and even freeriding gear. We hope you understand that not all items on the checklist will be used, and it should be adapted to fit your needs. We’ve also included a few blank spaces in each section for you to write in items that are specific to you.

This checklist only includes the repair items we found most important for shorter rides near developed areas. Please see our bicycle repair kit checklist or our post on the ultimate beginner mountain bike tool kit for a more detailed list of repair items. Feel free to let us know if we’ve forgotten anything important in the comments section below. We hope you find our mountain biking checklist useful!


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Main Gear

Main Repair Items


  • -Wicking Jersey or Shirt
  • -Padded Shorts or Tights
  • -Socks
  • -Footwear Suited for Bike Pedals

Additional Items for Rain/Cold Weather

  • -Rainwear (Jacket/Pants)
  • -Collapsible Wind Jacket
  • -Insulation Layer
  • -Arm/Leg Warmers
  • -Weatherproof Gloves

Other Gear Options

Freeride Options

  • -Full Face Helmet
  • -Elbow Pads
  • -Shin Guards/Knee Pads
  • -Upper Body Protection
  • -Goggles

Other Repair Options

Personal Items

  • -Cell Phone
  • -Credit Card or Cash
  • -Portable Charger
  • -Camera/GoPro
  • -ID
  • -Snacks
  • -Sunscreen
  • -Lip Balm