Top 10 Countries with Most Cars/ Vehicles in the World

The car and the other transport system has tremendously increased as the cars facilitate the people easily from one place to another therefore in the poor countries also the average earning people have now bought cars because it is very convenient for them to travel from distant areas to the cities.The Europeans and Australian countries are top in the list of having the most car owners and vehicles, especially cars.Germany and UK are said to have the more passenger cars on the roads especially the cars for carrying at the most nine people.The USA is the nation with the greatest contributor to the world’s pollution for being the most industrialized.


The Area of North America is said to have about 250 of the total passengers But despite such large number of vehicles USA s 33rd on the list and other many countries need to reduce their vehicle quantity such as cars.Such list includes the following countries:


This country is the tenth on the list for having 565 passengers cars per 1,000 people.Its small country with the tiny population but every household is seen to be having a car.It was having a high-level road infrastructure and four airports however the country is smaller than even Texas a state in America.So traveling in such a small area om car makes sense for the purpose of sightseeing of the country.

9. Malta:
Malta s the tiny sun-kissed island in the Mediterranean sea.t has the 595 passenger cars per 1,000 persons.It is a very small nation thus the reliance on the smaller transport as the car is much convenient for people than buses and trains to travel on terrains.and planes.The Cities but are overloaded with the cars and there is the tough competition for parking areas in the cities like GOZO and Valletta.


New Zealand has total of 597 passenger cars for 1,000 people.The country has a large amount of car owner ship.It is one of the most beautiful area in the world with lovely landscapes.With such lovely scenery the people of New Zealand are fond of seeing the lovely sights and have a car top reach there holiday destinations.

7. Italy:
Italy is a beautiful nation with its antique culture and lovely sophisticated living and beautiful sculptures and university.The country’s people are also fond of cars.The country is considered as the home of such cars as Lamborghini,Maserati, and Ferrari these car brands are also owned by many Italians.


This country has the 629 passengers per 1,000 people .This small country is also mostly car driven and the government of the country has tried to reduce the car driving and enhanced the public transport system still the citizens prefer their own private cars and theses abundant cars have clustered the small island’s highways.


Iceland has the 646 passenger cars per 1,000 people.Iceland has the total area of about 39,770 square miles with most population living in small clustered area which is the ca pita region of the country.The ring road of the country is filled with innumerable cars.This nation is also fond of the driving.


his is the tiny wealthy nation stands fourth on the list.It is sandwiched between Germany France and Belgium. It covers about 998.6 square miles of land. with a population of just half a million.But the nation is filled with high salaried rich people with a high per ca pita income so they are obviously fond of expensive luxury cars.


Monaco is also the car ridden country. The country has the 729 passengers car per 1,000 people.This is also a small nation having the some of the world’s largest GDP rates .People here enjoy large salaries .The cars there are considered the status symbol.This country has the modern road network and large amount of cars.The population love to car drives and thy are also fond of road races .


This country has topped the world bank’s car owner country’s record.The Liechtenstein is also a small and infamous nation one might haven’t heard. It has a huge amount of cars having 744 passenger car per 1,000 people.This sate is minute and is surrounded by Switzerland and Austria.thirty seven thousand people live in its small territory of 61 square miles.Despite the trains and airports the people prefer to drive.


San marino is the nation having most cars in the world. It has 1,139 passenger cars. San marino is very infamous and a small country with the only area of 24 square miles. It is a landlocked country neighboring Italy having a population of about 32,576 people? Its highway is 5.5 miles long but to everyone surprise every citizen owns a car, and the country seems to be a car country.