Top 10 Drug Addicted Countries in the World with Most Drug Use

The misuse or excessive use of anything is harmful.In today’s world, the problem of drug addiction is alarmingly increasing. No doubt the caffeine in tea and alcohol to a specific quality is allowed to some extent, and most of the drugs are used for medication and diagnosis.The drug addiction has become basic problems in nearly most of the cultures and states.But sometimes the diagnostic medicines like prescription pills related to diabetes, antidepressants when taken in excess or if a person takes intentionally makes him addictive to that and then it becomes difficult to leave that addictive habit.


In some countries, these drugs are cultivated because they are very expensive and are high in demand that’s why drug trafficking across the world is rampant. Poppy in Afghanistan and marijuana plants are grown in large fields in many countries despite the ban on their cultivation. So this drug abuse is increasing day by day, and serious efforts are needed by the international community to control this drug menace otherwise the youth’s future in many countries seems to be at stake. Following is the list of top ten most drug addicted countries:

10. Mexico:

Mexico is famous and known for its meth addiction throughout the world.Mexico is also famous for not only meth’s but other addiction drug exporting. Meth stands for methamphetamine, and it is very toxic and slow addiction poison. The use of this drug was increased in 2010 and 2011 in Mexico and USA.Mexico is considered as the hearth of meth production, and its consumer numbering is increasing day by day especially the number reached the top echelons in 2012.According to a survey conducted 360,000 of the Mexican population has used meth for once at least in their lifetime.

9. Brazil:

Brazil is mostly addicted to a drug called as oxi. Oxi is still an infamous drug not much popular and frequently used around like cocaine etc. Oxi consists of cocaine paste, gasoline, and oxides that are extremely addictive.The reason fro drug being extensively used in this region of Brazil is its inexpensiveness and more power of addiction than cocaine.Thus, Brazil in near future seems to be moving to a very jeopardized era of drug addiction due to Oxi’s blessings, and strong control is needs to be taken for its prevention.

8. United States:

Americans if not proper drugs are consumers of them indirectly in the form of prescription pills which 7 out of 10 Americans are estimated to consume.The pills are used mostly used for medicative purposes and diagnosis of diabetes , tuberculosis and others sleep causing drugs and antidepressants and anti-asthmatic. But the percentage of the American population on prescription pills is increasing day by day and has increased up to 44 to 48% in recent years.

7. Canada:

Canada is mostly addicted to a drug called as Cannabis also called pot. About 44.3% of the Canadians have used this pot drug once in the lifetime. According to the recent statistics, the Canada’s total cannabis consumption has gone down through the last many years especially from 2004 high has declined up to consumption falling up to 39.4% up-to 2011.The drug addiction initiation starts mostly at early teens and goes up.Canad’s drug policy coalition is making effective measures to reduce drug use but still the 22,3000 regular pot users in the country are present which is alarming for the country.

6. Afghanistan:

Afghanistan stands at number six with one of the infamous drug named heroine.The country is also the opium poppy plant cultivator in the world. About 350,000 Afghans are addicted to this drug according to a survey, and this ratio has been increasing since then.Another saddening event that has been noticed in Afghanistan is that about 75% of the heroin using parents also give drugs to their children who have threatened the better future of the country as well.According to certain psychologists, the Afghan such an addiction to the drug is the result of the easy access to domestically cultivated drug and its being cheap and also due to the trauma that country has faced due to war.

5. Russia:

The Russian are too much fond of alcohol from the past many decades and in recent times they are much addicted to vodka.The Russian premature birthrate is much higher due to excessive alcohol use.The death toll that is off under fifties people is mostly related to the alcohol causes, liver damages due to alcohol, suicides attempts and heart attack these all problems are related to the alcohol consumption.

4. Slovakia:

Slovakia stands at number four due to excessive drug addiction. They are said to be using a large amount of the toluene a substance like paint thinner. The dangerous drug causes grate damage to person’s liver and mostly the first time consumers die due to its immediate heinous effects.

3. France:

France is at number three because the French misuse of the prescription pills at much higher than of the Americans.The reason may be the less price and cheapness of these pills along with their availability.French people use excessive pills they once used are then used frequently and have their harmful effects but also make a person addicted. They mostly include the sleeping pills, antidepressants and other pills relating to the diagnosis of different disease.

2. United Kingdom:

A predicted 1.6 million people in the UK are dependent on alcohol.It is said to be famous as ‘drinking country.’The alcohol in the UK is 45 % less cheap than in the past this may also be the reason for its high consumption. The country surprisingly is that’s why second on the list.The alcohol also addicted have less access to treatment and 52% of men and women consume the alcohol drug more than the recommended amount.Thus, this issue needs to be addressed seriously because it can cause great harm to the healthy ambiance of the country.

1. Iran:

Iran sadly stands on number one for being the most drug addicted country.About 14 million Iranians are addicted to drugs that are alarming for the country. However.However heroine is less accessible in the country but other drugs are rampant throughout Iran. Iran border forces have greatly controlled the trafficking but still there is the long way of accomplishing the goal.