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Best Cities to Live In Europe

Best Cities

Europe is the world’s most diversified continent, with a wide range of weather, cultures, languages, and living standards. The time has come for you to study the best place to live in Europe if you have yearned to go there.

Perhaps you’re seeking sea, sun, and sand, as well as a pleasant temperature all year. Maybe you’re looking for a city with rich cultural and historical sites to visit.


Paris, the capital of France is one of Europe’s most renowned towns, has captivated authors, artists, and visitors. Modern Paris stands up to its name, providing newcomers with the beautiful experience that so many want. While the busy streets are alive with good food and café culture, you can also find a sense of ordinary life. These factors combine to make Paris one of Europe’s most significant cities for families and other visitors.

Why Do We Suggest Paris?

●   Bustling urban streets were brimming with energy and culture.

●   there was an excellent professional life and personal life balance that made raising a family easier.

●   421 municipal parks and acres of open space.

●   Well-developed public transport system.

●   for cultural buffs, there are excellent museums, plays, and musicals. There’s more to Paris than the Louvre and the Moulin Rouge.


London, one of Europe’s greatest cities, has risen at such a rapid pace over the last decade that it has become a crowded and energizing place to live. London is a cosmopolitan beehive of a metropolis, with hundreds of distinct groups and cultures, making it the world’s most linguistically varied city.

London is known for its lively atmosphere in its restaurant scene, its nightlife, and its famed West End theatrical sector; nevertheless, it is not all hard labor.

Why Do We Suggest London?

●   It is a metropolitan metropolis with a diversified ex-pat population.

●   An economic powerhouse with a diverse range of jobs.

●   Excellent nightlife and dining options, including international cuisine.

●   The city has a perfect public transportation system that eliminates the need for a vehicle.


Berlin, Germany’s capital, is one of Europe’s largest cities, with a bustling populace that will warmly welcome you. With a prosperous economy that attracts skilled professionals and generates excellent working conditions, as well as one of the world’s highest per capita incomes, Berlin is an appealing place to live and work.

As a result, Berlin is not just one of Europe’s top cities for finding jobs, but it is an ideal place for having fun as well. There’s a thriving nightlife culture here, as well as a fantastic restaurant scene.

Why Do We Suggest Berlin?

●   An eco-friendly city.

●   Rental expenses are lower than in other major cities in the surrounding countries.



Edinburgh has long been a symbol of Scottish culture and identity as Scotland’s capital. Despite not being the country’s biggest city, Edinburgh draws most visitors and day trippers to Scotland, and with good reason.

With its excellent blend of employment, education, culture, and breathtaking nature, it’s simple to see why so many people choose Edinburgh as their new home.

Why Do We Suggest Edinburgh?

●   Stunning views amid the city.

●   It has a low crime rate, making it one of the safest cities in the United Kingdom.

●   Scotland’s cultural capital, home to world-class museums.



The Austrian capital of Vienna is another one of Europe’s most renowned capital towns. Modern Vienna keeps its allure and attracts millions of visitors each year. There is plenty to enjoy about this beautiful European metropolis for those who choose to remain. The lovely foothills are located right near the city’s heart.

Why Do We Suggest Vienna?

●   Affordably priced housing.

●   A city with meager crime rates and a highly safe environment.

●   Excellent transportation inside the city and across Austria.

●   A well-functioning and on-time public transit system.

●   Apartments for rent in Vienna.



There is plenty to adore about the Catalan metropolis of Barcelona, from unique Spanish architecture to delicious local food to excellent weather and legendary sports teams.

Barcelona is known for its high-quality and efficient health care, and the city has a lot of primary care clinics for a range of individuals.

Why Do We Suggest Barcelona?

●   The architecture is stunning.

●   A fantastic selection of cuisines.

●   Beautiful weather all year.

●   The best healthcare in Europe.

●   Beautiful beaches with pleasant water temperatures.



As the third Spanish location on our list, it’s unlikely Valencia could compete with Spain’s major cities of Madrid and Barcelona, but the city offers a distinct Spanish experience. With museums, sacred places, and cobblestone streets that are unique to Europe, Valencia is a historical and culturally rich metropolis.

All of this adds up to a unique European. Valencia’s location makes it an excellent area to live in since it is just a few hours by rail from big cities like Barcelona and Madrid and Barcelona and a boat ride to the exceptionally beautiful Balearic Islands.

Why Do We Suggest Valencia?

●   A culture and history that is rich and varied.

●   The mood is unique throughout the city.

●   Excellent cuisine.

●   Rents and property costs are lower than in other cities.



Madrid, the Spanish capital, is a cosmopolitan city and one of Europe’s biggest cities. Because of the city’s vastness and variety, ex-pats’ experiences might vary depending on Madrid’s desired kind of experience. However, Madrid provides a typical Spanish experience, complete with life-changing job choices and urban living as the country’s capital.

With a seemingly limitless amount of public parks, there will be plenty of opportunities to soak up the sun if you choose to make your home in Madrid.

Why Do We Suggest Madrid?

●   A large city with many work prospects.

●   A variety of housing options, including both city and suburban living.

●   With easy access to the rest of Spain and Europe, it is strategic.

●   Lower living costs as compared to other major European cities



Cologne, one of Germany’s oldest towns and a longtime hub of Germanic culture, is often overlooked by travelers. The city’s beautiful weather is another attraction; the summers are hot, while the winters are milder than in northern towns like Madrid. Furthermore, the people of Cologne are charming and helpful, and it is relatively simple to move about even if you do not know German.

Why Do We Think Cologne Is A Good Idea?

●   The center of German culture and art.

●   One of Germany’s most historically significant cities.

●   Germany’s major media center, which employs many people.

●   Train connections to important cities like Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels.



This is one of Germany’s oldest cities, Bonn, lies just 20 miles south of Cologne. Bonn is generally missed when we talk about globally renowned German cities, despite its fame as the capital of West Germany. Visit the legendary German musician Ludwig van Beethoven’s birthplace or take part in one of Bonn’s many annual events.

Why Do We Suggest Bonn?

●   It’s close to Cologne.

●   Beautiful scenery along the Rhine’s banks.

●   It has a lengthy and distinguished past and a rich cultural heritage.

●   An impressive sight to visit for yearly German festivities.

●   Charming small-town atmosphere.



Munich is the capital and one of the biggest cities of Bavaria which is Germany’s southernmost state. Munich has always had a significant role in German history, and the present city is no exception. Around September and October, Munich comes alive even more due to Oktoberfest.

Why Do We Suggest Munich?

●   One of Germany’s major cities, with diverse activities.

●   There are a lot of open areas and parks, so it’s pretty green.

●   Transportation networks that are well managed.

●   The Bavarian Alps and rural Bavaria are also close.

●   Excellent standard of living.



For good reason, Dublin, the capital and cultural hub of Ireland, has long been recognized as a must-see place for well-traveled people. Visitors of this beautiful city can be astonished by the city’s soul. Furthermore, Dublin is a wonderful location for professional expatriates to settle down in major companies such as Google, Airbnb and many others.

The city of Dublin is tiny, making it easy to explore on foot. It also means that when you need something, everything is right outside your door, which is a distinct quality of life in a European metropolis.

Why Do We Suggest Dublin?

●   The city’s atmosphere is fantastic, and the people are friendly.

●   Many foreign corporations call this city home.

●   Getting about is more accessible in a compact town.

●   The gorgeous Irish countryside is close.

Final Thoughts on Europe’s Best Places to Live

While many people flock to these European locations, deciding where to live in Europe is personal. If you have your heart is set on visiting a particular country or place, we recommend doing so as a tourist first. While a city may seem impressive on paper, you can’t get a sense of it unless you visit it. But keep in mind that moving to Europe should be a thrilling, not a stressful, experience!