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cheap mountain bike shorts

A couple years ago I was in the market for some new mountain bike shorts. I hadn’t bought new shorts in a while because they are so darn expensive. Finally, I had to give in since my old shorts were starting to tear in multiple places. I started my search at the local bike shops around town and found the prices to be extremely high. I really didn’t want to pay $75-$100 as I was looking for cheap mountain bike shorts.

As much as I love to help out local businesses, I had to turn to the internet. I went to some of my favorite brands websites like, etc. and found that the prices were very similar. There were a few pairs in the $50 dollar range but I didn’t really like the way they looked. At this point, I figured that was the best I could do without taking a huge hit on the quality of the shorts.

My next move was to check Amazon. As we all know, Amazon has everything and I figured it couldn’t hurt to look. As I was scrolling down I noticed that the prices were significantly cheaper. My first thought was “well these aren’t going to last more than a month.” As I kept scrolling, a pair of blue mountain bike shorts caught my eye! They looked fashionable and were only $25 dollars. Previous customers also seemed very pleased after reading a couple reviews.

I notice the company’s name, Arsuxeo. I was immediately intrigued and wanted to find out more about the company, so I turned to Google. After briefly looking at their website, I thought what the heck, and bought them. I figured if they lasted 6 months I could buy another pair in a different color and still spend less than if I were to buy brand name shorts.

In less than a week I receive the Arsuxeo mountain bike shorts in the mail and took them out for their maiden voyage. I was very skeptical of the pocket placement, material, fit, etc. from what I saw in the pictures, and for how much I knew I paid for them. When I first put them on I was really surprised. They were extremely comfortable! I adjusted the waist band just a smidge and started riding.

The simple days of going out and riding a bike are over. My pockets are always loaded with all sorts of necessities. I put my phone in one pocket, my keys in another, and a granola bar and GoPro in the remaining pockets. I zipped up the two pockets with zippers, which were a huge selling point for me, and was ready to start riding. As soon as I got on the bike and started pedaling, I completely forgot my pockets were loaded with all kinds of junk. The pockets in the Arsuxeo mountain bike shorts were placed perfectly to suit the up and down movement of my legs from pedaling. I was amazed once again!

It doesn’t rain much in the Southwest but about a month later we hit our monsoon season. I didn’t know the shorts were water resistant until I was caught in a brief rainstorm. I was again instantly amazed when the water beaded up and rolled right off the shorts!

These are just a few of the awesome features I found while riding in Arsuxeo mountain bike shorts. Believe it or not, I have been riding with the same shorts for almost 2 years and they are great! The seams haven’t torn, the zippers still work perfectly, and they don’t even look that faded from washing so many times. I bought another pair in a different color because I liked them so much.

Arsuxeo is a Chinese based company that generally sells their products through and . After doing some more research I found out they are not specific to mountain bike clothing. They sell clothing for running, hiking, fishing, and general fitness for all four seasons! They are all great quality at a low price and will ship anywhere in the world within 2 business days! Arsuxeo is a great company that makes great products. I would recommend their clothing to anyone!

Pick up a pair wherever you can find them and let us know how great you think they are in the comment section below!

Cheap Mountain Bike Shorts

Forest Green Arsuxeo Mountain Bike Shorts

Arsuxeo Mountain Bike Shorts

Gray Arsuxeo Mountain Bike Shorts

Men’s sizing chart in centimeters and inches for Arsuxeo mountain bike shorts

Arsuxeo Mountain Bike Shorts

Arsuxeo mountain bike shorts features

Cheap Mountain Bike Shorts

Arsuxeo mountain bike shorts features

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