Top 10 Anti-Theft Travel Money Belts and Hidden Pouches in 2019

You may be the most seasoned traveler out there. However if a thief manages to snatch your pretty little Prada bag away from your hands, then there goes all your money, your credit cards, and your ID. At this point, all you can do is hope for that you can still return to your country on time, even if your documents are taken from you.

But what if we told you that you can actually prevent this from happening by making the right preparations beforehand? Enter money belts and hidden pouches – the things that the pickpockets can’t steal, unless they steal you along with you. And it’s safe to assume that this will probably be too much trouble for them.

Not know what to look for in the best money belts, or where to find some top hidden pouches? This article will provide you some tips and suggestions.

What is a Money Belt or a Hidden Pouch?

Money belts and hidden pouches purpose: to protect your important belongings from being stolen from you while you are traveling. They are also convenient in your own city. These are usually relatively small, and are used to store things such as money, credit cards, IDs, passports, and other small valuables.

Generally speaking, these are supposed to be worn underneath your clothes. They should be completely hidden away from the prying eyes of a potential thief. They can be worn as an actual belt, stashed underneath a longer blouse.

But what is a hidden pouch? Is it the same as a money belt? Well, yes and no. For example, any money belt can be a hidden pouch, but not every hidden pouch needs to be a money belt. Hidden pouches can also be attached to your belt, your neck – or even your bra.

Word of advice, though: do not wear the belt or pouch outside your clothing! It’s like telling thieves exactly where you are keeping all your cash, dangling it perfectly for them to target exactly that.

Our Recommendations

Travel Money Belt for Men and Women – Concealed Travel Wallet & Passport Holder with RFID BlockingVenture 4th Travel Money Belt for Men and Women

RATING: 4.7/5 Stars

PRICE: $14.5

Those who are looking for a good anti-theft money belt that also looks cool (for their eyes), then the Venture 4th model is certainly worth looking into. Made from water-resistant nylon and featuring RFID protection, this money-belt type of pouch is the perfect model for you to consider.

Plus, this money belt comes in a variety of colors. This way, you can choose it to fit the color of your clothing. For example, if you tend to wear only red clothing, you can choose a red pouch to go with it.

Organizational Features

  • Almost 6-inch high and less than 1 inch wide, making it perfect for carrying bigger documents such as passports.
  • 2 separate zippered compartments allow you to easily organize your belongings.

Anti-Theft Features

  • Slim and lightweight design makes it difficult to be seen by thieves.
  • Elastic waist straps for better securing.
  • Sturdy zippered pockets prevent foreign access.
  • Built-in RFID blocking technology.

Pros: Highly secured and lightweight construction makes it inaccessible and unnoticeable for thieves.

Cons: Belt is rather thin, and while it may be durable, it can also dig into the skin.

 Zero Grid Neck Wallet w/RFID Blocking- Concealed Travel Pouch & Passport Holder (Ash)Zero Grid Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking

RATING: 4.3/5 Stars

PRICE: $16.23

If you are looking for something with more pouches, then you might want to go for this neck pouch. It may look small, but it can pack a fair number of small traveling essentials.

Featuring a minimalist design and made from water resistant material, this can easily be worn underneath your clothing. You might not want to stay indefinitely in the pouring rain – but it will still protect your belongings for a decent amount of time until you find shelter.

Organizational Features

  • 3 different-sized pockets to organize all of your belongings.
  • Wide enough to hold even wider objects, such as passports.
  • Neck strap allows for quick access.

Anti-Theft Features

  • Built-in RFID blocking technology that will protect your credit card and your identity – without affecting your phone calls.
  • Lifetime money back guarantee.
  • 7 bonus RFID blocking sleeves (6 for your credit card, one for your passport).

Pros: Inconspicuous and easily hidden underneath clothes, with many storage spaces. It is not too big, nor too bad – and the elastic neck cord is very comfortable.

Cons: Zippers (and pouch itself) are relatively loud, and the zippers are rather frail – requiring very careful use.

Travel Money Belt: Safe Blocks RFID Transmissions – Secure, Hidden Travel WalletRaytix Money Belt for Traveling

RATING: 4.8/5 Stars

PRICE: $14.99

If you are looking for hidden pockets with their own hidden pockets, then this Raytix travel money belt is certainly something to have in mind. Having pockets both at the front and the back, your most special belongings are as safe as they can be.

Plus, the high-quality mesh not only makes this money belt easily worn, but it also turns the pouch into something very secured against anything: regardless if it’s thieving hands or sudden rainfalls.

Thin, lightweight, but big enough to hold all of your essentials, this money belt is perfect for your next journey.

Organizational Features:

  • Two zippered pockets in the front and one mesh hidden pocket in the back.
  • Dimensions of 11 x 5.5 inches makes it perfect for carrying bigger essentials such as phones or passports.
  • Each pocket has different dimensions for you to store different-sized objects.

Anti-Theft Features

  • Features RFID protection to keep your belongings safe from electronic thieves.
  • Zippered compartments to prevent foreign access to your belongings.
  • Material is resistant to slashing.
  • Lightweight and compact design allows you to easily hide it underneath your clothes.

Pros: Comfortable allows you to easily move around, without feeling restricted. The adjustable strap also allows you to get your perfect fit.

Cons: Mesh pocket in the back is rather small and might not fit every cell phone – particularly if you also have a phone case.

Alpha Keeper RFID Money Belt for TravelTravel Money Belt, Hidden Pouch

RATING: 4.7/5 Stars

PRICE: $18.59

Once more, if you are looking for a good method of carrying your money around, the Alpha keeper should certainly prove to be suitable. Having several layers of RFID blocking material, this money belt is perfect for countries where electronic scam risk is high.

At the same time, these layers are also what make this money belt so protective. Adding the fact that it was made with 210D water-resistant nylon, the material is not only waterproof, but rip-proof as well. It will protect you from any harm – regardless if they are pickpockets or the rain. For many people, this is one of the top money belts that you could go for.

Organizational Features:

  • Two main compartments of different sizes where you can store your phone, credit cards, passport, or other belongings.
  • 7 individual RFID blocking sleeves to store your passport and credit cards within your luggage.

Anti-Theft Features:

  • RFID blocking technology in every part of the package, regardless if it’s the main pouch or the separate sleeves.
  • Zippered-closed compartments to prevent the loss of your belongings.
  • Rip-resistant nylon makes snatching the money belt a next-to-impossible task.

Pros: Pouch is lightweight, comfortable, and compact – so if you wear it accordingly, it should not be visible underneath your clothes. The design is also durable – all the way to the zippers.

Cons: There are claims that say the RFID protection system is not efficient.

EAZYMATE Fashion Running Belt - Travel Money Belt with Zipper Pockets Fit All Smartphones and Passport - Black-SEazymate Fashion Running Belt with Pockets

RATING: 4.4/5 Stars

PRICE: $19.99

This product is fashioned like a money belt – but in a way, it is relatively different. Designed mostly for runners, this one has the purpose of bringing comfort to those who are constantly on the run.

Featuring a snuggle fit thanks to the spandex and lycra, this one frees you from the discomfort given by straps – and you will know for sure that it will stay in place.

Organizational Features:

  • 6-inch width allows you to fit all of your belongings on the length of your waist band.
  • Special pocket for your smartphone.
  • Pocket featuring a key buckle.
  • Two pockets with zipper.

Anti-Theft Features:

  • The two zippered pockets prevent pickpockets from stealing your belongings without you noticing.

Pros: More comfortable than your average money belt, and you will not have to readjust every so often.

Cons: Has no RFID protection technology. It might also tend to roll up, particularly when you sit, if the belt is slightly tight on you.

 Lewis N. Clark RFID Blocking Stash Neck Wallet, Travel Pouch + Passport Holder for Women & Men, BlackLewis N. Clark RFID Blocking Stash Neck Wallet

RATING: 4.5/5 Stars

PRICE: $6.89

If you are still not a fan of the traditional money belt, then this neck wallet is the perfect thing for you to take on a holiday. Made with TravelDry technology, this neck pouch is a great option if you are diving straight into a rainy season.

This pouch is ultra-slim – so if you wear it properly, there should not be any issues with bulging. Plus, considering that it comes in different colors, you can also buy them in the same shade as your usual clothing – to better conceal your belongings.

Organizational Features:

  • Two zippered side pockets.
  • Multiple other compartments for storing smaller objects.
  • Dimensions of 7.5 x 5.5 inches allow you to pack objects bigger than credit cards – such as credit cards and cell phones.

Anti-Theft Features

  • Two zippered compartments.
  • RFID blocking technology prevents identity theft.
  • Easily concealed underneath your blouse.

Pros: Multiple pockets allow you to better organize your belongings compared to your average money belt. The neck pouch is also highly waterproof, even if you are stuck for long in the rain.

Cons: Velcro closure is rather weak-lived, and there have been complaints that the RFID blocking technology is not working.

Peak Gear Travel Money Belt with Anti-TheftTravel Money Belt with RFID Block - Theft Protection and Global Recovery Tags (Beige REG - fits most)

RATING: 4.7/5 Stars

PRICE: $16.19

Those looking for ultimate comfort when it comes to money belts might highly appreciate this model. Being lightweight and relatively compact, this money belt allows you to move around freely – all while keeping your most important belongings secure.

This belt is not only water-resistant, but theft-proof as well. The material is not only rip-proof, but it also prevents electronic card scammers from reading what is onto your credit cards.

Unlike most products of this type, the Peak Gear also comes with theft insurance valuing at $250. This way, in the unlikely event that your money belt gets stolen, you may at least be able to over some of the expenses.

Organizational Features:

  • Two zippered pockets, one of which is designed especially for your passport and credit cards.
  • Wide enough to snuggly fit important documents or gadgets such as passports or smartphones.
  • Pockets are easily accessible by the owner.

Anti-Theft Features:

  • Two compartments closed by zipper.
  • RFID blocking technology on one of the pockets.
  • Theft insurance included, as well as lifetime recovery services for items that gave been lost.

Pros: The money belt is fairly compact and inconspicuous – and the theft insurance is a highly convenient extra.

Cons: Fabric tends to fray, therefore cutting away from its durability. Some also say that the theft insurance is small – and may not be able to help much if your documents get stolen.

Shacke Hidden Travel Belt Wallet

RATING: 4.6/5 Stars

PRICE: $15.99

If you are not a fan of money belts, then you might want to go for a hidden pocket that you attach to your own belt. Suitable mainly for those wearing loose clothing, this model will fit your most precious belongings.

Made from durable nylon, this belt wallet will protect your documents and other items in the event that you get caught in the rain. You may, however, want to find shelter as soon as possible – since it is water-resistant, and not waterproof.

Organizational Features:

  • One big compartment in which you can fit your passport.
  • Two smaller compartments in which you can keep your money and credit cards.

Anti-Theft Features:

  • Lined with RFID blocking technology to keep your data safe from electronic scammers.
  • Anti-theft zippers for each compartment
  • Sturdy anti-rip loops that you attach to your belt.

Pros: Compact design and easy to retrieve, regardless if you throw it in your pants or pockets. It is also fairly spacious and easy to organize.

Cons: The absence of a steel ring might still make it easy for cutter thieves to steal it.

Pacsafe Travel Pouch for WomenPacsafe Coversafe S25 Secret Bra Wallet

RATING: 4.3/5 Stars

PRICE: $13.41

Ladies will certainly appreciate this one. While a thief may be able to stealthy reach into a money belt that has not been covered properly, they certainly will not be able to reach into a bra wallet. Not without you noticing, at least.

You can attach this on the side of your bra or exactly on the front. The adjustable strap will allow you to bring it to an appropriate comfort level. Plus, considering that the material is soft and breathable, it should not bother you even if it’s in direct contact with your skin.

Organizational Features:

  • One main compartment where you can keep belongings such as money, keys, or credit cards.
  • Easily reached, considering that you can place it wherever it’s most accessible for you.
  • Capacity is high enough to hold six credit cards, and also folded cash.

Anti-Theft Features

  • Completely concealed underneath clothes.
  • Clasp design, which allows you to snap the pouch shut.
  • Turn and snap connector.

Pros: Very compact, and among the safest options since no one can reach that area (unless, of course, you let them).

Cons: It is not big enough to hold items such as passports or cell phones. It also does not feature RFID protection.

TRAVEL Undercover Hidden Pocket PouchEagle Creek Travel Gear Undercover Pocket

RATING: 4.4/5 Stars

PRICE: $13.50

This hidden pouch ids once more a good choice if you are a fan of belt loops. Considering that it has two loops instead of just one, it is more difficult to be ripped or cut by thieves – and you will definitely notice if that ever happens.

If you like to keep things organized, then the multiple pockets of this model should prove beneficial. It will act like a wallet – but one that you can keep attached to your belt. Plus, considering that it’s lightweight and waterproof, you can walk around all day with it – even if it’s pouring outside.

Organizational Features:

  • One main pocket in which you can store your passport or even your phone.
  • Two smaller pockets within the main compartment that can hold money or credit cards.

Anti-Theft Features:

  • Zipper closure to the main compartment.
  • Ripstop material prevents thieves from snatching it from you.

Pros: Easily tucked inside clothing so as to not be uncomfortable, and the inner pockets allow you o easily organize your belongings.

Cons: No RFID protection, which may put you at risk for credit card and identity fraud.

Things to Consider When Buying a Money Belt or Hidden Pouch

Money belts and hidden pouches are a fairly convenient way for you to stay protected as you are traveling. However, unless you buy the one that is perfect for you, you might actually end up feeling uncomfortable. As a result, here are some things that you might want to consider when looking for travel money bags.

  • Type

Depending on your personal preferences, you might want to go for a particular money belt or hidden pouch. Each of them has their own pros and cons – which you will have to weigh for yourself. A hidden pouch review is generally recommended for you to read before you make a purchase.

  • Waist Pouch

Worn around the waist and tucked inside your pants, the waist pouch is likely one of the most popular methods to conceal your valuables. It features its own belt that goes around your waist – which is why it is considered the standard “money belt.”

If you have larger documents to protect, such as passports or plane tickets, then you might want to buy a bigger pouch. Bear in mind, however, that the bigger the pouch is, the more it will start digging in your leg. Therefore, pick one that will fit perfectly the documents that you have to carry.

  • Belt Loop

This hidden pouch is like a wallet that you attach to your belt – and then throw in your pants. They’re the second most popular option after money belts, since you are not forced to wear two belts at the same time. It is also one of the most comfortable options.

Many people prefer this option because it is better secured – and more difficult to steal. Unless someone unbuckles your belt, there’s no reason why this pocket should leave your side. The only problem is that if you want to detach it, it will not be as easy for you either.

  • Neck Pouch

This type of hidden pouch has its good sides and bad sides. For example, they are easily detachable – and if you have more documents or money to carry, these can be a fairly good option.

The problem, however, is that they tend to be rather itchy when pressed against the skin of your chest. They’re not a problem if you have an undershirt; however, unless you are traveling somewhere relatively chilly, they might be rather uncomfortable.

  • Leg Stash

This one can also be fairly convenient – particularly if you are wearing a skirt long enough to hide it. Plus, if you don’t think you’ll need the documents inside (for instance, the passport), you can also conceal it with a pair of pants. Bear in mind that they will be difficult to access this way.

One slight drawback, however, is that your documents might get deformed with this leg stash. Think about it: the passport is flat, whereas your leg is round. It might make it difficult for you to add or remove straight objects from a curved stash.

  • Bra Stash

Small and discrete, this type of hidden pocket is perfect for the ladies. It’s not what you think: you don’t hide it inside your bra. You just attach it to the front or the side, and access them from underneath your clothes. They are also very secure – because if someone even dares to look for money there, you will probably notice.

These are quite small, so they are generally only suitable if you want to carry credit cards or cash that has been folded up. They are not generally a suitable choice if you are looking to carry your passport and airplane ticket with you as well.

  • Protection

Aside from the type, you might also want to ensure that your travel hidden pouches also have high-tech protection. For instance, you may carry some cash with you – but every now and again, you might need to carry your credit cards with you.

To be safe, you might want to go for pouches that have RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. This will keep you safe from electronic scams – and therefore, your electronic identity should also remain safe.

Also make sure that the zippers are reliable. Look for anti-theft zippers that can’t be easily opened – not without the owner noticing.

  • Materials

Rain can be relatively romantic, with the right partner. However, if you are in a foreign country, and your papers get damaged by the rain, then it might become problematic for you. This is why you need to ensure that your travel pouch is of waterproof material: to keep your belongings safe from any unfortunate incidents.

  • Storage

How many pockets does it have? Does it allow you to properly organize your belongings, or do you have to stash everything in one or two compartments? Also, how big is the hidden pouch? Is it big enough to fit a passport, or ca you only store things such as credit cards and rolled cash?

Think about how much you are going to carry with you before deciding on the appropriate size. If you don’t plan on carrying much with you, then you will not need a bigger money belt or hidden pouch. The bigger it is, the more it might dig into your skin – and the more uncomfortable it might seem.

  • Useful Extras

What does this money pouch have that others do not? If you are the type of traveler that does not like to take any chances, then you might want to look for some extra perks. For instance, some money belts come with an insurance policy.

This way, in the unlikely event that your pouch gets stolen or lost, you will receive compensation. The best hidden pouches will provide at least $250 theft insurance.

Final Thoughts

Traveling can be either a success or a pack of stress – depending on how safe you keep your most important items. Pickpockets and scammers are everywhere – and this is why you ought to be careful where you carry your crucial objects: passport, money, phone, keys, etc.

Hopefully, our money bag review article managed to shed some light into your decision-making. Depending on your comfort level and your preferences, you should choose the one that is most suitable for your purposes. After that, all you need to do is to start packing!