Top 7 Smart Wallets for Travelers in 2019

It appears that everything is smart nowadays. We have smartphones, smart TVs, and, surprisingly, we also have smart wallets. But what exactly is a smart wallet and why should you consider getting one? It goes without saying that your wallet contains important credit cards, your ID, driver’s license, so on and so forth. To that end, it makes sense that you want to keep the safe, to protect them from potential intruders. And one way of doing this is by getting a wallet that does that.

But the market seems to overflow with many products that seem to have the same characteristics, which definitely makes the shopping process dreary and a bit confusing. Don’t worry, we got your back: we have selected the best smart wallets on the market for you, so that you can make a snappy decision.

Top Smart Wallets for Travelers

Smart Wallet for Travelers 2019SERMAN BRANDS RFID Blocking Slim Bifold Genuine Leather Wallet


PRICE: $29.99

This is, without a doubt, one of the best-selling smart wallets on the market, at the time being at the very least. If you’re looking for a smart wallet review, the odds are you’ll stumble across this item. So, what is it that makes it so great?

Perhaps its biggest selling point is the fact that it is conveniently priced, whilst still displaying excellent quality and attention to craftsmanship. This is what we would call a bargain type of product. By looking at it, you can observe the attention to detailing, in the stitching, as well as in the material – which is genuine leather, by the way. We simply love the vintage effect of the leather, which makes it look unique.

Still, what makes it one of the top smart wallets is the technology, of course. Expressly, this is equipped with state-of-the-art RFID secure technology. To that end, this technology aims at blocking 13.45 MHz or higher RFID signals. In other words, your private information remains protected from unauthorized scans. At the same time, it’s worth outlining that this also safeguards your information from NFC-equipped smartphones, as well.

It is definitely a top product, overall, from design to functionality and advanced safety characteristics.

Men Travel Wallet RFID BlockingMen’s Genuine Leather Trifold Wallet with Full RFID Protection


PRICE: $33.99

This is another beautifully-made wallet, manufactured by a reputable company in the industry – expressly ID Stronghold. Similar to our first recommendation, this wallet is also made from beautiful, genuine leather, which grants it an elegant, timeless appeal.

If you thought that you have to sacrifice quality and design to get a smart wallet, then, you were obviously mistaken as there are plentiful options in this case, as well. It is quite spacious, as well, which is a good thing if you have a lot of credit cards that need room! In this view, the wallet can effortlessly hold up to seven credit cards – not too shabby, right?

At the same time, there is a designated billfold pocket, as well, in which you can keep your bills. Most importantly, though, this wallet is also featured by advanced RFID blocking technology, so that your payment cards, driver’s license, and any other private information remains protected. We should outline that each part of the wallet is particularly shielded. This means that everything is protected as you would expect.

On the whole, this is a nicely-made, versatile wallet that not only looks good, but protects your private information from being stolen. It is compact as it is spacious, which makes it more than ideal for traveling and day-to-day use.

Safety Wallet Travel RFID BlockingTRAVANDO Money Clip Wallet”RIO” 


PRICE: $29.95

Moving on, if you’re on the lookout for a smart wallet that combines functionality and compactness, then, this means you might have found your match. It looks really compact, so you might be surprised to find out that comes with seven card pockets, 6 inner pockets and 1 easy access front pocket.

For peace of mind, you should know that this wallet has been tested by a German quality control instituted, to ensure that its RFID blocking technology functions as expected. To that end, you can rest assured in this view. More specifically, this wallet blocks 13.56 MHz band, safeguarding you from identity thieves.

There is also an integrated money clip that comes in handy. You can use it for clipping a range of bills inside the wallet. Perhaps one of the best things about this particular wallet is that it looks the exact opposite of a traditional wallet.

In general, a traditional wallet seems to overflow, whereas this minimalist design looks so effortless and compact, it will easily fit inside your front wallet without drawing unwanted attention towards yourself. This is what makes it great for traveling. Thieves will have no idea that you’re carrying a wallet in your pocket.

Best Seller Travel Wallet RFID BlockingBuffway Slim Minimalist Front Pocket 


PRICE: $12.99

This item is actually introduced as being a front pocket type of wallet. Can you guess why? Due to its minimalist design, of course – no one will notice that you’re carrying a wallet in your pocket. Made from genuine leather, it is durable, stylish and classy. Therefore, we could say that it combines all the characteristics you would expect from a quality wallet – don’t you agree with us?

Another great aspect is that you can choose from various colors, depending on what appeals to you. Hence, this is what makes this wallet ideal for men and women alike. Obviously, this qualifies as being amongst top smart wallets for travelers.

It is practical, lightweight, well-made, and easy to conceal. Most importantly, though, it efficiently blocks RFID signals, so that your identity and most private information remains protected wherever you are – at home or on holiday.

Although most people would buy such a wallet for traveling, you can consider using it at home, as well. It doesn’t hurt to take an extra means of precaution does it? Plus, after getting used with such a minimalist wallet, you’ll actually find it difficult to go back to using a bulky one.

Aluminium Travel RFID Blocking WalletAluminum Metal Wallet Front Pocket Minimalist Wallet 


PRICE: $21.97

This doesn’t look like a typical wallet – don’t you think? In fact, at first glance, you might find that it is rather unusual, primarily due to its aluminum build. Without a doubt, aluminum isn’t the first option in the case of manufacturing wallets.

However, if you’re into minimalist designs and you want to get a wallet that doesn’t look regular – in fact the exact opposite to regular, perhaps you should consider this item. The most important characteristic, still, remains the fact that it protects your credit cards, your ID card, as well as your driver’s license.

That is not everything though; this wallet is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, being capable of blocking RFID signals from cards that work up to 125 KHz. This entails the majority of ID badges, but, most notably, even some hotel/building access cards. Quite impressive – isn’t it?

The only drawback we could mention is that it can be quite difficult to get some cards out. It is also quite thick in comparison with the other items we included in our list.

Leather Travel Safe RFID Blocking WalletBryker Hyde RFID Blocking Slim Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet 


PRICE: $29.99

This is definitely one of the best smart wallets; it gives you easy access to your cards and bills. In addition to that, it looks classy and polished. In fact, since it is made from full grain distressed leather, it has a unique aesthetic appeal. Aside from that, the leather surface is likely to change over the course of time, giving it a bit of personality.

But its vintage appeal isn’t the only highlight of this wallet. It also comes with capable RFID blocking technology you can depend on. Due to the use of a combination of metals, this technology blocks low and high frequencies alike. This will make it impossible for digital thieves to steal your information.

On a final note, this product also is accompanied by lifetime warranty. On top of that, you also get a money back guarantee, granted that you aren’t satisfied with its quality. However, note that such a wallet will challenge you to rationalize what you carry with you. This is why most people use this kind of wallets for traveling only.  

Zoppen Multi-purpose Rfid Blocking Travel Passport Wallet


PRICE: $13.99

And finally, we have a pretty unique product – which is designated specifically as being a travel wallet. It is bigger than the models we introduced above, being quite spacious, so to speak. The material has a shimmering effect, which would make this a good option for women. The range of colors is also nice, meaning that you can definitely find your wallet in your favorite color.

Moving on, distinct from the products we mentioned above, this wallet allows you to travel organized, giving you enough space for most of your cards, money, and not only.

Now we’d like to mention the main compartments you get with this wallet, as following: 3 credit card slots, 1 passport pocket, 1 boarding pass compartment, 1 ID slot, 1 coupon ticket slot, 1 SIM card pouch, 1 money and coins zippered pocket, 1 pen holder, 1 key holder and 1 slim pocket. You can see, it is quite a lot. So, if that’s what you’re looking for, plus RFID blocking technology, then, you’ve found your pick.

Do You Need a Smart Wallet or Not?

This is a legit question, of course. Before making an important purchase, it is always sensible to determine whether that is something you need or not. With that in mind, we would like to briefly introduce the main reason why you might need a smart wallet in your life.

Obviously, the matter of safety ought to be brought into discussion. In general, smart wallets are equipped with RFID technology, which aims at blocking RFID signals. To that end, thanks to this technology, thieves cannot steal your private information – whether we’re talking about credit cards, IDs, driver’s licenses, and so on and so forth.

To that end, if that’s what you want – namely a boost of safety, and you wish to protect your private information, such a wallet would be a good acquisition.

What You Should Know about RFID-Blocking Technology

As you will undoubtedly see in our reviews of smart wallets, the items we choose to present to you incorporate RFID blocking technology, which is more than handy for numerous reasons. In plain English, RFID stands for a generic term, which is utilized in order to identify long-range communication that plays a key role in highway toll payment, airport baggage tracking, employee identification badges in offices, so on and so forth.

RFID skimming has plentiful advantages for the criminal. All one has to do is simply invest in a RFID scammer and have the aptness needed for fooling the target. There is also a common misconception regarding RFID skimming, according to which a criminal can only steal the maximum sum of money that’s allowed when it comes to contactless purchases. Nevertheless, research has proved this misconception wrong, meaning that criminals can steal significant sums of money through RFID skimming.

So, what the RFID blocking technology does is stopping the wireless signal from actually being transmitted. This is why such a wallet is, without a doubt, a practical acquisition, especially if we were to assess the safety element.

What Else Should You Consider?

Of course, there are other considerations that go into the process of wallet shopping. That being said, we find the following aspects worthy of your attention.

  • Capacity

To start with, make sure that the wallet you select can easily accommodate your essentials. If you want to get such a wallet for traveling purposes, in order to avoid unwanted scenarios, then, you might choose a minimalist model. However, if you want to replace your existing wallet for good, perhaps you should choose an item with a higher capacity.

It’s always best to assess your needs beforehand, to be 100 percent sure that you’ve made a sensible purchase.

  • Design

Of course we had to mention design, didn’t we? We think that the things we buy should definitely represent us and our style. This is why you should get a wallet whose design appeals to you. If you’re into classic, timeless items, then you should definitely go for it. However, if you prefer wallets that have a vintage, unique aesthetic appeal, then, you should select an item that fits this description.

  • Size and Weight

Moving on, another aspect that is just as important is that of size and weight. This matters even more if you’re shopping for a wallet that is designated for traveling. A minimalist type of wallet will easily fit inside your front pocket without drawing attention towards yourself. On the other hand, a bulkier wallet, if you were to place it inside your front pocket, would be screaming look at me, look at me.

So, if you travel a lot, and you seriously want to focus on the essential, make sure you get a wallet that is compact and snappy. But, once again, this is something you should want; so think things through beforehand.

  • Manufacturing Material

Evidently, you don’t want to be buying a new wallet every other year – is this true? In order to ensure that you’ve made a worthwhile purchase, the wallet you buy ought to be well-made. That is not all, though, the manufacturing material ought to be of the highest quality as well. Only this way can you know that your investment is worth it. This is why we’ve included the wallets that are actually made from qualitative, durable materials, such as leather or aluminum.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, we hope that you’ve found our reviews of smart wallets insightful and useful. One thing is for sure, getting a wallet that safeguards your private information from being stolen is definitely reassuring – especially when it comes to traveling. Traveling can actually be rather stressful, due to the unknown, as well as due to the fact that you have to move around from one place to another.

You can never be 100 percent confident that your information isn’t stolen by a virtual thief. So, if you’re the kind of person that travels a lot, this would be a quintessential acquisition for sure. Do you agree with us?

Aside from this, when shopping for a wallet, make sure you also factor in its capacity, design and functionality. If you do so, you will most likely make the right purchase for your needs. Do let us know which of the items we presented meets your specifications!