Top 10 Countries with Highest Job Opportunities in the World

Seeking for a job has become the major survival tool for every other individual living on the planet. Now the jobs that are being offered has a whole new dimension. With the industrial or technological revolution taking place, a great number of vacancies are now being created for young, enthusiastic and qualified individuals.

The number of jobs any country provides depends entirely on the rate of their growing economy. The more a country is economically self-sustained, the more it will provide jobs to its professionals. Moreover, the system of applied or vocational education also defines the individual’s skill and potential to sustain in the market. According to recent reports, only those countries where there has been massive development in the sectors of technology and innovation has the most numbers of jobs available.


Following are the top ten states which have the highest rate of job opportunities


A state that lies on the border of United States has some job opportunities for local individuals and also for foreigners. Mexico currently has the index of job opportunities reaching to the level of 73.42. Though it is a small state yet the country has opened multiple venues to work and earn handsome .amount of salary. Low paid jobs are however more common than the others.


From the past few centuries, the Great Britain has provided a stable and ever nurturing environment for individuals to settle there and pursue better jobs. Not only local English individuals but foreigners from some other states including third world nations are seeking jobs in the United Kingdom. In managing to provide more job opportunities, the country’s job index has reached to the new level of 73.75. They welcome you to different sectors of technology, media and IT advancements.


Netherland is one of the richest states of Europe regarding the number of Job opportunities it provides. Not only this have they provided you enough incentives and accommodation facilities that one cannot refrain himself or herself to work there. The average index of job opportunities there rose to the level of 74.63. Netherlands mark their success in every sphere by more manpower and better-qualified individuals working there.


The existing, emerging superpower, China is a nation of billions and still expanding. The country is self-sufficient in each sector of production be it agriculture or pharmaceuticals, industry or technology, medical or business, this is the reason that Chinese economy is strong enough to accommodate some job opportunities for skilled and qualified workers. From textile industry to the latest technological innovations, china‘s communist system of government provides millions of jobs each year. It has currently shown the opportunity job index of 74.84.


For decade’s people from around the world especially Europe has been heading towards France in search of jobs. It has managed to fulfill job requirement for the individuals in different sectors like the fashion industry, education and teaching, Information technology services, medical sciences and architecture. The country now has earned the opportunity job index of 75.36 which is almost close to the existing world super power, USA.


A country rich in evolution and revolution regarding technology and sciences, America has major of its states demanding diligent professionals of every field. Over the past few years, the rate of unemployment has dropped significantly. The country is providing jobs in all the industrial sectors and education too. It has managed to maintain the opportunity job index up to 75.59.


A country, continent in itself has vast regional disparity and diversity. It is the reason that numerous sectors invite the individuals to work for them. These sectors include agriculture, infrastructure, IT, industry and medical sciences. Job opportunity index of 77.46 clearly indicates that this country is the hub of vacancies which are enough to meet the job demands of the Australian nationals.


UAE is the land of latest innovations and construction marvels. As the country’s infrastructure is significantly expanding and new firms or organizations are now being established, it has unleashed hundreds of job opportunities for individuals from other countries. The country lack in having their team of experienced or highly qualified individuals, therefore, people from other countries are preferred for such vacancies. As of today, the country’s job opportunity index rate has touched the level of 78.83.


Hong Kong is a destination that provides the whole new world of job opportunities for skilled professionals and also to low qualified individuals. The private sector is providing the wide range of options in the field of biotechnology, technology, and information technology. The Government sector also provides sufficient jobs to the qualified and experienced individuals. The opportunity job index of the country has reached the second highest level of 80.73 according to the latest surveys and analysis.


Singapore is a country rich in economic stability. The country has a sustained system of employment. The industrial sector provides great job opportunities to the qualified individuals. They have excelled in IT sector and mobile phone technology hence people belonging to this profession gets more job opportunities. Moreover, their average job index rate has now reached to 82.56%.


RankCountry NameOpportunity Index
1 Singapore 82.56
2 Hong Kong 80.73
3 United Arab Emirates 78.83
4 Australia 77.46
5 United States of America 75.59
6 France 75.36
7 China 74.84
8 Netherlands 74.63
9 United Kingdom 73.75
10 Mexico 73.42