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Top 15 Countries with the Highest Terrorist Threat

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Terrorism is a serious concern nowadays. These attacks have the role of promoting intimidation, horror, and panic. It is one of the key elements that threaten the international security system. The Global Terrorism Index of 2016 encompasses 50 top countries that struggle with terrorism the most.

It appears that the countries that face terrorism the most are the ones that already struggle with civil wars or other conflicts. So here are the top countries where terrorist attacks are most likely to happen, according to official data.

15. Thailand

Although Thailand is a favorite destination for tourists, it presents a high terrorist threat. In essence, the Foreign Office indicates that travelers should consider this aspect before coming there.

Both grenade and bomb attacks have been recorded in places visited by foreign travelers and expatriates. It appears that, apart from that, Westerners have been victims of crimes such as sexual assault, robbery, or fraud.

On that note, it makes sense to take the necessary precaution measures to visit Thailand.

14. Turkey

Moving on, Turkey is also acknowledged as one of the main countries with terrorist attacks. Everyone knows that Turkey’s foreign policy has been eventful, during the last couple of months. As a result, Turkey has become entangled in the Syria quagmire. Considering that Turkey has become involved in the implosion of Syria, this has impacted its security.

In addition to that, Turkey’s political approach and social polarization have facilitated an atmosphere that grows the likelihood of attacks. The social and political culture is fragmented and divided. A secure environment in Turkey is less likely to be attained in the foreseeable future.

13. Cameroon

Among the countries with high terrorism threats, Cameroon is in 13th place. According to official records, Cameroon poses a considerable danger of terrorism, kidnapping included. It appears that such events are more likely to happen at the north and eastern border with CAR. Attacks often occur in places frequented by tourists.

FCO recommends travelers avoid going to Northern Cameroon, as Islamist extremists, known as Boko Haram are there. As a result, a considerable number of Western nationals have been kidnapped there during 2014 and 2015.

12. Philippines

According to official records, terrorism in the Philippines is widespread. Terrorist groups often plan attacks, by using improvised explosive devices or small arms. Attacks could take place literally everywhere, ranging from shopping malls, airports, public transport, and shopping malls.

In this respect, Philippine police forces struggle with coping with extremist groups. The fundamental sources of terrorism are derived from communist insurgents- extremist Islamic groups or the New People’s Army. The bad news is that terrorism isn’t the only concern in the Philippines, vigilante violence, and unsuitable foreign policy poses various risks as well.

11. Ukraine

Ukraine is a European country that poses a high terrorism threat. The primary reason it has become one of the top countries with many terrorists is Russia’s actions. Most terrorists that attack Ukraine are equipped and directed from Russia.

On that note, the Ukrainian authorities have affirmed that they have prevented a range of planned attacks, including in Kyiv. Mainly speaking, the attacks are targeted towards official Ukrainian targets. Even so, they could be indiscriminate as well, affecting foreign visitors.

10. Libya

Moving on to the country that has the 10th position in the top countries where terrorist attacks are most likely to happen, Libya is considerably affected by such events. The destruction caused by these attacks is notable. The presence of extremist groups, such as Daesh, previously referred to as ISIL, is held liable for most of the terrorist events that take place.

Generally speaking, these groups target diplomatic and foreign personnel and premises, commercial and oil institutions, international hotels, and other official security institutions.

In addition to that, officials warn tourists regarding the high incidence of kidnapping. Extremist groups utilize kidnapping as a tactic, and it is prone to happen in the proximity of the border.

9. Egypt

The political instability in Egypt has severely affected the country’s economy. Similar to the situation in Libya, the extremist group Daesh-Sinai represents the main threat. Consequently, the authorities provide a high level of security across the entire country, primarily in popular tourist sites.

Recently, Egypt has dealt with two serious terrorist attacks, namely in Luxor – 2015, and in Hurghada – 2016. In the case of remote desert areas, a considerable threat of kidnapping is noted.

8. India

Although most of the terrorist attacks that occurred in India presented low casualty rates, the effects of these attacks couldn’t go unnoticed. In general, attacks in India are carried out by groups that wish to get political recognition.

On that note, 80 percent of the attacks that occurred in 2015 were non-lethal. In spite of that, this year still recorded 289 deaths and 501 injuries. The most recent attack was recorded in March 2017, which injured some passengers traveling by train.

It appears that some areas, such as Kashmir and Jammu are more exposed to terrorist attacks.

7. Somalia

Without a doubt, Somalia is one of the first countries with many terrorists. Attacks of various sizes are a common occurrence there. Some are targeted at government institutions and officials, restaurants, hotels, public stations, and international airports. Attacks are prone to occur at any time. Civilians of all ages have been involved in heavy weapon fights.

Among the most commonly met methods of attack, there are suicide bombings, armed assaults, explosions, car bombings, mortar attacks, gun attacks, commercial aircraft bombing, improvised explosive devices, etcetera. Kidnapping is also a widespread practice, and it is motivated by criminality or terrorism.

6. Yemen

Yemen is another country that is severely affected by terrorism. 2015 has recorded 1,510 killed and 2,599 injured individuals. The country is plagued by a civil war between the allies of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh and Houthi rebels, which has determined a lot of destruction.

Both sides are responsible for committing various atrocities, as the Saudi forces have severely violated a range of human rights. As for the most active terrorist groups, Houthi extremists are in the top position, followed by the local affiliates of the Islamic State and Al Qaeda.

5. Syria

It’s no surprise that Syria is one of the main countries with terrorist attacks. Unfortunately, such events are quite common there, and they are carried out everywhere, including in important cities. Various terrorist groups operate in Syria, just to name a few: Daesh, Jabhat Fatah al-Sham.

Primarily speaking, these groups target official installations, airports, public transport, border crossings, learning institutions, places of worship, and the list goes on.

Terrorist groups that operate in this country often turn to kidnap as a tactic, westerners being the first target. Journalists and humanitarians are, as well, legitimate targets for these groups. So, we could say that Syria is facing a fatal conflagration in the Middle East, leading to numerous deaths and suffering.

4. Pakistan

Pakistan poses a notable threat of terrorism throughout the country. It seems that the fundamental concern is the Tehrik-e Taleban Pakistan organization, which has launched a variety of attacks on Western interests.

On that note, foreign missions have informed foreign and international schools that they could be targets of terrorist attacks. Places frequented by tourists are also targeted by these groups. Also, areas such as Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, particularly Peshawar, experience a considerable rate of casualties. Plus, the number of kidnapping events has been on the growth as well,

3. Nigeria

The prevalence of terrorist attacks in Nigeria is great. This country is severely troubled by the effects of these attacks, as it has dramatically affected the quality of life, the educational system, and many other aspects.

Public places where crowds are more likely to gather are the prime targets for terrorist groups. Places of worship, markets, educational institutions, and others are likely to be attacked. JASDJ is a terrorist group that operates in Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon. This group aims at destabilizing the Nigerian government, eliminating the western influence from the country.

2. Afghanistan

Without fear of contradiction, Afghanistan presents a high terrorism threat, as the situation has worsened. Afghanistan-focused insurgents hope for the withdrawal of foreign forces, and the fall of the elected government.

There is a multitude of terrorist groups that operate in Afghanistan. Also, over 100 Westerners have been kidnapped in Afghanistan. The total number of deaths since 2000 is estimated at 22,730, which is troubling.

1. Iraq

And finally, Iraq has 1st place when it comes to top countries where terrorist attacks are most likely to happen. In truth, Iraq is targeted as the world’s capital for terrorism. In 2015, there were no less than 2,415 terrorist incidents recorded in Iraq, which determined 6,960 deaths and 11,900 injuries.

After the US invasion in 2003, numerous terrorist groups have been established, which launched a sequence of terrorist attacks. On that note, the Islamic state is held liable for at least 11,000 deaths; however, the actual number may be even higher than this, considering that many of the deaths haven’t been claimed.

To conclude, these are the top 15 countries with the high terrorism threats. The instability in these countries leads to property loss, loss of shelter, impaired livelihood, lack of access to healthcare, education, and many other problems.