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Top Countries Where It’s Most Likely to Have Your Car Stolen

Top Countries Where It's Most Likely to Have Your Car Stolen

Here are the top countries where you can have your car stolen if you’re not being very careful! Being able to move around freely without worrying about transportation can be a beautiful holiday, or a nightmare if you rely on the safety of your car in these countries.

Car theft is extremely common and even though until now, France, Italy, Switzerland, and the U.S. were at the top, this changes year after year. Even though some countries are not known for a high violent crime rate and may surprise you, like New Zealand, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, and England, they are also part of the top countries where you can have your car stolen.

Usually, when you go on a holiday you will take money, a cellphone, a camera and possibly your car. Petty thefts can be encountered in any part of the world, especially in capitals that bring lots of tourists together. Looking around for monuments, shopping, or taking a selfie are perfect times for thefts to steal your belongings.

Check out the highest-rated countries where you’ll be vulnerable to theft!

Top Countries Where You Can Have Your Car Stolen 


The number of robberies tends to double once every six years in Chile, which brings it to our top countries with the most stolen car rates. Especially during the summer, Chile is full of thieves that will steal your cell phone, cards, or car. Stay vigilant and never lose focus on your belongings. Even though the risk of losing your money may be higher in tourists areas, you’ll be surrounded by people, thus safer.


The robberies in Spain can take the form of fake cops that ask for your credentials while taking your most prized possessions. The number of robberies is extremely high and although we admit that Spain is a fairly safe place to travel, be aware of non-uniformed officers that ask you questions.


Although is a very civilized country, Belgium is in the top countries where you can have your car stolen. In 2012 there were reported 191,126 robberies. This means that the rate per 100,000 people was 1,728,1. Car theft is quite common so never leave your car where you can’t see it or park in some alley. Also, keep an eye out in public transportation for your wallet and cellphone.

Costa Rica

Traffic jam in the morning in Bangkok

Tourists, as well as natives, are vulnerable to petty pickpocketing, purse snatching, or mugging. Being a crowded location, Costa Rica is of the top countries where you can have your car stolen or get your wallet stolen in broad daylight.

Take care of your belongings and don’t leave them in the car, or else you’ll risk not only your car but your possessions as well.


Uruguay is definitely one of the countries with the most car thefts so we wouldn’t advise visiting this country while riding in your car. Violent crimes are a real problem in Uruguay so remain in tourists areas and it would be best if you don’t visit it alone.


Theft runs rampant in Brazil and this is easily shown by the statistics and our “top countries where you can have your car stolen”. The highest criminality rates can be found in cities like Fortaleza, Manaus or Salvador. A few years ago the statistics revealed over 1038,4 thefts per 100,000 inhabitants. Visit it if you wish, just don’t take more than a few dollars and definitely not your car with you.


In the last ten years, the crime rate has reached a new record in Mexico. Areas frequented by innocent tourists are the best places for thieves to take action. Restaurants, airports, hotel lobbies, public transportation systems, or pubs are often the target of robberies.

Debit cards, cell phones, or cameras are often reported stolen, but not likely to be found. Auto theft is also a problem in Mexico and that’s why we place it in the top countries where you can have your car stolen.

The United States is also a part of the top countries where you can have your car stolen, especially in California, in cities like San-Francisco, Modesto, Vallejo-Fairfield, Bakersfield, Stockton-Lodi, Fresno, or San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara.

General Tips On How To Protect Your Belongings In Top Countries Where You Can Have Your Car Stolen And Robberies Pose A Threat

  • Make a list of your possessions

Write down on a piece of paper what you are taking with you, like electronics, a cellphone, camera. Take a picture of the items, so in case you’ll have to report anything to the police, this will come in handy in offering a picture of the stolen item.

  • Have an extra credit card

Leave the second credit card in your hotel room or in a safe place. This will allow you to access your money even if your wallet goes missing.

  • Never take all your money with you

The same rule as the credit card applies. Leave some money in your luggage in case your purse gets stolen.

  • Make an insurance for your car

Check the rules and regulations of your insurance and see if you’re covered in case of auto theft. You can make a global insurance policy that will cover the value of your car even when you’re traveling overseas.

  • Park your car in safe places

Some hotels offer security for your car as well, so you’ll know it’s safe during the night or when you’re visiting the city. If that’s not the case, park it in open spaces, preferably somewhere where you’ll be able to see it from time to time. Avoid alleys or areas where the risk of theft increases.

Hopefully, these top countries where you can have your car stolen have helped you figure out which countries are safer than others regarding your car and other belongings.