Top 10 countries with Most Alcohol Consumption in the World

Top 10 countries with Most Alcohol Consumption in the World

From primitive times to the recent ones, alcohol is the most excessively used beverage of all times. It is produced on a large scale using various techniques of fermentation and brewing all over the world. And the brewing industries are still growing at a rapid pace.

Certain regions in the world are more known for their alcohol consumption than others. These are mostly the European countries that consider alcohol as an essential part of their lives, integrated into the framework of their society.

Whether it is the special occasions or any day of day celebrations, alcoholic beverages are the must to rejoice. By far almost a fraction of their population has even become addicted to it and as of today, many deaths are being recorded each year because of the heavy consumption of alcohol.


Following top ten countries are the most alcohol-consuming states in the world, their total consumption is rated according to per capita consumption in liters.


Alcohol consumption has reached 13.0 liters per capita in Slovakia which makes it the 10th most alcohol-consuming country in the world. 8% of the total deaths in the country are recorded due to excessive alcohol consumption.

People of the age of 15years and more are recorded to be alcohol dependent and are suffering from various alcoholic disorders. In Slovakia the quality of it is used by individuals has raised some serious issues as most of the alcohol used by them is produced for industrial purposes.


In the Czech Republic, consumption of alcohol is more in the form of beer than any other beverage. The country has no legal policies or any system to maintain a check on its consumption. Therefore, it has one of the highest consumption rates is 13.0 liters per capita.

Male consumers are more in figures than female consumers. The rate of alcohol-related deaths in the country has reached 5.8% that is the 33rd highest in the world.


Hungary has the highest alcohol-related disorders in the world, almost 19.3% of the people abused alcohol. The per capita alcoholic consumption in the country is estimated to be 13.3 liters.

Here about 32.2% of the men suffer from alcohol-related disorders which are far more than the percentage of woman that is 6.8%. The percentage of deaths due to alcohol consumption has reached 6.7%


Andorra is one country that meets its alcohol demands through legal supplies and production which is enough to provide 12.4 liters per capita. However, the total consumption in the country is calculated to be 13.8% liters per capita. Illegal production is far less than any other country with equally heavy rates of use. However, people in the country are more likely to use wine than alcoholic beverages.


Ukraine is another European state that is known for most alcohol consumption in the world. The government has however strived hard to take effective measures to decrease the rate of heavy use per year.

After Belarus, Ukraine is the only country that has the highest alcohol-related deaths in the world. Its consumption is most seen in the people of young ages from the 15 to 30 years of age.


Youngster in Romanian is more significantly involved in alcohol consumption almost 37% or above of teenagers are involved in drinking particularly between the ages of 15 to 19. The per capita consumption in the country is expected to be 14.4 liters.

It has the 11th highest alcohol-related death rate in the world that is 8.9%. Consumption among men is more to be seen than in females almost 55% of the men out of the total population are involved in its consumption.


The Russian Federation is the fourth most alcohol-consuming country in the world which is justified through the recent figure as shown; that is as high as 15.1 liters of alcohol per capita. About 18.2 percent of the population is currently indulged in alcohol abuse and alcohol disorders.

Moreover, 30.5 % of the total deaths in the country are all due to excessive use. According to the recent studies published in the British medical journal Russian adults are suffering from premature deaths all due to alcohol consumption.


The percentage of women drinkers in this country is the highest in the world. Almost one-quarter of the females are indulged in alcohol consumption. In Lithuania, more than 30% of deaths are alcoholically rated. It has also decreased the life expectancy up to 73.9 years of age.

The total consumption in the country is estimated to be 15.4 liters per individual. The president of the state has now recently taken a measuring step to put a stop to excessive alcoholism in the country.


As the economy of Moldova is not as strong as others, therefore, residents use illegal modes of supply to meet their demands. The per capita consumption of 16.8 liters is too high for a state like Moldova. Excessive use has led to as many as 32.2% of the deaths, which is the third-highest in the world.

The average life expectancy is decreased to about 81.4 years of age.


Belarus is the highest alcohol’s consuming country in the world, which has the highest alcohol-related death rates in the world which are 34.7%.

The total consumption in the country is 17.5 liters of alcohol per capita. On the public and national level, there was a serious crackdown by the government however illegal supplies continue to grow to meet the demands of the country.