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5 Ways Students Can Stop Slavery

We may think that slavery is a thing of the past, but in reality, modern-day slavery still exists and affects a large population worldwide. Many protests and riots have occurred in the past, but modern times require another set of strategies that can help eradicate slavery from people’s lives. 

It is challenging, unjust and puts one through mental trauma that affects their way of living. Students are powerful and can use their education to the best capabilities to bring out a change. 

Gather knowledge 

It is completely okay if you are concerned about slavery but do not have much knowledge about it. Fortunately, there is a lot of information and news on slavery that you start reading. Reading will help gain the required knowledge and expertise on the subject. Turn to the internet and read blogs, news articles, and research papers on slavery and how it is affecting people in the modern age. 

Remember that awareness is the first step to making a difference. The more you know, the better you can plan your participation in reducing and gradually eradicating slavery from people’s lives. 

Write to make an impact 

Writing is a powerful tool and has been a reason for change for many things in the past and current. If you are a student impacted deeply by slavery and its ill effects on people, then you must hone your skills to write articles that can go worldwide and make some change. You can look for free help on open database of essays about slavery on Samplius. You can find good examples off the internet and use them to understand the tonality and tone of your writing essay examples. 

Participate in rallies

A large group of people can come together to make a difference. Students in a university are insufficient numbers to initiate, plan and process a rally. If you are a student looking to bring positive change, you must look for rallies and protests against slavery and be a part of it. You cannot wish for change to simply occur, and you will have to work for it and nudge peers and people around you to participate with you. Unity can make a difference that one individual or group can never think about doing. 

Education has the power to bring about massive changes that no other way can. Therefore, education helping in fighting modern slavery is your go-to right. Think, plan, write, talk, and do everything your power as a student to make the change you wish to see. Your college faculty will also participate in helping you and allow you grants to be a part of such noble causes. 

Shop smart 

We hardly ever notice what goes behind the items we purchase from markets. If you are looking to make an impact, start small. Sometimes, the products that we buy could come from organizations and brands that use child labor, pay low wages, and negatively affect the environment. You can buy from brands that adhere to good practices and do not indulge in activities in line with slavery. 

To furthermore start with more activities, you can start supporting anti-slavery organizations and participate in online activities, if not the physical ones, then look for more Facebook pages and similar such activities. Encourage your friends and family to follow a similar practice of buying from places that follow the rules and regulations and stand against slavery. 


Volunteering is the best way to participate in social activities that aim to bring about a change. Become a part of some non-profit organizations that prepare and conduct rallies, events, and social causes. Look for these organizations on Facebook, social media platforms, or simply start by asking around to learn how and places you can volunteer. There is no need for you to travel overseas or do big things to make an impact.

You just have to become selfless and bring out time aside to make a small difference. Once you begin volunteering and see the change you can make, you will be able to convince more people to become a part of the group and make an impact on a much larger scale.


Education has the power to bring miraculous changes, so it stands true in the case of slavery. Modern slavery exists and in forms that people might not even be aware of. Use your education, writing power, and capabilities to help people in trouble, and seek help from college professors, faculty, and other powerful resources to make a change. You can do a lot as a student, and you must use your time right.

Author’s Bio 

Angela Boggs works for a writing agency that provides the content to A-list companies. She is responsible for writing and editing web content, blogs, how-to guides and research papers. She takes up freelance academic writing gigs as well from college students. Her days off are watching cooking videos, reading movie magazines and taking Zumba classes.