List of Top 10 Countries with Most Universities in the World

Universities are the educational foundation of any state. It is said that state. It is said that you want to measure the success of a nation, then count the number of universities, it has built for its future generations. It is the only home that creates capable manpower for each sphere of life.

 Higher education can uplift the morale of any society; it is what upgrades the standards of living. Universities in many countries are providing various degree programs from graduate to post-graduate levels.

Whether it’s science or technology, arts or languages, or any other vocational field, universities are there to groom the best out of you and polish you for an inner potential to make you the most constructive part of society.


Going through the recent figures, countries that are having most universities have seen an incredibly significant increase in their economies. As they have a number of certified and qualified professionals who put the best of everything into their work.

The list of countries that have the most universities, clearly states that India stands first, which highly upgraded the literacy level of the country. Whereas the United States of America comes second on the list.


The emerging superpower has to have more universities to meet the need of the population. There are some great universities being established over the past decades, and now the country not only provides quality education to its citizens but also to a number of foreigners. Currently, the total number of universities in the country amounts to 1057.


The University of Paris, University of Strasburg, Pierre and Marie- Curie University these universities do ring the bells when we talk about higher education in France.  

The country has a total number of 1064 universities currently. With some new educational projects, the number is still expected to increase. France happens to invest a greater part of its budget in the education sector, and a lot of it goes to the public and semi-private universities.


Japan is a rich country in the number of qualified professionals. The country focuses on producing men that could thrive more in the information technology sector whereas it is also not lagging behind in science. The University of Tokyo is one of the top-class universities of Japan.

The country has had a total of 1226 universities in recent years.  Osaka and Waseda University are the other two great names in the country.



Indonesia has a long old history of providing better higher education to its citizens. Various new programs for various degrees have been initiated which brought great stability to the economy.

The University of Indonesia is one of the finest University of Indonesia which have experienced 160 years of establishment and more to come. Today Indonesia is blessed to have 1239 universities approximately that provide education in all the central and peripheral regions.


Bangladesh is the country that has made great success and progress in the education sector. There are literacy rate is as high as any other most developed country. Since the independence, the country’s administration strived hard to produce quality education. 1270 universities are currently established in the state.


Yes! The country has made it to the top ten with a total number of 1343 universities it is the 5th country with most universities in the world. It has a well-established system of education that nurtures almost all the individual to work within the country and also abroad. Each year number of qualified people go to the US or other countries to earn their living through their expertise.


Spain has the richest history of having educational institutions. During the 800 years-long reigns of Muslims, the country had witnessed significant development in this sector, and even in later years, a number of projects were being initiated which collectively gave the total number of 1417 universities. Spain is investing a lot more into its education to take it to the next level.


Argentina, the South American state has 1709 universities in the country, which signifies their efforts and accomplishment in the educational sector. It is the center for some students who head towards it to pursue a quality education.

The University of Buenos Aires, the National University of La Mantaza, and the National University of Lujan are the three big names of the country and the list still, continues.

2. USA

The center of great education with an amazing experience, the United States of America with no doubt stands second in the list with its total number of  5762 universities. Each year and almost after every election, educational reforms are the first thing that becomes the priority of the government, this is the reason that the number of universities keeps rising even in a short span of time.

And now after a long era of development, the country has a sufficient number of universities that could educate all the citizens.


India, located in the heart of South East Asia, is the only developing state that has the most universities in the world. The country has a total of 8410 universities which indeed has resulted in professionals who work abroad and earned names with fame for the country.


RankCountry NameNo. of Universities
1 India 8410
2 USA 5762
3 Argentina 1709
4 Spain 1417
5 Mexico 1343
6 Bangladesh 1270
7 Indonesia 1239
8 Japan 1226
9 France 1064
10 China 1057