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The Best Canadian Provinces to Live In

Canadian Provinces

Canada is one of the world’s largest countries in the world. Lucky for us, it is also one of the most famous. Right now, Canada is one of the countries that is actually more than welcoming new residents. They are making a concerted effort to draw in at least 400,000 more residents each year.

That may seem like too many, however, with a land mass of 9.8 million square kilometers, they have the land, the jobs and welcome people with open arms. Canada is known for being environment friendly, plenty of nature to roam through and more than enough wildlife to appease all of us.

What Provinces are considered the best places to live? What is it about each one that makes it the best? Canada is also known to have a stable economy, top rated health care, high standards of education and a great variety of employment opportunities.


Canadian Provinces

Most common for new arrivals is Ontario. Toronto is the capital of Ontario and is situated in the middle of Ontario. Not only is Toronto the largest city, it is also the most populated, with roughly 14.5  million people. Some of the other largest cities in Ontario include:

  • Ottawa
  • London
  • Hamilton
  • Markham

Ontario is the economic heart of Canada. It boasts natural diversity, economic growth and outstanding nature to take in. Unemployment is low at 6.8%, and the average wage hourly could reach up to $27.50, annually the average wage runs approximately $53,625. Due to the high standards of living, Ontario is the location that visitors decide to live, once they have come to visit.

Ontario is also home to a few of the Internationally recognized Universities and colleges in the world. The University of Toronto, Queen’s University, York University and the University of Western Ontario all have top rated Professionals and the highest of Education standards.


Canadian Provinces

Out of the entirety of Canada, Quebec still ranks the lowest in the cost of living. Lowest rents, subsidized childcare costs and low utility fees provide this as a great place to reside. This is the only Province that has French as the sole and official language of any of the Provinces.

Quebec is proud to say they have the lowest tuition rates in the country. For the student who is just moving out on his or her own for the first time for education continuation, Quebec is the location to be as it is far more affordable than many of the other Provinces. Quebec is also home to many of the Nation’s Landmarks, which gives it history and beauty, along with nature to explore and scenic views.

Montreal is considered one of the best places to raise kids. This area is culturally diverse, and both languages are spoken, French and English. The cost of living is on average one of the lowest, making it an attractive place for all. There are vast job opportunities throughout all of Quebec.

Newcomers and immigrants love Quebec City and the standard of life it offers them. If you speak French fluently, it would be no issue to locate a job that will more than pay for living expenses. This is with just a high school diploma. Imagine what is possible here with a College Degree.

British Columbia

Canadian Provinces

Located in the far western portion of Canada, British Columbia has breath-taking views of the mountains. For the outdoor lovers, this is the location to be. Mountain skiing, hiking, kayaking in the many waterways and biking as well on the trails.

British Columbia also is home to many Landmarks that should be on everyone’s bucket list. Vancouver is the most popular location in British Columbia, while also having the highest population. Vancouver is considered to be the most family friendly location in all of Canada.

Employment opportunities are available in agriculture, health fields, manufacturing, forestry and construction. British Columbia is considered to be a very safe area to live, it has a high standard of living, but this also tends to make it one of the most expensive regions to live.

Located in British Columbia are some of the most popular of the Universities to further your education.


Canadian Provinces

Alberta is the place if you like a wide variety of activities. Alberta is the frequent home to the Calgary Stampede. When in Alberta, there is no end to the numerous road trips available to you, the delightful small towns and all of the assorted landmarks to visit.

Alberta can run from the best to the worst throughout the year. Although you can see the Rocky Mountains, Alberta is not near the ocean. The weather also can be superheated in the summer and well below freezing in the winter. However, Alberta is worth living in to be surrounded by National Parks, beautiful scenery and many gorgeous lakes for fishing, swimming and skating.

Calgary is the largest city in Alberta, it is also known as the cleanest in all of Canada. Calgary is basically in the center of the country’s Oil industry, which creates a wide diversity of job opportunities. Openings in banking, the logistics sector, technology and transportation. The education system in Calgary, Alberta is considered to be progressive.


Canadian Provinces

For over 6,000 years, Manitoba has been home to the aboriginal people and the Metis. With only 1.3 million people, it is safe to say it is likely the least populated. Sitting at the Northern edge of the province is the Frozen Arctic Tundra, as well as a virtually solid landscape of rock.

Winnipeg is the capital city, and one of the most known and popular in all of Canada. It is filled with many clean and safe towns, the people are friendly and you could find an enriching lifestyle living in Manitoba. Manitoba is often called the Land of Lakes based on how many are in the Province.

The high standards in Education continue throughout all of Manitoba, as does the healthcare and employment opportunities. Manitoba offers an average expenditure when it comes to rent, purchase and all utilities, It is affordable living at its finest. Manitoba is actually fairly close to the United States and Canada Border Lines. There is only 150 kilometers to reach the border.


Canadian Provinces

Situated right in the middle of the Canadian country, sits Saskatchewan. Landlocked between Alberta and Manitoba, Saskatchewan residents reside more in the southern portion of the Province. Outdoor enthusiasts would be right at home with all the possibilities. Hunting, fishing and many Parks to hike through, all year long.

The best part is that the cost of living is much less expensive  than in many of the other Provinces. Saskatchewan has health benefits that are outstanding, education costs are lower also. The Tax charge is structured very well and the health care is offered to all the employees, these include medical, hospital and other insurance for the people.

Nova Scotia

Canadian Provinces

Halifax is ideal for those who love the idea of living on the eastern coast. Not only is it truly breathtaking, it is highly affordable, and has plenty of employment opportunities year round. Along with the lower property taxes, Halifax has numerous openings for Federal Government employment in Canada.

Halifax provides urban and rural living possibilities. When it comes to home prices, in comparison to the North American cities, the purchase costs are very low. This makes it extremely attractive to new immigrants.

Of all the possible employment opportunities, fishing and trawling, top the list. Ship and marine maintenance positions are also available quite often. If a person wants work, it is not hard to find it in Halifax.


Canadian Provinces

Throughout all of Canada, you are able to see Nature in its finest glory, from the oceans to the Mountains, forests and even the cities are clean, well kept and gorgeous. Employment is no difficult task of filling when you are searching for a job that pays for living standards. Obviously, some areas are cheaper than others, however, all the areas mentioned are the safest, cleanest and healthiest ones that people would love to live in.

If considering a move, Canada has a lot to offer between all of its Provinces and territories. Healthcare, unlike in the American States, is free or extremely low cost. Education is considered to be consistently on the up rise and continually progressive. As mentioned, it is quite easy to find work living virtually anywhere in Canada.

Depending on your hobbies, your outdoor activities and what type of employment you seek, you could combine all your wants in one province without much effort. For quality of life, all the Provinces earn a top grade for quality and safety.

If you are looking for the Province with the best economy, that is British Columbia, no doubt there. However, with the strong growth that it has achieved in three years, Ontario has climbed into a tight second place. For the best scenic experience, Vancouver takes top prize with that. Ocean on one side, Mountains on one side, and all of the beauty that is created in each city, is totally breathtaking.