Top 10 Countries with Most Terrorism in the World

Terrorism can be defined as a phenomenon in which one certain ideology is pursued and is also expected by other people to follow that by hook or by crook. Terrorism is selfish. It is beyond control in this world ruining peace and prosperity of nations. Some adopt terrorism to impose religious ideology, and others do it for the nationalistic or separation causes. These sinister activities may involve suicide bombing, remote control bombing, hijacking, target killings, kidnappings for ransom money, and even mass killings or genocides. Though terrorism is rampant nowadays, the South Asian region is most affected where the highest number of terrorist attacks are conducted.


Here is the list of world top ten countries with highest terrorism with short descriptions.

1. IRAQ:

Terrorism index in Iraq is 9.56. Iraq is the firstly ranked country in terrorism which has proved to be the deadliest ground where 1800 people had been killed in 2011 terror attacks. Mostly the cities most targeted are Baghdad and Basra, and there has been the increase in incidents since the Iraq invasion of USA. Iraq is suffering not only economically but also socially and the people were suffering psychologically. There has also been an increase in sectarianism in Iraq and the internal feuds between the incumbent governments and the rebels.


Pakistan is playing the role of the front-line state since the Taliban government was thrown out in Afghanistan. Pakistan since then had to face massive killings and suicide bombings killing thousands. The death toll has raised from 2003 from 164 to 3318 in 2009 and totally 35,000 were killed up till 2010. It can be considered as a reaction of Pakistan’s supporting the USA in the war on terrorism, but the recent pullout of US forces from Afghanistan has speculations to reduce terrorism in Pakistan.


The terrorism index in Afghanistan is 8.67.After 9/11 attacks on us attacks in 2001, the Bush administration launched forces in Afghanistan to terminate terrorism from its base by throwing the Taliban government. Since then and due to conflict with Bush US the Afghan Taliban became rebels against the puppet US government and launched a massive fight against their people killing thousands irrespective of identity due to US enmity. afghan


In India, More than 1300 people have lost their lives in major terror attacks in the country. The 1993 serial attacks in Mumbai remains the deadliest terror attack in India.13 RD X bombs went on killing 297 people and wounded over 700 in Mumbai in 1993. There have been many numbers of terror attacks in the last decade.The Mumbai attacks are also worth mentioning along with Hyderabad communal terror attacks.


Though Yemen is the important partner of US in a war against terrorism. Many terror attacks against civilians have taken place especially when three US workers were killed in cold blood.The terror threats from the terrorists led the Jews to leave their homes and migrate.


Somalia has been the red alert countries.One of the recent was the terrorist attack in which 100 people were killed, and 110 were injured. The terrorism started due to the insurgency of the terrorist Islamic group Al-Shabab in 2007. It is considered to be one of the wings of Al-Qaeda and was recognized in 2012.


The terrorism index in Nigeria is 7.24. One of the major terrorist attacks was that on independence day when capital Abuja was attacked. The senior leader of the Movement for Emancipation of Niger Delta Henry Okah was considered responsible and convicted. Most of terrorism is prevalent due to a desire for separation or liberation, and poverty is also major reasons for terrorism in Nigeria.


In Thailand, the terrorism is mostly related to South Thailand insurgency that is going for decades.It is an ethnic separatist insurgency.The violence of insurgency has effaced other provinces, the campaign was on height in 2004.The most recent is the terrorist attack in Bangkok in 2012 injuring five people. The plan was of Iranian terrorists to kill Israeli diplomats.


Russia stands on number 9 in terrorism spots.Russia cited one of the most horrible terrorist attacks in history when children in school were attacked in 2004. The Chechen militants laid the siege in school on the first day of holidays.The siege lasted for three days and 186 children along with 154 adults were killed.


The Philippines had political conflicts and oppositions carried out by rebel groups against the Philippine government, its supporters and citizens. Since 2000, the radical Islamic groups have brought out more than 40 primary bombing attacks against civilians and civilian properties. The terror attacks in the Philippines from 2000 to 2007 has killed nearly 400 Filipino civilians and injured over 1500 more.