Top 10 Largest Wheat Producing Countries in the World

Wheat is the major crop that serves as the staple of food for the people of each country. Therefore, the production of wheat around the world has attained significant value contributing to the economy of the country. Either used in a refined or crude form, it still fulfills our basic food requirements. Many countries are naturally bestowed with a land rich enough to cultivate wheat, enhancing their wheat production. Millions of metric tons are produced each year which either exported or imported around the world. It is the third most producing crop in the world after rice and barley. There was about 9.89 million tons of increase in wheat production last year accounting for the 1.31% increase production of wheat worldwide.


Following are the top ten states in the world that produce most wheat regarding metric tons per year. This analysis is completely based on the recent statistics of production according to the latest year. Let’s have a glance at the detailed statistics regarding each country.


The entire belt of countries enlisted in the European Union produced the highest amount of wheat according to the last year statistics. According to the reports, in the year 2015- 2016 the total production of it is produced by the European Union was about 157,663,000 metric tons which are the highest of all the percentages. Rich in a vast variety of land this region can produce an immense amount  irrespective of its seasonal and climatic barriers.


China is the second most wheat producing country in the world. This country has plenty of the agricultural land that helps to cultivate an ample amount of it per year. The number shows that just as recent as the last year, the total wheat production in the country was as high as 130,000,000 metric tons. Probably the greatest over the years. As China has one of largest population in the world, therefore, it needs to maintain the level of it’s production to ensure the fulfillment of wheat demand in the country, but the latest statistics have shown that how this country has surpassed the production level of the local demand to the level of exporting the wheat out of the country.


India is blessed with both the rich land and extremely suitable weather climate for crops production. Therefore, the rate of wheat production is third highest in the world. It has estimated to produce about 88,940,000 metric tons of wheat in the previous year. And this percentage is expected to rise in the coming years. There are about ten states that produce wheat in the country including Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan being the top three wheat producing states.


Russian soil proved to be extremely suitable for wheat cultivation and production. Large land concealed within the Russian borders are mainly used for agricultural production. Wheat is cultivated in the significant amount and the statistics for the last year wheat production reveals that Russia alone produced 60,500,000 metric tons of it causing a great economic support for the country.


The United States of America stands fifth on the line of its total production of wheat was amounted to about 55,840,000 metric tons. As the weather and climatic conditions of US highly favors it’s cultivation process it allows the country to produce the great amount each year. Almost each of the country is capable of producing wheat. Although the types of it vary in each region, winter wheat being the highest regarding its production.


Canada is also a country enriched with natural resources and great agricultural land or farms. Alberta is considered as the second largest center for wheat production in Canada. As Canada has received more than the average rainfall this year, therefore, it has produced 27,600,000 metric tons leading it to the sixth position in the global grain exporting market.


The agricultural sector of Ukraine accounts for 10-11% GDP of the country. 71% area of the country is an agricultural land. It has attained the seventh position in the list of grain exporters around the world due to its sufficient wheat production. Last year it was measured up to 27,000,000 metric tons. As Ukraine is naturally endowed with enriching black soils which make its agricultural land highly suitable for it’s production.


It is a major producer and exporters of crops. It is the major crop that covers the significant share of the country’s economy and considered as the first regarding production and its cultivation. Western Australia, Wales, Victoria, and Queensland are the major wheat producing region of the country. It has estimated to produce about 26,000,000 metric tons of wheat crop this year.


Pakistan is an agricultural land with Punjab being the most productive and rich in cultivation. Despite less number of acres and poor irrigation system, Pakistan still made its way to the top ten list of wheat producing countries due to its variant seasons and hospitable climate. The total production in the country was 25,000,000 metric tons last year. There are many strategic plans to enhance this agricultural production in the years to come.


Like many other countries, wheat is another important cereal crop in Turkey. Turkey’s rate of production has skyrocketed making it hit the record of 19,500,000 Metric tons this year. But the use of uncertified seeds has led to the production of low-quality wheat’s. It is the reason that Turkey needed to import high-quality wheat’s for good quality flour production and consumption.

Ranking of Countries on the Basis of Top 10 Wheat Producers in the World:

  Rank    Country(Values in Metric Tons)
    1    European Union   157,663,000
    2    China   130,000,000
    3    India   88,940,000
    4    Russia   60,500,000
    5    United States   55,840,000
    6    Canada   27,600,000
    7    Ukraine   27,000,000
    8    Australia   26,000,000
    9    Pakistan   25,000,000
   10    Turkey   19,500,000