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Top 20 Cities With the Best Public Transportation in the World

New York

Public transportation is available in most cities across the globe. Some of these cities make an effort to keep their Public Transportation up to date, safe and available for all.

Public transportation involves different forms of vehicles.

Some of these include:

  • City Buses
  • Trolley Buses
  • Trams
  • Light Rail
  • Passenger Trains
  • Rapid Transit: includes subway, metro and underground
  • Ferries

Getting around the larger cities can be a hassle for many people, the distance, the infrastructure, and even traffic jams, make it feel almost impossible.

Today, Uber joins the list of public transportation also, as well as Taxi cabs. Literally, every country and city across the globe has some form of public transportation available for its citizens.

Some cities maintain their public transport better than other locations, and many have multiple forms of transportation for their citizens.



The best way to get around Singapore is to utilize the Mass Rapid Transit system. This is the underground subway system. The lines run from city to city. Once you reach the desired city, walking is the best option. The Mass Rapid Transit also operates a bus system that operates routes just about everywhere on the island.


Amsterdam has a straightforward and very convenient public transport system. In Amsterdam, you have access to a Public Transportation Chip Card. These cards are available in one-hour cards or day-long cards. You can obtain these cards from the driver or the conductor on buses or trams. However, the day cards are not available to buy from the bus driver.



London provides cycles, rail, buses, ferries and the New Elizabeth line. With all these options, you can travel wherever you need to go in London. There are multiple options for paying for Public Transportation. Options include the Oyster Card, and Pay As You Go, these are available on most of the travel options.


It has well developed public transportation. The majority of transportation includes Buses, Metro and taxis. The bus network is extensive and all fares can be paid by using the Shanghai Public Transportation System Card. Shanghai is a major transportation hub. The bus lines have routes that are long distance, but the majority are short trips.

New York

It has a Good array of Public Transportation. Options include Metropolitan Transit Authority. Light rail, ferry, bike and pedicab. Taxi cabs are also available, however, they can be expensive. The Air Train and walking are excellent choices. Walking may be the easiest at times.



This is covered with a dense network of buses, trains, and subway lines. The Subway lines will get citizens and visitors around the central part of the city. The Dense network of transportation is run by approximately 12 companies. Subways and trains are the suggested mode of transportation. Tokyo also has the option of prepaid fare cards. Bus travel is not recommended for short term visitors.


Helsinki holds a secret within the country. You can virtually travel anywhere in Helsinki without having a car. Options include commuter train, ferry, bus, tram and the metro. Jump on the bus and ride to the last stop and then journey back on foot while exploring the sites and sounds of Helsinki.


It has three main forms of transportation. The taxis, buses and subways travel clear across the country and back, You can get anywhere you need to go easily. In recent years, the subway system has been increasing and expanding, with hopes to be the largest in the world. The best part about public transportation in Beijing is that fares are quite inexpensive for the Subway. The Subway is likely the busiest mode of transportation in Beijing.


Seoul has a very modern and efficient transportation system. The trail runs all over the country with stops at each of the main towns. The Subway system runs throughout the city and also runs to the suburbs and the surrounding areas. Many claims that the subway system is pretty daunting to understand, therefore the signs have been made in Korean and English.


Cities In Germany

Berlin has a highly affordable public transportation system. The system is efficient, punctual and can take a person to almost any area in Berlin. The trains run on what they call the honour system, there are also no ticket restrictions to using the S-Bahn, U-Bahn, or the trams and regional buses. When you ride the buses, you enter through the front door and hand your ticket to the driver. As far as safety is concerned, plainclothesmen right all modes of public transportation. They are there just in case there may be an issue.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the best overall as far as helping the needs of the passengers. Hong Kong utilizes the gold standard when it comes to transit management throughout the country. Trains and subways, taxi cabs and bicycles are the main forms that are used routinely. Hong Kong uses the prepaid fare card which is a touch and goes card as you enter the mode of transportation. The train stations include public computers, strollers and wheelchair access.

San Francisco

San Francisco is ranked number 2 in the United States public transportation system. Within the city, public transportation is the best option to get around the city. The Transit Authority continues to improve the quality and the safety of all modes of Public Transportation. The Bay Area Transit authority maintains the rail systems, buses, subways and fares. Ride-share programs have also become a popular mode of transportation in San Francisco.



Barcelona is a huge area, however, it has a very well developed public transportation service. The buses, tram and the metro all keep to a very tight schedule. The metro will allow you to get where you are going at a very fast pace. Tickets are easily purchased for any mode of transportation, for a reasonable amount. The metro buses will not run all night. There is a wide network of buses that can take you to your hotel, home or other location.

Los Angeles

This is the city known to be the hub of one of the best transportation networks in the world. There is a wide variety of options for citizens and tourists which includes subways, light rail, buses,  and shuttles to every area of the region. There is an area of the city that is deemed car-free. Within this area, you get around by walking, biking or taking the metro.

Included here are itineraries for the ‘car free’  experience. These tours will take you through the diverse areas and hidden gems. Visitors and citizens alike can obtain a single pass, a day pass or a 7 day pass for transportation.



The public Transportation network serves all of Paris and the surrounding region. The costs are reasonable for utilizing Public Transportation. One ticket will take you to any location, including outside the city limits. Available forms of transportation include the underground Subway, tram, the express train, which can connect with the Metro, and also the daytime bus and the night bus.


Dubai has a large Public Transportation System, which includes water buses, the monorail system, the tram and the Dubai Metro. Dubai can boast one of the most convenient, modern and cost-efficient systems in the world. The city of Dubai also offers a city pass.


This is one of those locations where you could easily get around without a car. Chicago is home to one of the best Public Transport systems. Options in Chicago include the Metra Commuter Rail, taxi cabs and plenty of bike lanes. Visitors can also walk to many of the places that they want to go. Chicago is also known as the 6th most walkable city in the United States.


This is a friendly and walkable town. All of Boston’s areas are accessible by the metro, trains, taxi cabs, walking and bikes. Boston also is home to one the water trolleys, and other water transportation. A monthly link pass is available, as are daily passes. Being as large as it is, Boston also is able to offer commuter rail. This allows employees to avoid the headache of driving a car. In the big towns such as Boston, it could be considered more of a hassle to own a car than to go without one.


Toronto is happy to state that their transit is one of the best in the world. The system is highly ranked, efficient and very easy to use.  Toronto has metro transit, streetcars, subways and buses. The transit Authority offers over 750 miles worth of public transportation on the many lines throughout the City. You could actually tour most of Toronto without a car, however, the outskirts of Toronto hold the Zoo and Wonderland, so having a car to reach these locations is better.



This is home to an extensive and well-designed transit system. Options available include the metro, ferry, tram, cable car, Uber and even the nostalgic tram. Funicular and bikes are also available.  Passes can be purchased throughout the city, from vending machines or get an electronic boarding pass.