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Top 25 Worst Cities In America

Worst Cities

United States of America is known as a super power. It is filled with uncountable tourist destinations and has a lot to offer. Every city has new things to experience.

On the other hand, some cities are not worth visiting at all. There are different factors why these cities are the worst ones.

You should know about them and shouldn’t consider travelling there at all.

Mentioned below are the top 25 worst cities in America.

1. Detroit, Michigan

Worst Cities

Detroit is not the just the worst city but the most dangerous city in America. The city has been through a lot in the recent years. Rising from bankruptcy, there are still many issues that needs to be resolved. The city of Detroit has the highest number of murders in America. There are still 70% of the murders that are unsolved.

2. Oakland, California

Popular as one of the coolest city, it may shock you seeing it in the list of worst cities. Yes, there are some risks visiting Oakland. Oakland has the highest rate of robbery, so keep your valuables secure if visiting.

3. Mendota, California

Worst Cities

Mendota is home for around 13,000 people. However, Mendota has a high poverty around which is 49%. According to many surveys, out of the entire population only 1.8% has a bachelor’s degree.

This could be one of the reason why the poverty rate is high as many people don’t have the education they should get.

4. Florida city, Florida

Florida city is known as the most dangerous in the entire state. It has the highest rate of violent crimes and also property crimes. Many residents fear that they could face burglary, or motor vehicle theft any day.

Therefore, it is one of the worst cities to visit.

5. Makaha, Hawaii

Makaha is the worst city in the entire state of Hawaii. Makaha is not added in this list due to high crime or poverty rate. The reason is something that would shock you.

Makaha is one of the most expensive city and the affordability rate is extremely low. The city is also facing high unemployment which has made is worse to live. Many residents don’t have the purchasing power due to rising prices of commoditized goods.  

6. Cleveland, Ohio

Worst Cities

Cleveland has suffered a lot due to gang violence and drug abuse. However, in the recent years new policies by the government has led to reduce the violence. Since then, the city has developed a lot.

However, the city is still facing high economic crimes due to unemployment and inflation.

7. St. Louis, Missouri

You should be a bit careful and alert while walking down the streets of St. Louis. The city has the third highest rate of murders and assaults. Efforts by concerned authorities are in process to lower the rate but it still higher than the national rate.

Therefore, the city still has a place in the list of the worst cities.

8. Little Rock, Arkansas

The city of Little Rock had a high rate of property crimes before 2000 but has seen a decline since then. This may be impressive. However, violent crimes have been on surge since then. Be safe when you are walking around the city.

9. Baltimore, Maryland

Worst Cities

The danger of living in Baltimore is known by everyone. The crime rate may be taking a dip but is still very high. The city has seen a crime rate of 37% in recent times.

Baltimore is one of the cities which has imposed youth curfews in 2014 to reduce the dangers. Therefore, going out with your children can still be dangerous at night.

10. Rockford, Illinois

Rockford is the third largest city in American soil. The reason it is in the top 10 is due to some reasons. Rockford has recorded the lowest rate of murder and robbery.

However, the aggravated assault rate is still something to consider before visiting. The rate is low but can be dangerous if you are out in the streets. 

11. Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham is a haven to many reputable universities of America. The literacy rate is high compared to other cities and states. Many graduates of America have completed their college from the universities in Birmingham.

However, aggravated assault and murder is a big problem this city faces. The danger has made this city to be added in the list of worst cities.

12. Newark, New Jersey

Worst Cities

Not only home to one of the biggest airport of NYC but also boasts the largest shipping terminal. Being a strategic city of America, Newark has recorded the second highest rate of murder at 40.25%.

Rise in crimes such as carjacking and murder have seen a surge in the past years. Cities which play an important role in the economy of America shouldn’t be the one of the worst cities, but it is the reality.

13. Buffalo, New York

Buffalo was once a the most successful city due to its geographical and transport network importance. With time it declined due to other channels or railroad opening and connecting a bigger area. The violent crimes have always been a part of Buffalo but now sex offender ratio is also increasing.

14. Flint, Michigan

Worst Cities

Flint is one of the city which has faced extreme poverty. Around 40% of the population resides under the poverty line. Therefore, it is known as one the poorest city of America.

The property is expensive whereas not many people have the income to support their household. Flint has also suffered as the water supply was contaminated with lead. This had led for many people to migrate and find a new home in other cities.

15. Prichard, Alabama

Prichard has seen a rise in employment over the past years. On the other hand, number of jobs have been decreasing at a much higher rate. Therefore, annual income per house has seen a decrease.

Not only the number of jobs but also population has been decreasing. Many residents are migrating to other cities in hope to find a better living.

16. Bridgeton, New Jersey

Worst Cities

Bridgeton is one of the worst cities to live in. The typical household income is less than half of the entire country’s. The high cost of living and low income has been a burden on the population.

Commodities are found expensive in Bridgeton compared to other cities.

17. Firebaugh, California

Firebaugh is also an other city that has been affected by poverty and low literacy rate. Only 6.3% of the residents hold a bachelor’s degree. Cities with low literacy rates tend to have a higher crime and unemployment rate.

18. Mailia, Hawaii

The high cost of living in Maila has made it amongst the worst cities to live in. Not many residents can afford the increase in the prices of common goods. Finding a affordable property is one of the biggest and challenging task in the city of Maila.

19. Robstown, Texas

Worst Cities

Robstown is a smaller city compared to others in America. The city is consistently facing unemployment over the past years. For the past five years Robstown has recorded an unemployment rate of 9%.

Although Texas is one of the growing state, Robstown has been neglected and loosing residents slowly.

20. College Park, Georgia

College park is the poorest city in the entire state of Georgia. Having a poverty rate of 35%, it is not the only problem this city faces. With increasing poverty, an increase in violent crimes is also recorded.

The crime rate is four times higher than the national crime rate recorded. Not only this, the city is also near the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. It is the busiest airport in the world and the residents face many problems due to the traffic, noise and pollution.

21. Albany, Georgia

The residents of Albany have been facing financial crisis for many years. Around 33% of the entire population of the city is under the poverty line. Compared to other cities it is the highest in Albany.

In the entire America where the employment saw a rise. On the other hand, employment in Albany fell by 4%. The cost of living is increasing day by day and the purchasing power is taking a dive.

22. Natchitoches, Louisiana

Natchitoches is one of the oldest settlement in the United States. The employment rate has recorded the highest decline by 28%. Whereas, the national employment increased by 6%.

23. Bellmead, Texas

The city of Bellmead is located between Dallas and Austin. Bellmead has recorded the highest crime rate ever. The violent crime rate is lower than the property crime rate.

This had led to decreasing property prices and the crime is not going to stop anytime soon.

24. Asbury, New Jersey

Worst Cities

Asbury is one of the poor city located near New York city. The average household income is lower than the national household income. The increasing cost of living is burdening the low income group of the city.

25. Arvin, California

Arvin is ranked is one of four worst cities in the state. Compared to other cities the violent crime rate is pretty much the same. The poorer areas are much affected by the dangerous crimes in the city.

There are not many entertainment or recreational facilities available in the city of Arvin.

Final Words

These are the top 25 worst cities in America. We ranked them worst considering many factors. Some cities have high crime rate whereas other have high poverty rate. All the factors make it difficult for people to reside and earn a good living.