Countries with Best Air Force in the World- Top 10

The Air Force has become the most important and vital part of any country’s defense along with the ground military.It is necessary for the nation that aspires to become a great power to have the well-protected airspace and talented Airforce with skilled pilots and modern technology that are capable of striking and attacking any place. And can combat the multiple challenges of war or emergency crisis.

The impotence if air defense became evident in Gulf war when with the airforce power Iraq was easily conquered, but it is not less important in modern times. The nation’s air defense also nowadays works on humanitarian grounds and is also the important source to impose one country’s hegemony over another. Here is the list of top ten countries with the best air force in the world.


The Us Airforce came into being on September 11, 1947. With the highest technological advances, it is not flabbergasting for America to have a best air force. America being the biggest military experience throughout the world has the maximum number of military warplanes in the world.It has almost 3318 combat aircrafts.The USAF’s F-16 aircrafts stand to be in fourth place in the world list. There are also hundreds of f-15 strike eagles which can target sharper and speedier than an eagle.The aircrafts known as Lock-heed AC 130 are the America’s exclusive invention. They are impregnable and armed with innumerable weapons and can shot down any aircraft in the world with the blink of an eye.


The Soviet air force came into being in 1992 as the former soviet union but after disintegration the Russian air force was left with 1,900 combat aircrafts.But still the Russia is continuously improving its air defense capability by producing many terrifying war planes.The Mikoyan MIG-31 ‘foxhound’ is a remarkable and fiercely competent plane with the extreme capabilities.Thus, Russian airforce is capable of dealing with any emergency in the world. Thus due to strongest military air defense strategies, high-speed warfare planes it occupies the second place in the world’s air force list. 


The people’s liberation army air force of China holds the third position on the list with 1,500 combat aircrafts.The major labor force is working to operate on 2,500 aircrafts.The Chinese most capable planes are Shenyang J-11 and Xian H-6 that can carry 20,000 free fall bombs.Thus, Chinese Airforce is no doubt that one of the most competent air defense force in the world and is expected to improve further itself in the future.It is but no doubt the best air force in Asia.


The British air force is considered to be the oldest airforce in the world as being the part of oldest decision-making lot of the countries.This air force is renowned for its strategic bombing.This air force came into being during the period of the first world war on 1st April 1918 when the royal naval force and the Royal Flying Corps United.


Being formed back in 1932 Indian air force is gigantic with huge personnel being employed in its care-taking services.India has also got the capability to manufacture its aircrafts certified by Russia creating hundreds of Sukhoi- mk-30 fighter aircrafts. It.It has now developed huge and massive air defense strategic weapons that are known for their good target hunting and exclusive bombing and armament filled crafts.It has the total of 1,080 combat aircrafts.


The France air force is named as Arm’ee de’l air. It was founded in 1909 and is regarded as one of the most professional air force in the world.huge technological developments and intensive strategic methodology make it exceptional from others.France possesses an impressive status in the worldly aircraft scheme.It is also the inventor of Mirage jet air fighters which is considered most prestigious in the world history.


Considering immense air force possessing countries in the region, Pakistan also developed its gigantic air force known as PAF which is ranked at seventh position in the top 10 countries list having best airforce. From the time of its inception Pakistan has been indulged in different feuds of the regions especially with neighboring India so It gradually developed its air defense in order to maintain balance of power in the region and to confront threats from the enemy. It possesses a good number of Chinese Chengdu J-7 fighter aircrafts along with f-16 fighting falcons.It also possesses the Mirage 3, Mirage 5 and French fighter aircraft.


The German Airforce is also known as the Luftwaffe. Luftwaffe was established in 1935 after violating the Versailles treaty.In a world war, 2 this air force defeated and shot down its contender aircrafts thus establishing its superiority.It also possesses world top class pilots.They are trained in Canada or US.


Royal Australian Airforce is ranked at ninth position in the list of top 10 countries having strongest airforce. comparatively small as compared to other nations but owing to its littleness one cannot gauge its strength. It contains one of the deadliest and fierce fighter planes.It was established on 31 March 1921 and participated in many conflicts of last decades effectively.It has also been appreciated for implementing the kinetic effects.


Japan is the country having Japan air defense force which is counted at number tenth spot on the list. It participated effectively in the world war 2. It has one of the world’s most effective radar system along with the air petrol.It is also known for its assaulter squadrons in the world. Japanese airforce is thus much capable of defending its precincts that’s why occupied the tenth spot on the list. It is also improving day by day owing to the high technological advances of Japan.