List of Countries with Nuclear Power- Nuclear Armed States of the World

Power gain is more than just lust; it ensures the survival and authority of one individual over the others. In the bigger perspective, the world has also turned into a battleground for the nations who seek dominance and power over the others.

Every developed country seems busy planning to gain superiority over other countries. It has led the world into a vicious circle of war and terror. Over time, the motives remained the same, but somehow the tactics have changed.

On the ground, battles are now turned into Cold wars and controversial use of power through hidden means. Man has invented such high-tech weaponry and arsenals that it seems impossible to avoid the curses they brought onto this world.

From long-range missiles to powerful ammunitions, the world has stepped into the age of nuclear arsenals where it has gone beyond the next level. Now there will be just one big below the whole world will turn into ashes. Here today we will discuss the total world countries with nuclear power.


The strength of nuclear weapons cannot even be comprehended using a few words. The perfect example is the effects of the destruction caused by nuclear blasts in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

After all those years, the people are still badly affected. This is how powerful this weapon is and imagine how powerful would those countries be who have huge reserves of nuclear warheads preserved.


The former Soviet Union became the second nation in the history of the world who became a Nuclear power. The crash project named Soviet Atomic Bomb Project was carried out in 1949. The country had to equate the power equation with its enemies.

The first-ever hydrogen bomb called RDS-37 was tested by Russia in 1955. In 1989 the production of nuclear warheads was increased to the peak of 45000 while the numbers kept rising during the Cold War. Today the country has the largest number of atomic arsenals in the world.

The recent figure shows that about 8500 nuclear warheads are currently owned by Russian Federation. The last ever atomic experiment conducted in the state was held in 1990. Ever since then there was no further development however Russians never stopped expanding their atomic assets.


The United States comes to the top in the list of countries with nuclear power. On 16th July 1945 America emerged as the Nuclear Power in the world, after its collaboration with the United Kingdom and Canada on Manhattan Project.

The only fear Americans had during World War II was Nazi Germany developing nuclear arsenals before them. While trying to get ahead of their enemies, America became victorious in its first nuclear test held in 1945.

It is the only country in the world that has used its nuclear arsenals against its enemy and caused large-scale devastation in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

After those successful experimentations, the country had modernized its atomic weapons and equipped them with the latest technology available.

It has expanded in numbers and just during the Cold War era, America had created about 70,000 warheads which were an addition to the 31000 already built nuclear arsenals. Hence based on the statistics the United States is among the top ten atomic powers in the world which have currently 7700 nuclear warheads.


France emerged as one of the atomic power of Europe in 1960, when it conducted its first-ever nuclear test. Pursuance of power in the region was the basic motive that led France to establish grounds for nuclear research on an excessive scale.

Consequently, in the coming, it also had succeeded in developing the first-ever hydrogen bomb of the state in 1968.  In 1992, France had signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation treaty according to which if any enemy state would attack France using any weapon of mass destruction then the country by every right would counter-attack using its weapons.

Currently, the country is holding as many as 300 nuclear warheads which makes it the third-highest nuclear power in the world.


The world’s second emerging superpower which is gradually dragging the world towards bipolar, China is becoming a nuclear power in 1964. It has to develop its nuclear arsenals to resist major power giants in the world, the Soviet Union, and the United States.

Later the country has also infused these weapons into the fission bombs turning them into nuclear missiles. The amount of nuclear warheads China is currently holding has reached about 250, making it the fourth-largest superpower in the world.


With a total nuclear warhead of 225, the United Kingdom stands fifth on the list. It had first established its nuclear arsenal in 1952 with “hurricane” the first-ever UK nuclear’s project. It became the third country in the world to attain nuclear power.

The basic driving force for the country to develop arsenal was to maintain its power status in the region and get independence against the former Soviet Union.  

Initial research was carried out by the nuclear’s scientist who had also previously worked in the Manhattan project along with US and Canada. However, the UK had to use its manufacturing tactics and expertise to devise the latest possible mechanism.

The first-ever hydrogen bomb that the country has built was tested as early as 1957. Uptil 2016, the UK used to maintain its nuclear warheads using its fleet of strategic bombers whereas recently in 2016 it was decided by the House of Commons to renew the nuclear deterrents.


There are total nine countries. Let’s have a view on the total of nine countries with nuclear power and their warheads.

RankCountriesTotal Warheads
2.The United States7700
5.The United Kingdom225
9.North Korea10

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