Top 10 Countries with Nuclear Weapons & Atomic Powers

The nuclear weapons are devices that can eliminate the whole worldly species in seconds.As far as the as these destructive weapons are present the world’s safety is always at stake.If one country has these weapons, others will automatically feel unprotected or threatened so they will also strive to produce weapons to attain the balance of power.NPT is the-the treaty that requires the atomic proliferation prevention and also helps in nuclear disarmament.


US, Russia, France, UK and China have signed this NPT agreement but still possess these powers and intent to have them in near future. Even now many countries possess nuclear technology and capacity but they keep their activities as clandestine but here is the list of top ten countries with major nuclear weapons and atomic stockpiles:


Russia is the most powerful country in the world with strong atomic powers. It is most advanced and highly nuclear-equipped country in the world with the highest nuclear stockpile and capability and numerous dangerous multifaceted weapons. Russia has the highest number of warheads, at 8,500 of which 1,800 are strategically operational. Russia’s military industry employs approximately 3 million people. USA and Russia possess almost 90% of the atomic arsenal.

2. USA:

United States of America is placed at 2nd position in top ten countries with high atomic powers. The USA was the first nation to develop atomic weapons and is the only state to deploy nuclear weapons against another state. It began nuclear weapon development in world war 2 and successfully tested its first weapon in July 1945.The nation has the stockpile of 7,700 warheads including deployed weapons and 2650 non-deployed warheads.


France became a 3rd most powerful state having nuclear powers when it successfully tested its first nuclear weapon during an atmospheric atomic test called Gerboise Bleue in Feb 1960.The nation concluded its atomic testing with last 210th test in Feb, in January 1996. The military had 540 nuclear warheads in 1991 to 1992. France is the only state to dismantle all its atomic test sites.The nation now holds 300 deployed warheads. Making it the third largest stockpile in the world.


The people Republic of China is rated at fourth position in the list of top ten countries in the world with atomic technologies. China tested its first nuclear weapon in October 1960 at Gobi desert test site.Total 45 tests were conducted including 23 23 atmospheric and 22 underground.The country signed CTBT in 1996.China maintains a stockpile of 435 warheads in 1990, but the number reduced to 200 by 2006. But now the number is expected to increase again as a country has started to develop ballistic weapons.


The UK became the third nuclear power country when it tested its nuclear weapon in Oct 1952. The nation of United Kingdom conducted a total of 45 tests but participated with the US in nuclear testing in more than 1000 testing programme. It initially had 350 warheads but were reduced to 185 by 1999. The current stockpile is 225 stockpile.


Pakistan’s nuclear power was unveiled in the series of tests conducted in May 1998 although the country had started its program in 1970’s.It is the seventh country in the world to have the capability to develop strong nuclear arms. The nation of Pakistan currently has 100 to 120 warheads most of which are considered to be in central storage. The country’s stockpile is expected to grow as the country starts with the new delivery system such as ballistic weapons and submarines launched ballistic missiles.


India became the sixth nation to develop the atomic technology after it conducted its first test in May 1974.The test code named Smiling Buddha was declared as peaceful by the government of India.India also conducted series of tests in Pokhran in May 1998. The nation’s stockpile is currently 90 to 110 atomic warheads. India is committed to the policy of no first use of nuclear’s weapons.India has the capability to launch atomic weapons by sea, air and ground.

Indian soldiers stand beside India’s surface-to-surface missile “Prithvi” during the Republic Day parade in New Delhi January 26, 2006. Prithvi, which implies earth in Sanskrit, is a nuclear-capable missile.


Israel is rated at eighth position in the list of countries with strong atomic powers and technologies. Israel imagined to have created its nuclear program in 1950’s, But it has not tested nuclear’s weaponry publicly. The country uses the policy of nuclear ambiguity. Israel is believed to have enough plutonium to produce 100 to 200 warheads. But its current stockpile is considered as up to 80 warheads.Israel also possesses atomic delivery system such as ballistic missiles, submarines, and aircraft.


North Korea is the ninth country in the world having strong atomic powers. The Democratic Republic of Korea exploded its first nuclear weapon in Oct 2006.The third and most recent test was conducted in February 2013. It has considered to be having the plutonium and uranium stockpile to create 10 to 25 atomic weapons. The current stockpile is anticipated to be up to less than ten nuclear warheads.The atomic weapon delivery capability is unknown.

10. IRAN:

Iran is the at the 10th most country in the world with strongest atomic powers. The nuclear program of Iran was caused in the year of 1950’s. Iran nuclear program includes two nuclear research site, two uranium mines, and a research reactor.Iran’s first nuclear power plant was completed with Russia’s assistance.The US intervention and sanctions on Iran has caused its atomic activities to lower down and halt at a very low level. And the Iran’s nuclear program has been constantly monitored to keep in check any uranium enrichment to dangerous levels however Iran always claims that its intends to keep atomic technology for useful purposes.    

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