Top 10 Strongest Army in the World-Countries with Best Army

Today in this world of high technology and nuclear weapons the country’s influence and hegemony is the gauge by a number of military arms it possesses. Its military capabilities are a source of display of its huge power in the world. The army not only include the men force but also include its air and naval capabilities, some armaments, its new technological methods and ammunition along with its defensive military strategies.


Which country has the best Army in the World?

Checkout the list of top ten countries in the world with best army!


Topping this list like many others the US stands at the top of army list as well. Us army is ranked at 1st position and is the world strongest army. The United States military budget is highest in the world.Its total defense budget is 216 dollar billion in the world which is highest of the many countries defense budgets combined.It has the total of 19 fleet aircraft carriers that allow us to set up its bases anywhere in the world portraying its power anywhere around.It has the most capable air force with cutting edge technology and the Navy with the new rail guns.Thus, no doubt US with all this can be said to be the strongest army in the world.


Russia is placed at second number. It has the best army in the world with well trained military corps. After the collapse of former Soviet Union, the Russian army one’s disintegrated again has stood up with the best.Now it stands on the second spot of having the world’s strongest army in the world.Its total defense budget is 76.6 Billion us dollars and its military spending has increased since 2008 by 44%.It has presently 766,000 front line personnel and a force of 2485,000 armed men.It also has 15,500 tanks with the largest tank force in the world.


China has increased its military spending in the recent years by 12.2 % us dollars.Its total spending is 126 billion dollars, but it can be greater than we assume because of its major dispute in Asia with Philippines and Japan.The size of Chinese army is 2,285000 army men deployed.It also has the capabilities of stealing military equipment technology and making their copies successfully such as it did in the case of f-35.


India is increasing their defense budget in the lust o acquiring new technological weapons and dismantling the old worn out pieces. India’s total defense budget is 46 billions us dollars and is expected to become the fourth largest military spender in 2020. It is also the world’s largest importer of military goods. India has a good number of ballistic missiles and its military apprehensions are high because of its lingering issues with Pakistan.


The UK is planning to reduce its size of the army by 2018.The total defense budget of UK at present is 54 billions our dollars.The Hms Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier is going to be added to the Britain army in tears to come. And it has the capability to carry 40 F’-35 b joint strike aircraft carrier.Its training is superior in the world and still can be counted among the top ranked army powers in the world.


French army is ranked at sixth position in the list of top ten strongest army in the world. France in the past year reduced its military spending to acquire money to purchase high-tech weapons.They concentrate more on the quality of the ammunition rather than its quantity.The country;s total military spending is 43 billions us dollars.Despite a reduction in its military spending France still is capable of competing other arise effectively with many significant deployments and trained armed men and highly advanced equipment


Germany has the most strongest army ranking at seventh position. spends 45 billion on it military annually.After the world war 2 the Germans became less war-liking they are not in the favor of starting wars and have become a peace loving nation.It has 183,000 front line armed men on the front line with 145000 members in reserve.Germany started to increase its army to a little extent generally after the breakup of Yugoslavia.


Turkey military spending was 9.4% in 2014.The ongoing problems in Syria and the clashes with Kurdish separatist has created the threat of terrorism possibility in Turkey, To come up with this situation Turkey is now paying great attention on its military and defense system.It defense budget is 18.2 billion.Turkey has also sent its forces to peacekeeping organizations around the world it has also deployed a large force in the north Cyprus.


South Korea is increasing its spending in the response to China and japan’s increasing armies.Its total military budget is 34 billion our dollars, and as it has the constant threat from North Korea, it is more alert to its military needs.It has 2346 tanks,1393 aircrafts, and 640,000 active armed men on front line and other reserves as well.The armed men are highly trained and very well equipped.


Japan has increased its defense budget first time in many years.It has started increasing military in response to China. For the first time, it has started a military expansion by deploying force in the outer islands.It spends 49.1 billion on defense.Its military is well equipped and properly trained.It has 247000 active personnel on the front line and 64000 in reserve and 1595 aircrafts.It also has the fifth largest air force in the world, and it has the total of 131 ships and thus it also has one of the biggest armies in the world.

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