Top 10 World Most Safest Countries to Reside in- Hit List

Every individual wishes to live at a place that is safest in the world. Every person craves for peace, freedom of expression, speech and congenial environment.The countries that are considered as the welfare states spend a lot for the safety and comfort of their citizens.These countries provide facilities and provide the citizens with guidance and counseling at times of hardships and also protects them from any possible violence and disorder.They ensure the individual’s safety and has managed good securities and low crime rate in the country.These countries have excellent law and order system with good management.

This also highly depends upon the satisfaction of the people that which country they consider as save for them to reside. Here is the list of top ten safest countries that people prefer to live in:


Canada is the highly developed most safest country with eighty percent citizens living in urban. There is freedom of speech, property and living. No one restricted to do any legal thing and every one ids given equality and individual freedom. It can be the best option to live.


Singapore can be said as the adventure place full of fun and joy, where there is hustle everywhere, and technology is overflowed. This well protected country is fascinating with lush green gardens and architectural wonders. It has strong rules and high security set up and thus one can find the best option to make a peaceful living in Singapore with best employment opportunities and luxurious lifestyle.


Sweden is also a safest country which aspires peace and is remarkably peaceful country. The country has pure green forests, lovely lakes , advanced cities called Gothenburg and Stockholm. This safest country is lush green and also offers a great amount of attraction for the tourists and is also the good country to live there.


The breathtaking rolling pastures, snowy glaciers, and flabbergasting mountains leave u amazed. The cities of Wellington and Auckland are contemporary and highly advanced provided with every amenity.The country’s multicultural scenario is also formidable. Furthermore, The Maori tribe of Newzealand is quite active and friendly and participates actively. If one wants to admire nature and be safe, come to Newzealand.


Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world having safest places. It offers not only the best chocolates and watches in the world but also is the home to the five safest cities of the world such as Zürich, Bern, and Geneva. Switzerland is one of the world’s not only safest but also the dream destination place for many visitors. Zürich and Geneva have the best shop in places, and the swiss alps have no match. Thus, Switzerland is much peaceful happier and safe place to live there.


Austria is famous for its flabbergasting literature and its classical composers. Although its neighbors Germany and Sweden reduces its importance in regards to safety, it has its exclusive place in the world.Its historic sites snow covered mountain peaks, a peaceful greenery soothing environment lovely beaches make it a good choice to make a living in Austria.


Finland is one of the richest countries of the world not only economically but socially, politically and even culturally. Its inspiring landscapes, beautiful architecture, advanced infrastructure, mountains and greenery is soothing. The country is culturally enriched and its inspiring cultural festivals are worth seeing in spring seasons.The country give due regard to human rights and civil liberty it can be thus best and safe choice to live in this country.


Denmark is rated at third number in the list of most safest countriesDenmark has the least crime rates remarkably. People have no security concerns they can move, talk and walk about freely without any issues. This safest country does not allow any breaches of law and does not also tolerate any human right violation. People respect each other, care for other citizens, pay homage to guests are soft spoken and are extremely helpful and hardworking. Hence, Denmark can be the good choice to reside in safely.


Norway is at the 2nd position in the list of top top ten most safest countries. The breathtaking sceneries of Norway along with the fishing villages make it so happening. Norway today is one of the richest, safest and prosperous countries with developed lifestyle literate population, excellent economy, and advanced security. It is the heaven for visitors, no person in Norway is concerned about security, the crime rate is extremely low. Lastly, there is low terrorist activism in here so it can be considered best place to live.


Iceland is the most safest region known for its hot springs, glaciers and freezing climate. Iceland is considered to be the safest country on the globe because it provides extreme hospitality to its visitors and emigrants along with complete congenial environment it is most probably the best place to settle down. It is also considered to be the developed country full of sophistication in architecture and environment which provides safety and peace of mind. Its GDP is much stable and has a lot of riches and tourist spots. One would love to live in Iceland.

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