Top 10 Most Cleanest Countries in the World- Neat & Hygienic Nations

In today’s world a lot of importance is given o hygiene and cleanliness.and prefer living in those areas which are clean and have beautiful view and landscapes along with clean water facility and away from pollution and dust.The pollution today is causing the global warming and is leading to the many health problems. Significant focus is being laid on reducing pollution and launching cleanliness awareness campaigns but still many people in the world still don’t have toilet facility.


The developed countries have now improved a lot, but the developing, and underdeveloped countries are still unclean. It is the list of the top ten countries that are most clean in the world.


Singapore as fast in the infrastructural development is not behind in the cleanliness.It has developed a lot in the past many years and has become one of the safest places to reside in.The crime rate has decreased by many folds;people are happy and satisfied.The people are highly aware of their hygiene and keeps special care of their country’s cleanliness.


Surprisingly, his country is a small and developing country but still its cleanliness is appreciable.The public health in a cube is exquisite the health and sanitation department of the government is very active, The roads and streets are free of the garbage and people too are keen to work for cleanliness in the country.


Austria is also one of the clean countries of the world. It is a landlocked country free from oceanic waste.The country is free of garbage and unwanted rubbish.It has kept and maintained the countryside very lavish and lush green. The gardens are full of flowers and tree plantation, and forest care is abundant.


France a populated country with 6.2 million population is still clean and neat.It is the country of lights and gardens with blooming flowers.The citizens are fully aware and take great care of the county’s cleanliness. Its air is unpolluted and water thoroughly hygienic.


It is also a developing country but is surprisingly in the list of the cleanest countries. It is but country with the great terrain It has dense forests beautiful waterfalls, ample wildlife and natural clean water. It is very clean and environmentally friendly country.It I for many years is the major tourist attraction area for its ample locations and cleanliness.


This small country with the population of about only 1.3 million is the cleanest country n the sub-Saharan Africa. The less society and clean environment have allowed it to be hygienic and friendly of the environment. It.It is also considered the tourist paradise fo has a beautiful marine landscape.


Norway is considered to be the one of the world’s most developed nations.It is safe, peaceful, clean and beautiful.The population here only is 4.7 million.It has many natural resources like natural gas and oil reserves.But despite the fact that their extraction can cause pollution Norway is making every effort to keep the pollution to the minimal levels.


Switzerland is considered to be the best of the world’s honeymoon destinations. It is 3rd to the list of top ten world cleanest countries. It is the tourist dreamland with the green Alps , clean water , lush green sites, wildlife and dense forest.It is one of the cleanest country’s in thew world with the rubbish and garbage almost unknown to people.


All the Scandinavian countries are though well developed Sweden is one of them full of beauty and hygiene it is the second cleanest country in the world.The Swedish government has in recent years made more efforts to increase greenery and gardens in the country, and the country is now full of clean places and without any pollution.


Iceland is the world’s cleanest nation in the world and is the most cleanest country around the globe. Full of beauty, clean streets, environment-friendly people and least air pollution and small population the Iceland is very close to nature and thus, the Iceland’s cleanliness is remarkable and this feature has further enhanced the beauty of the country.

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