Top 10 Best & Amazing Places in the World to Visit & Travel

Top 10 Best & Amazing Places in the World to Visit & Travel

The world becomes more pleasurable and extraordinary when the person takes out some time out of his busy life to go and visit beautiful places. This not only gives a person peace of mind but also new experiences in life and a chance to become a spectator of the earth’s beauty of nature.

Although the world is full of sights worth seeing still to choosing one’s travel destination becomes a challenging task.


The top places rank from big cities of Paris and New York full of life and vigor with brimming infrastructure and modernity to the coastal gateways and beaches along with beautiful grasslands and deserts all these places increases a person’s curiosity to visit them. Thus top ten places the person would choose as his travel destination are as under:

1. London:

London speaks for itself. It is a life throbbing city full of modernity and colors of life. It is a mixture of the old and the new places houses reflecting the marks of historical landmarks and modern infrastructure. It is said that no intellectual man can leave London and if one left London one left life.

Visit of London tower and British museum will make u stand still and see the legacy of British. The. The city will never let u get bored as it always has new amusements to offer every time.

2. Bora – Bora :

If one’s eyes are tired of technological screens of TV and laptops and one’s ears are fed up with the traffic sounds and a person then really needs a break from all this. In this situation, one should travel to a distinct land brimmed with nature and greenery and Bora Bora can be considered the most suitable place to visit.

The place has lush green jungles, blue sky on top, clear waters and volcanoes along with sand stretches and marvelous beaches. I find myself standing in the earthly paradise. Mount otemanu hiking makes u feel refreshed. This Bora Bora is although a small island but overflowing with natural beauty.


Barcelona though is the home of athletics, but the city also is much captivating. From the narrow countryside Allys to nightclubs, the historically constructed cathedrals, this city is the feast for the eyes and thus the best family destination, good place for the couples and honeymoon destination.

There are innumerable places to explore. The beaches here are bustling but still, it is the place that is a real metropolitan. Its pedestrian markets are brimming with people. Antoni gaudy had made the masterpieces of architecture in Barcelona.

4. Paris:

Also known as the city of lights Paris, the visitors can’t miss the Eiffel Tower and the Notre dame. But the real Paris attraction is the elegant cafe vibrant markets, trendy shopping places, and the perfumes. The city offers an unmatchable ambiance to its visitors.

The Paris cuisine and the art are also the biggest attractions for the tourists. The charming street lights, lovely trees across the roads, the beautiful historic cathedrals, the river Seine waving through the city makes it the most enchanting for the visitors.

5. Sydney:

The city is amazing with the most flabbergasting opera house and the Sydney harbor. The war and sunny beaches of Sydney keep them full of visitors throughout the year. Easy-going seaside places are Sydney’s specialty. It offers a good place for photography.

The architectural firms are amazing the night clubs the cafes offer much-needed entertainment. The city is thus full of life and amazing aura and ambiance and no doubt the best place to check-in.

6. New York City:

New York City is categorized with modernity and glamor. It is thus hosted to urban adventures. The central park adventures and fancy boutiques are eye-catching. Manhattan skyscrapers are just amazing. Gotham’s iconic landmarks are just amazing.

The city is not only multicultural but the multi nationalistic city with diversified languages and people but still seems integrated. Iconic bakeries and modern coffee shops are the biggest places to check-in.

7. Maui:

Hawaii has the lovely island of Maui. One cannot ignore its beauty it is really eye-catching and colorful. The exotic beaches make u amazed and the luxurious restaurants never make you want to leave the place.

It has an impressive lifestyle and beautiful beach culture. Hula dancers entertain you to the end. The game of golf along the coastal places is a new experience. Maui Island is also known for a newer kind of sea turtle.

8. Rio de Janeiro:

South America’s most important and largely visited place in Rio de Janeiro. It is by the so far marvelous city. Its lush green mountains, lovely beaches, and mountainous landscape make it really a marvelous spot to visit. The landscape is amazing, and eye-catching one must visit the place. The Christ redeemer situated there is also heavenly.

9. Cape town:

Cape town is the most appealing city for the fun-seekers. Table mountain climbing is well known in the town and khaki-colored beach sand along with that the vineyards are lovely and visit the Constantia valley must be made. It has no competing place in the place. It also has one of the most breathtaking landscapes ever.

10. Maldives:


The name of blue waters and soft sand clearly depicts one is talking about the Maldives. This is actually an archipelago land of about 1000 islands and consists of luxury restaurants and beaches with a natural essence.

Many villas are standing there in water and days end with oranges sunsets. There is a breathtaking and amazing coral reef and crystal clear water with aquatic species.

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