List of Declared United States Republican Presidents 2016

This year’s presidential race in America involves many competent leaders from both the political parties and brought out the names of many Republican aspirants who successfully ran their campaigns. Since two 2009, American history has not witnessed any Republican candidate winning the privilege of getting into the White House.

After the era of George W. Bush from 2001 to 2009, Republicans has faced defeat against the Democratic nominee, Barak Obama. So the experts are of the belief that this year too there are equal chances of both, winning or losing the battle by Republicans. It sure requires some great future strategies which include the complete control over Senate and representative council to run the social, economic and political affairs of the country. Here we will share the list of top declared republican presidents of United States. 


Among the rising the names there are few who have achieved significant public support, those names include Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, John Kasich and Ben Curson. Jack Fellure claims to be the first nominee of the race who nominate himself among the Republicans. The complete list of the Declared Republican Presidents for the year 2016 is mentioned down below. Many of them have now withdrawn from the presidential race however, and others have made to the primary caucuses, won a number of contests and significant numbers of delegates votes. Now it’s time to dig in deep to find out more about these big names and current progress in the presidential race and what are their chances of getting ahead of everyone.


One man playing many roles on different fronts, Donald Trump is an American politician, author, television producer, successful businessman and currently the most popular declared Republican nominee. He was born on June 14, 1946. He is the President of Trump Organization which deals with the real estate’s business and other ventures of same interest. In 1968, Trump achieved his Bachelor’s degree from Wharton school and later in 1971 he took over the charge of his father’s real estate business.

Being a successful business he had the large circle of influence and became a public figure, he made his appearance in television shows many times and produced many projects for the industry. Trump has always been remained under the spotlight and media exposure because of political views and business life. He declared and announced his nomination for the presidential race in June 2015 and soon became the leading Republican when other party members withdrew from the race.


John Kasich started his political career in 1983 when he first became the member of the Representative’s house for Ohio’s 12th district and then he served 9 terms as its member. He also served the House armed service committee for eighteen years and later for six years he had remained the chairman of the House budget committee. In 1997, he played his role in two major reforms of American history, i.e. Balance budget act and welfare reform. Other spheres in which he was serving the country include media where he served as a commentator for Fox News Channel. On July 21st, 2015 he announced his nomination for the race than later in May 2016 he withdrew from the elections.


Born on 22 December 1970, Rafael Edward Ted Cruz has been representing Texas since 2013 as junior United States Senator. By profession he is an attorney and also an American politician who has served for several ministries or commissions, he remained the Director of Office of Police training. He also worked as the Associate Deputy Attorney General of US Justice Department. In 2000, he also served as the policy advisor to George Bush during his presidential campaign. Ted announced his nomination on 23rd March 2015 for the presidential race of 2016. His victory in the Lowa caucuses was the first time for a Hispanic politician ever to make it this far.


Marco Antonio Rubio is another American politician who is an attorney by profession, but he from Florida and served as the Junior US Senator from Florida. Before becoming the senator, he also served as the speaker of the Florida House of Representatives. He was born on 28th may 1971. During his political career, he was selected as the House majority leader in 2000 by Johnnie Byrd, the then speaker. In April 2015 he announced his nomination for the race but soon withdrew after he was defeated by Donald Trump in Florida, his home state.


By profession, Ben was the renowned American Neurosurgeon, who was born on 18th September 1951. He has written many medical books and even written his masterpiece on political views. Curson has first registered as the Republican, but after 1990 he became an Independent politician whereas in 2014 he rejoined the Republican Party as he was interested in running for the presidential race of 2016. In May 2015 he eventually announced his nomination during his interview, conducted in his hometown Detroit. His campaign has raised him donations in large figures, but soon after the poll graph declined due to his words and views over American foreign policy. Ultimately Curson had to withdraw from the race on upper march 2nd 2016, on Super Tuesday.


Sr. No.Names of Declared Republican Nominees
1.Skip Andrews
2.George Bailey
3.Michael Bickelmeyer
4.Kerry Bowers
5.Eric Cavanagh
6.Brooks Cullison
7.John Dummett, Jr.
8.Jack Fellure
9.Jim Hayden
10.Chris Hill
11.Valma Kittington
12.Andy Martin
13.Peter Messina
14.James C. Mitchell, Jr.
15.K. Ross Newland
16.Michael Petyo
17.Brian Russell
18.Jefferson Sherman
19.Donald Trump