Top 10 Most Popular & Best Hollywood Singers- Hit List

“Music is a piece of art that goes in the ears and straight to the heart.”

Those words truly interpret the magic of music that it has on our souls. It has that soothing and relaxing effect on our mind and mood that no one can refrain himself from the joys of music. The world, in fact, would be nothing without music. And the great artists that serve the major portion of their lives making great music and turn it into melodious songs through their voices deserves the real acknowledgment. Though every song is a combined effort of a number of people including composers, musicians, lyricist and others the vocalist or the singer is the one who is the real deal, the quality of his voice and notes can earn him huge appraisal and garners his much popularity among the fans.


Here on country detail, we are about to narrow down the top ten most popular singers of the world who have made their names through record selling of their soulful music albums. These top ten singers emerged from the Hollywood industry and now spurred their magic all over the world. With Rihanna at number one and Adele on the second, this list has a lot more to explore, so scroll hard and learn much about any of your favorite western music.


Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson is a young emerging American pop star who is popularly known as Katy Perry- her stage name. She was born on October 25th, 1984 in California. She had a passionate childhood full of love for music. Her talented soul soon came under the spotlight and now became the top sensational music icon in the world. She pursued her music career through gospel music when she was just a teenager. Her famous work includes Roar, Darkhorse and Rise.


Jennifer Lynn Lopez is the queen of versatility she not only thrills her audience through her singing skills but also through her acting skills and fashion sense. She is also a dancer, producer and an author. She started her career as a Fly Girl dancer in Living colors in 1991. Her first debut album was in Spanish which was released in the US and this album alone grossed over $2 billion. Her big success earned her the title of most influential Hispanic artist of United States.


“Just the way you are” this song must have rung some bells, yes! We are talking about the talented Bruno Mars. He is an American singer, choreographer and a talented songwriter. Born in Honolulu. Hawaii he was raised in the family of musicians which justifies her polished musical skills. He started his music career from very young age and in 2009 even signed his recording contract with the famous Atlantic Records. Grenade, uptown funk, the lazy song and when I was your man are some of his hit numbers from his collection.


Chris Brown was born in Virginia on 5th May 1989. He was destined to be a Hollywood music star. He also has the talent for acting and dancing. He even starred in many movies like the dream team, Takers, and Battle of the year. In his early age, he used to sing in the Church choir and participated in a number of talent shows. In 2004 he signed the recording of his first self-titled studio album with Jiva Records. His first single was “Run it” which very soon listed in the America’s top 100.


The American popstar from Manhattan Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, better known by her stage name “Lady Gaga.” She initially started her career though acting in a theater; she performed in many of her high school plays. She left acting to pursue her music career and after facing many ups and downs, she released her first debut album named The Fame in 2008. She also worked as a songwriter for Sony and ATV Music Company.


The Canadian artist who earned much name and fame at a very young age. He initiated his career through YouTube videos where he firstly appeared. Later officially became a singer in 2008. But his various scandals of indecent behavior and various affairs caused much damage to his reputation as a singer. His famous hits like Baby and Sorry, however, earned him much success in the music world.


Now here is some singer which reflects great passion and talent through her voice and performance. Taylor was born in Pennsylvania with some miraculous talent hidden inside. Her extraordinary beautiful looks won the hearts of a number of Hollywood’s filmmakers. She, therefore, worked in few movies. Her famous song numbers are you belong with me, Love Story, Shake it off and blank space.


Beyoncé herself is the daughter of the great American business person, record producer, music manager and the “best blues & rhythm singer,” which earned her great support for her music career. Almost her every number garners many appraisals because of the volume it speaks through the music and lyrics. In 2014 she was also termed as the highest earning singer of the world.


Her one single performance can silence the crowd of millions in a concert. Adele has so much energy and weightage in her voice that it can penetrate deep into your soul. She won many awards including BBS Sound in 2008, and her album made her achieve both the Academy Award and Golden Globe Award.


Rihanna, the Barbadian singer, is famous for her amazing voice and number of hits like Umbrella, Diamonds, We found love and others. Her music career is full of achievements which include 6 Grammy Awards, 2 BRIT Awards, 8 American Music Awards and 22 Billboard music awards.