Top 10 Countries with Lowest Death Rates in the World

Top 10 Countries with Lowest Death Rates in the World

Human nature is highly versatile; this supreme creature has the highest levels of adaptability on the earth. A suitable environment, the best health care facilities, and great diet help increase the vitality of human life. Individuals living in countries with the best of all resources and services face fewer deaths as compared to other countries.

It can be seen that the higher the level of resources and greater the economy of the country, the more it is reflected through greater life expectancy and lower death rates. In a bird’s eye view, comparing different regions of the world in the perspective of lower death ratios, the Middle Eastern region of the world has stood out on the top in the light of recent figures.


Death rates are estimated to be the number of individuals who died per population of 1000 individuals. The most recent statistics revealed that Qatar is at the top of the list, followed by UAE with the second and Kuwait in the third.

Which country has the lowest deaths? Let’s find out. Following are the top ten countries with the lowest death rates in the world:


These are the American insular islands that lie under the Commonwealth status of the US. These Islands are located in the northern parts of America. The average death rate in these islands is 3.71 percent which is one of the least figures in the entire world. People living there has one of the most favorable environment having better living standards thus it has significantly decreased death rates.


Libya is one of the countries bordered by the great Mediterranean Sea in the north whereas on the other side it is bordered by other African states like Niger, Sudan, and Egypt. Unlike most of its neighbors, Libya shows a great contrast regarding its death rates which are significantly low.

The ratio is about 3.58 deaths per thousand individuals. Leading this country to the eighth position on the list of lowest death rates in the world.


Since 1984, Brunei became a sovereign state located between Indonesia and Malaysia. It’s a small piece of land with a very small population. As the country is independent and self-sufficient, therefore the health care system is well established for the welfare of individuals.

Consequentially the death rate in the country has fallen to the percentage of 3.52% which closes quite close to Libya.


This mass of land is famous for its enchanting beauty and landscapes. Hence, people residing there, experience life to its fullest. They are full of life. The average death rate in the country is 3.43% which is the seventh-lowest death rate in the country.


Oman is a country situated on the Arabian Peninsula. It holds a strong geostrategic location as it is also located on the bank of the Persian Gulf and bordered by UAE. People in this region have strong genetic makeup which means they have more vitality and lesser deaths.

The death rate is calculated to be 3.36%. Oman stands sixth on the line due to its lower ratio of deaths per year. The main reason accounting for this lower rate is its high economy and economic stability Moreover the country is categorized as one of the most peaceful states in the world.


It is the heart of the Muslim world. Saudi Arabia is the epicenter of all the Muslim communities and nations living in the world. It has great natural resources regarding crude oil and hydrocarbons, therefore, this state is highly self-sufficient and economically stable.

Hence having better living standards accounts for lower death rates. The average death in the country is 3.33% which is the fifth-lowest in the country.


Bahrain is Small Island located in the Persian Gulf. Famous for its pearl fisheries in the world, this country stands fourth on the list. The average rate in the country is quite low; people have greater life expectancies and lesser health risks.

Recent figures revealed that the country has a 2.69% death rate, which means that on average people 2.69 individuals die out of 1000 individuals. Bahrain has a rich history and is one of the states that embraced Islam In that region.


Kuwait is the country with the sixth-largest oil reserves in the world. The high economy of the country is the outcome of these huge reserves. The Kuwaiti dinar is the national currency of the country which is the most highly valued currency in the world.

Kuwait is situated in the middle-east bordered by Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Kuwait is third in the list with the lowest death rate of 2.18 deaths per 1000 population.


UAE is the center of great Arabic infrastructure with one of the highest economies in the world. The standard of living and accommodation makes this country highly suitable and favorable for a living. Hence, there are lesser deaths reported than rest of the world. In fact, UAE is the country with the second-lowest death rates in the world.


Qatar has the third-largest oil reservoir in the world, so it has the highest economy with the highest standards of living in the state. This high economy also backs its strong health care system.

Therefore, people do not die young or out of epidemics. Average life expectancy has also increased. Therefore, the death rate has decreased to the lowest so far, which is approximately 1.53 percent.

List of Top Ten Countries that have Lowest Deaths :

RankCountryDeath Rate (1 per 1,000)
1Qatar1.53 %
2United Arab Emirates1.97 %
3Kuwait2.18 %
4Bahrain2.69 %
5Saudi Arabia3.33 %
6Oman3.36 %
7Singapore3.43 %
8Brunei3.52 %
9Libya3.58 %
10Northern Mariana Islands3.71 %