Best Cities to Visit in Europe in August

The warm climate in the month of August is liked by most travelers for traveling all around the world. One reason for this is because August has long days and you can spend a lot of time exploring the cities and beautiful natural places as well as major tourist attractions. We have compiled a list of cities that offer the best vacation resorts in the month of August. 

Bruges, Belgium

Best Cities to Visit in Europe in August - Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is the capital city of the province of West Flanders, Belgium. Its location is in the northwest of the country. June to August is the best time of the year to visit Bruges. During this time period, the weather is mild and the trees are green. Weather is considered to be as chilly and damp and the temperature usually doesn’t climb higher than the 70s.

Best Cities to Visit in Europe in August - Bruges, Belgium1

The finest way to explore the amazing architecture of the city is by water. Canals are connected through the momentous center of Bruges and extended into the city. Reflection of the striking buildings spread in every direction presents a charming scene.

There are different jetties around the city and boats depart therefrom throughout the day. If you had an interest in beautiful buildings and history, Bellfry of Bruges is an inspiring medieval bell tower to visit.

Best Cities to Visit in Europe in August - Bruges, Belgium2

One of the oldest halls in the city is Bruges City Hall located at the main plaza of the city. If you are a nature lover and are fond of natural mesmerizing beauty, then Minnewater Lake floating is the right place in the city for you to enjoy your vacation.

It is located downtown Bruges. The Lovers Bridge will keep you spell-bound with its beauty and it will increase your love and affection for the nature around you.

Sibenik And The Kornati Islands, Croatia

Best Cities to Visit in Europe in August - Sibenik And The Kornati Islands, Croatia

Sibenik is a historical city of Croatia. It is situated in central Dalmatia and the river Krka flows into the Adriatic Sea. It is famous for its beautiful landscapes and known for its rich historical monuments.

If you are fond of enjoying the blue sky and like sunbathing then the month of August is a nice period to visit Sibenik. A very melodious and see-through renaissance building is  Town Hall, which is situated on the square of the Republic of Croatia. It was built between 1533 to 1546.

Best Cities to Visit in Europe in August - Sibenik And The Kornati Islands, Croatia 1

Fortresses are the key symbol of Sibenik and it is also known as the city of fortresses. The town is connected to the Adriatic Sea through St Anthony’s channel. Walking trail near the channel is a nice place for bikers and tourists. Fortress of St Nicholas is a UNESCO masterpiece of art and is located at the end of the trail.

Krka National Park is definitely a beautiful and natural attraction in Croatia and has the feature of preserved nature alongside the river. It has multiple locations which include Skradinski Buk. There are two beaches located in the vicinity of old town. So if you’re someone who loves sunbathing on the beach, then visit the beautiful islands in Croatia. 

Bunol, Spain

Best Cities to Visit in Europe in August - Bunol, Spain
Castle on top of a hill overlooking Bunol, Spain

Bunol is a municipality in the province of Valencia, Spain. Despite the high temperatures of August in Bunol, still, it is one of the best times to visit Spain. Hotels and flights price is offered at discounted rates.

These days of August are priceless to be spent on beaches, hiking the mountains, or enjoying the summer festivals. Bunol is famous for its numerous cultural and recreational attractions for tourists. Another specialty of this town is the huge number of fountains, parks, and gardens which is making it a fantastic place to visit.

Best Cities to Visit in Europe in August - Bunol, Spain 1

La Tomatina is a celebration that is held in Buñol. During this festival, participants throw tomatoes on each other and are involved in tomato fight for having fun and spending quality time with their community.

It is the most exceptional event that you could enjoy and participate in in Europe. Gandia located in Valencia province has 7 kilometers long coastline. This little city is famous for its exceptional climate, broad beaches, and delightful dishes.

Best Cities to Visit in Europe in August - Bunol, Spain 2

The beaches are of high class and have been awarded certificates such as Blue Flag. Most of the visitors choose to stay near the beach in hotels and holiday homes. Playa Norte is another perfect beach for families having children alongside.

There are different zones rich in playgrounds and exercise facilities. Moreover, there will also be floating platforms and playgrounds in water. So children will certainly enjoy it a lot and you will have quality time here.

Zurich, Switzerland

Best Cities to Visit in Europe in August - Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich is the capital of the canton and largest city in Switzerland. It is situated in the northwestern tip of Lake Zurich in the north of the country along Limmat river. It is the best city in Europe to visit in the month of August.

These days, the techno party takes place in the entire city and the charming Swiss city hosts the Street Parade, which is amazing to watch and enjoy. Street Parade Zurich is held around the city’s elegant lake basin.

Best Cities to Visit in Europe in August - Zurich, Switzerland 1

Such a striking scene encourages hundreds of thousands of tourists to take part and celebrate around the focused on electronic music, such as drum & bass, or techno. These days, Zurich presents itself as a magnificent place in Europe and the entire environment is full of excitement and enthusiasm, with people dancing and multiple DJs playing music on different platforms.

Limmat waterfront catches the attention of tourists and the right bank along the Limmatquia, there are beautiful medieval union houses relating to merchants, spice traders, and carpentry, etc.

Best Cities to Visit in Europe in August - Zurich, Switzerland
Downtown of Zurich at sunny day

The largest collection of historical artifacts is placed in a museum. You can explore the swiss culture and go on a trip of the past by keenly observing weapon tools, pottery, and ages to the 20th century.

Helsinki, Finland

Best Cities to Visit in Europe in August - Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki is the capital city of Finland. It is the major city of northern Europe and is famous for its political, educational, financial, and cultural activities along with research centers.

It is also known for its artistic expertise with respect to glass, fabric and furniture design. In the gentle summer in Helsinki, visitors come in abundance and tourism attains its climax.

Best Cities to Visit in Europe in August - Helsinki, Finland 1

Helsinki provides amusement for its visitors in the shape of the marvelous sea-facing landscape, varied architecture, world-famous design, and excellent food. Helsinki is squeezed enough to provide ease for its visitors to explore it on their feet.  There is a multi-art-festival held in Helsinki in summer, which includes traditional music, jazz and pop concerts, theatre, existing dance and film screenings, etc.