Google Belongs to Which Country? Origin & Location

While surfing the internet, Googling almost everything you want to know, from text to pictures, to videos, to news, to translations, one big question that arises for one big G is what the origin of our most popular and commonly used the search engine, Google is? To which country it belongs to? Where is the Google located? Where Google’s origin? Who first developed the idea? Who were the masterminds behind it?

How is the whole system running and since when? To bring all the related desired information and necessary links from around the globe, just at the press of one click or Enter, is something not easy to describe and comprehend. The company has strived to provide far easier access to an ordinary internet user, even from third world state. But to most of us the knowledge about the company is still under a blur.

An American international corporation, Google aimed to provide internet related services or products. This company offers various software’s, cloud computing, online advertisements and search engine. The highest revenue it generates comes from AdWords which is an online advertising service by As you might have experienced yourself list of ads whenever you get your search results on Google.


The foundation of Google was laid by Sergey Brin and Larry page when they were both in enrolled at Stanford University California as Ph.D. students. The first surfaced as a research proposal by both which later incorporated into a company privately. As of today, 14 percent of the total shares along with 56 percent control over the stockholder voting power is owned by Brin and Page. On September 4th, 1998, they officially claimed Google as their private company. However, the initial public offering held as late as 19th August 2004. Soon the new headquarters named Googolplex, were shifted to Mountain View California. Two years later the head offices extended its roots to many other US cities and few international sites.

The years that followed brought great success and progress to the company consequently company initiated some products and partnerships other than Google’s core search engine. The chain services it is now providing includes, Google Drive, Gmail, Google Docs and Google+. There are a number of user-friendly desktop applications that are being provided by the company which includes, Google Chrome for efficient web browsing, Google photos to edit your photos online and for instant messaging and video calls Google developed Hangouts.

“To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful” is one goal and promise that the company strived to keep over the years. According to the figures obtained in 2009, the company receives and process over a billion search requests and almost twenty-four petabytes data generated by a user across the globe. It is the most visited website in the world according to the list presented by Alexa. Other sites that are owned by Google, Blogger, and YouTube, are also ranked in the top one hundred websites.


The main headquarter Googleplex is located in Mountain View California. It is the complex of some buildings, creatively decorated from inside and out with the number of recreational centers for its employees. Other offices are located in other big cities of US. In 2006 google established one of its office in New York. Other offices are located at, Washington, Atlanta; Austin, Texas; Massachusetts, Georgia Boulder, Colorado; Cambridge, San Francisco, California; Seattle; Virginia and Reston,

Google data centers:

Google has established six Data Centers in various parts of United States whereas six other are established in other countries including Belgium, Singapore, Taiwan, Chile, Ireland and Finland, one in each respectively. The company had decided to extend its network of data centers in Asia in 2011 targeting Singapore, Taiwan, and Honking, in particular, later the plan for Honking was disposed of the list.

The most significant step took by Google in 2013 was the encryption of the data, transferred through its centers as the result of an interception by US National Security Agency under the program named Muscular. The idea of wiretapping was therefore put to an end by the encryption process.

The most efficient of the data centers of Google contains such efficient and hot running servers that even the humans are not allowed to go near them for the longer period. They are set in an air conditioned environment at 35 °C.


  • Official Website:
  • Founders:  Larry Page & Sergey Brin
  • Founded: Menlo Park, California (September 4, 1998)
  • Revenue: Increase US$ 50.18 billion
  • Total assets: Increase US$ 93.80 billion
  • Number of Employees: 46,421
  • Subsidiaries:
  • Ad Mob, DoubleClick
  • Motorola Mobility
  • On2 Technologies
  • Picnik
  • YouTube
  • Zagat
  • Waze
  • Blogger

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