Is Luxembourg Safe to Visit? Luxembourg Travel Safety Tips

Is Luxembourg Safe to Visit Luxembourg Travel Safety Tips

Luxembourg is a tiny country – but a marvel to anyone planning to visit there. Plus, considering its safety index, it is understandable why so many people keep trying to grab a vacation there. You have stunning architecture, you have beautiful landscape – and it’s a place where you can basically feel like a count in the big city.

However, like with every other country, every tourist asks himself this question: is Luxembourg safe to visit? Will we have a good vacation there, or are we bound to come across problems? Well, we are bound to find that out with this Luxembourg safety guide.

Highest Risks You Expose Yourself to When Visiting Luxembourg

Overall Risks in Luxembourg: LOW

Luxembourg is a country that is safest to visit – in fact, making it almost close to a Utopia. Ranking number 5 in the entire world, Luxembourg has a safety score of 89 out of 100 – with 100 being the best score that you could get.

Aside from petty theft, there’s not really much that you have to worry about in Luxembourg. People are fairly friendly there – particularly with tourists since they are a common occurrence.

The only thing you probably have to do is be careful with your belonging – and not walk alone on empty streets in the dead of the night. These are, however, considered common sense anywhere – not just in Luxembourg.

Pickpocketing and Theft Risks in Luxembourg: MEDIUM

Pickpocketing is an issue everywhere. Sadly, no matter how safe the country might be, you may always come across those who want to steal your goods. So if you are asking yourself “how safe is Luxembourg for tourists”, you should know that it’s pretty safe; you just need to know where to go and how to protect your valuables.

Pickpockets activate in crowded areas, where people might not notice if someone is going through their bags. Plazas, popular touristic points – and also public means of transportation – are fairly popular center points for thieves.

  • How to avoid pickpocketing and theft in Luxembourg?

To avoid pickpocketing and theft in Luxembourg – or anywhere else, for the matter – you should always pay attention to your belongings. Keep your bag hidden (on your lap or between your legs) when sitting, and hand on to it tightly when you are walking around.

Scam Risk in Luxembourg: LOW to MEDIUM

Scams are not as common as pickpocketing incidents – but they do occur. Some ATMs may have devices mounted on them so that the card can be read – although that rarely ever happens. Some people might also try to look over your shoulder for your PIN, so you might want to ensure who’s behind you.

Scamming might also occur when you try to make a purchase, as some vendors might try to either overcharge you or give you the wrong chance. Some taxi drivers might also try to overcharge you on a ride – so make sure that the meter is always on before going. Most of these scams are done when the meter is off – and the price per km cannot be seen.

  • How to avoid getting scammed in Luxembourg?

To avoid being scammed in Luxembourg, you might want to keep your third eye open for anything. Always be careful who’s behind you, check the ATM for irregularities – and always double-check the chance you get.

You might want to do some research beforehand about the average price per km on a taxi. This way, you will not be scammed into paying more.

Kidnapping Risk in Luxembourg: LOW

The risk of being kidnapped in Luxembourg is very low. To speak statistics, Luxembourg recorded on average 7.7 kidnappings per 100.000 people – and this was between 2006 and 2014.

  • How to avoid getting kidnapped in Luxembourg?

In Luxembourg, you are relatively safe; however, it would not hurt to read Luxembourg safety travel tips on kidnapping before going. Ideally, you might want to steer clear of poorly lit streets – and be careful who gets close to you. Some kidnappers might spike your drink to make it easier to transport.

Terrorism Risk in Luxembourg: LOW

While there have not been any terrorist attacks in Luxembourg particularly, they are a problem across Europe. For this reason, the government advises that every tourist in Luxembourg exercises standard safety precautions.

  • How to avoid terrorism in Luxembourg?

If you see anyone acting suspicious, try to put a distance between you and the one you believe is a suspect. If they are looking nervously around them or seem to be intently checking out a building’s exists (while also taking notes), there’s a high chance they might be a terrorist.

Luxembourg terrorist attacks have not been an issue so far – but if they were to attack, they would probably attack government buildings or public gatherings. Whenever you are surrounded by flocks of people, you should always keep your eye open.

Once you have spotted a terrorist, do not cause a scene; it might just cause the terrorist to fast-forward their plan. Instead, put some distance and tell your suspicions to the nearest police officer. They will know how to handle this situation so that a disaster is prevented.

Risks for Women Traveling Alone in Luxembourg: LOW

It is fairly safe to travel alone as a woman in Luxembourg – especially during the day. As long as you are in a relatively public place and people can actually see you, there is no issue for you.

Most attacks on women occur during the night, when visibility is low – and particularly on dark streets with barely any people on them. Women traveling alone generally won’t have issues with bars during the day – but during the night, they might come across intoxicated men trying to take advantage of them.

  • How to avoid crime as a solo woman traveler in Luxembourg?

So, is Luxembourg safe for solo women travelers? Yes, it is – on the most part. The only condition is that you exercise proper precaution. For example, while you may be safer on remote alleys during the day, they may not be as safe during the night.

Yes, the shortcut might sound tempting – but considering the dangers, you should consider a more populated street, even if it means you’ll reach your destination in 20 minutes instead of 10.

Avoid going to bars alone at night if you can avoid it. Even if you are not the “fancy restaurant” kind, you might try to check one of those if you are looking for a late dinner. A place where there’s lots of alcohol consumption is certainly not a good place for you.

Rape Risk in Luxembourg: LOW

The risk of violent crime such as rape is rare – but they do. Most of the crime involves only theft – so crimes against people are not such a common occurrence. There used to be slightly more reports of rape until 2015 – but ever since then, the number went down.

So, is Luxembourg safe for solo women travelers? At this point, you could say that as long as you exercise standard safety precautions, there shouldn’t be anything for you to worry about.

  • How to avoid getting raped in Luxembourg?

To avoid getting raped in Luxembourg – or anywhere else, for the matter – common sense ought to be used. Ideally, you might want to visit accompanied by other people – and if that cannot be done, you should at least stick to the “beaten track.”

In other words, steer clear of suspicious areas. Find out what the most dangerous areas are – and avoid them. You might also want to pay close to

Risks for People Traveling With Children in Luxembourg: LOW

If you are planning to take a trip to Luxembourg, you should know that the country is very safe in terms of family trips. Some would even describe it as the “safest and most boring country to go to” – but only in the sense, that crime is barely an issue there.

As long as common sense is maintained, your children should not be endangered. The worst thing that might happen is your child getting lost in a mall. Children on the playground are also very open with other kids – so even if they try to “mingle” (with you observing, of course), there should not be any issues.

  • How to avoid unwanted scenarios?

Make sure that you always keep an eye on your kid – and if you can’t constantly look at them, at least hold their hands. This should be the case particularly if they are not old enough to know not to wander. Generally speaking, though, if you teach them to stay close to you and not talk to random strangers, this should not be an issue for you.

Natural Disaster Risks in Luxembourg: LOW

Luxembourg is relatively safe when it comes to natural disasters. Aside from the occasional river flood, there is nothing to actually be worried about. Granted, with climate change at hand, the risk of flooding is much higher compared to a few years back – but as long as you do not visit during the rainy season, this should be of no concern to you.

Transportation Risks in Luxembourg: LOW

Transportation, regardless of whether it’s public transit or taxis, is very safe in Luxembourg. You do have to be careful of the occasional pickpocket – and you do have to check that the meter is actually on during the taxi ride – but other than that, it is completely safe.

Night-clubs, Pubs, and Bar Risks in Luxembourg: LOW to MEDIUM

The risk level depends mostly on the time of the day. If you visit during the day, for example, the risk of you coming to harm is fairly low – regardless of whether you go to a restaurant or a bar.

During the night, however, the story can change. Restaurants may be safer since people go there to eat rather than to drink; however, in bars and nightclubs, alcohol consumption is fairly high.

It should be fairly safe if you go during the evening with a group. However, you might want to avoid that if you are traveling solo.

Health Risks in Luxembourg: LOW

Luxembourg is a relatively healthy country. It may be a small one, but it has a health system that has been put efficiently in check. There are no diseases specific to Luxembourg, and the people are fairly active and healthy.

The water and food can be fairly dangerous during the flooding system – but as long as you go for good, bottled water, you should be ok. Plus, if you take all your shots, you shouldn’t be exposed to any health risks.

List of Vaccines You Need in Luxembourg

There are no special vaccines recommended for traveling to Luxembourg. However, aside from the routine vaccines that every person needs to get (flu, pneumonia, chickenpox, and so on), there are a few more that you might want to consider:

These might depend on the area you are visiting, so consult with your doctor beforehand.

Most Dangerous Area in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is generally fairly safe to visit as long as you read some basic Luxembourg safety travel tips. You should, however, be careful when you are visiting the capital of Luxembourg. Since it’s the place with the highest number of tourists, pickpockets are fairly active there.

You should also be careful around the Gare area of Luxembourg since most people consider it to be the shadiest part.

Concluding Remarks: Is Luxembourg Safe to Visit?

Technically speaking, Luxembourg is fairly safe to visit. Aside from the occasional pickpocket, you should not be very worried. As long as you apply the basic safety precautions, you may remain safe – regardless of whether you are traveling alone or accompanied.

Hopefully, our Luxembourg safety guide managed to help ease your mind. Now, all that’s left to do is for you to book your trip, pack your bags, and enjoy a great, relaxing vacation.