Top 10 Best & Popular Airlines in the World- Hit List

Top 10 Best & Popular Airlines in the World- Hit List

DELAG was the first airline, ever established on the face of the earth. Airlines are the companies that provide air transportation services to passengers and other things like cargo. These airlines are working both privately or under governmental supervision. 

Aircraft has brought a revolution to the history of travel and tourism. People can travel across continents and oceans in just a few hours. The airline services have made it much easier as they allow us to travel at fair prices along with a number of facilities like food and entertainment on our way in the air. Airlines operate in two dimensions, which include domestic and international flights.


The entire crew of people works to operate ground operations and another part of its controls the on-flight jobs. Each Airline consists of a number of aircraft that together form its fleet size.

Based on the number of passengers it can carry, the size of airplanes, and the size of the fleet, Airlines are ranked by the international air services firms. Discussed below are the top ten Airlines which provide the best of the best services to both their national and international passengers.


It is perhaps the largest airline available in Australia. Based on its fleet size, some international destinations, and the number of flights it is considered the most efficient and largest. Qantas is the third oldest airline service in Australia, which was founded in late 1920.

Whereas in 1935 it began its services for the international passengers. The word Qantas is the acronym used for two destinations “Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services.” It is also known as the Flying Kangaroo.


Taiwan-based International Airline Corporation; EVA provides its transportation services to the passengers as well as cargo to more than 40 destinations in the world, which includes Australia, Asia, Europe, and also North America.

It is a privately owned company that has a network of routes for international flights. Luzhu in Taiwan has the main headquarter of the corporation. Eva is considered to be the second-largest airline service in whole Taiwan.


It is the national airline service of Indonesia. It is named after Garuda, the holy bird. It is also the national emblem of Indonesia. The international airline-review firm Skytrax has rated Garuda as a five-star airline due to its excellence in services.

Its headquarter is located in Tangerang. It was established in 1949 and after completing its many years of a journey it has now become one of the largest airline services in the world.


Japan’s largest airline service, ANA is operating its flights for both national and international destinations. Shiadom City provides the home to its headquarters. Since March 2010, its air traffic kept on increasing regarding passengers by 7.8% whereas a million passengers were increased to its total. It, therefore, becomes the 7th best international airline in the world.


Founded in early 2003, it has started its flight operations in November 2003. Since then it has become the second-largest airline service in UAE. Abu Dhabi is the center of its headquarters.

Currently, it is operating more than a thousand flights each week providing services for more than 120 passengers and cargo destinations. In 2014, its passengers were increased by 22.3%.


It is the largest airline in the Middle East with its headquarters established in Dubai, UAE. It is currently operating 3000 flights each week, reaching the destinations of 148 cities and 78 countries. It effectively transports the cargo through a side service of Emirates Sky-Cargo.

Regarding its revenue, it is the seventh-largest airline in the world and the fourth-largest by the number of its international passengers.


Ataturk airport was the building ground of turkey’s largest Airline service, Turkish Airlines. In collaboration with the Star Alliance, it has spread its area of services since 1st April 2008. From February 2015, it has been operating its flights to more than 280 destinations across the globe. It has now become the fourth largest carrier airline in the world.


The largest airline of the whole of Japan Cathay Pacific’s headquarter is located in Hong Kong. It provides its flying services to passengers and cargo for more than 200 destinations residing in 52 countries in the world. It has wide-body airplanes that provide great room for a number of passengers. The airline was established initially on September 24th of 1946.


Singapore Airlines Limited is a group of companies with multiple subsidiaries working together. It has three airlines working this main head, Silk air working for regional flights operations whereas Scoot and Tigerair were working for low-cost carrier services.

The Airbus A380 launched by Singapore Airlines is considered the world’s largest passenger plane. It is being ranked as the top fifteen carrier airline regarding the number of passengers it carries.


Qatar Airways is the world’s largest and best airline service. It has made it to the top of the list due to the height of its excellent services. Its headquarters is located in Doha, Qatar.

The airline is operating for more than 150 international destinations including Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle East, and America. It has the largest fleet of 150 aircraft. There are 31000 people currently employed in the company.

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