Top 10 Most Largest Rivers in the World- Hit List

Rivers are considered as the significant part that shapes the economy and serves as the agricultural foundation of any country. Even in past, the areas in the vicinity of rivers were subjected to mass development and were used to be the major land of inhabitation. Rivers were the source of power generation and as of today, rivers still serve the same purpose. The countries having most rivers has a sufficient water that is used for electricity generation, industries, farms, irrigation system and household uses. Rivers are only major source of fresh water which comes from straight from the mountainous glaciers and flows through the land until they reach to the basin of a sea or ocean.


Currently, there are many rivers flowing through apexes of land, which by their length, Drainage area and the average discharge of water into the seas are categorized. The top ten largest rivers in the world are considered to have great length, width and depth, therefore, the average discharge of water annually is greater than any. Following are the top ten rivers that largest in the world:


The 10th largest river in the world is Amur River, which is 2763 miles long. Amur starts from the hills of Western Manchuria where the two of its affluents meets namely Shilka and Eugene River. The altitude of that point is 994 feet above the ground. Flowing between Russia and China it acts as the border forming an arc of about 250 miles where it receives some its tributaries.


Zaire, the former name of the Congo River, is the deepest and longest river of Africa. By volume of the water, it discharges it is the second largest river in the world. It has the great length of 2920 miles making it the 9th largest river in the world. Its drainage basin is of 4014500 square kilometers. Among many of its tributaries, one of them flows from Congo rainforest which is the second largest rain-forest after Amazon.


Located in the heart of South America, Parana River is 3030 miles long and therefore is the eighth largest river in the world. It flows through Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil. It is the second largest river in America after Amazon. It has the drainage area of 258672 squares kilometers which discharges water at the rate of 17,290 meters per second.


The 7th largest in the world is situated in Serbia, Russia and is the second largest river flowing into the river. It has the length of 3394 miles. It covers the drainage area of 2990000 square kilometers with the discharge capacity of 12,475 cubic meters for every second. It meets the two other rivers of the area, Katun and Biya rivers at 16 miles away from Biysk in Altai Krai.


The third longest river in Asia and placed at sixth position in the list of top ten world largest rivers. Yellow River flows through nine provinces China. It has the enormous length of 3395 miles. It starts from Bayan Har Mountains which are located in Western China. Whereas it empties itself into the Bohai Sea which is situated near Dongying city of Shandong province. The entire basin where it discharges has an area of 742442 square kilometers.


Out of the three rivers that flow into the Arctic Ocean, Yenisei is the largest of all which is approximately 3445 miles long. Yenisei is placed at fifth position in the list of top ten world largest rivers.It originates from the Mongolia then flows through Siberia. It has the capacity of draining the entire central Siberia. It is also the major part of the Yenisei-Angara-Selenga-Ider river system.


The river that drains into the Gulf of Mexico is the fourth largest in the world. It covers the length of 2340miles flowing through the Meanders and originates from Northern Minnesota. It proves to be the center of living for various settlements and states of Wisconsin, Illinois, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Lowa, and Minnesota. It consists of numbers of tributaries which segregates at various point and meets with one another at other points.


Yangtze River is the third largest river in the world and the first largest of whole China and Asia. It covers the length of 3915 miles. Starting from Tibet plateau at one end and discharging into The East China at the city of Shanghai. It remained the home of many civilizations over the years and currently serving the purpose to about 1/3 population of China. By the volume of its discharge, it is one of the largest rivers in the world.


Amazon is ranked at 2nd position in the list of top ten world largest rivers. It is not only the second largest river in the world but by its width, it is also the widest river in the world. It covers up to 25 miles of width at its widest points. Whereas it covers 3965 miles in length. It accounts for the one-fifth of the total world’s flow of water. It has two ends; the water is received from South America, and its other terminal end meets the Atlantic Ocean. The river is so enormous that no bridge can be built over it to get it. It has the capacity of 8trillion gallons of water to discharge every day.


Nile is on the top of list of top ten world longest rivers. From the ancient era of Pharaohs to the modern Egyptian civilization, the great river Nile has been flowing through its land. The only river that flows through the desert of Sahara and discharges into the Mediterranean Sea. The river covers the humongous length of 4132 miles. It has the capacity of draining the 10% water of the whole Africa. The Nile consists of the two tributaries which fuse together at Sudan. The river is serving as the Lifeblood for the people of Egypt and especially to the settlements of Khartoum and Luxor.


NumberRiver nameKilometersMilesLocation
1.Nile66504132North East Africa
2.Amazon64004000South America
4.Mississippi – Missouri62753902USA
5.Yenisei – Angara – Selenga55393445Russia, Mongolia
7.Ob – Irtysh54103364Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia
8.Parana river48763030South America
9.Congo – Chambeshi47002922Central Africa
10.Amur – Argun44442763Russia, China, Mongolia

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