Top 10 Beautiful & Biggest Mosques in the World- Hit List

Top 10 Beautiful & Biggest Mosques in the World- Hit List

Like many other religions in the world, Islam has a rich history and culture associated with different eras and parts of the world. Islamic architecture is famous for its sheer beauty and amazing infrastructure. 

These may include amazing, and magnificent Mosques, which are not only the center of Muslim prayers and worships but mosques are considered to be the epicenter of Muslim brotherhood and fraternity.

Therefore, these structures are not mere buildings but are the emblem of Islam and its integrity. They hold great significance to the Muslim world. Abolition of these mosques is considered against the sanctity of the entire Muslim nation.


Ever since the advent of Islam, Muslim rulers paid great attention to the construction of mosques within their empire. There are thousands of mosques on the face of the earth which include certain megastructures that are worth visiting and take everyone’s breath away.

Following are the top ten biggest and most beautiful mosques in the world. This classification is based on the area covered within the boundaries of its structure.


Center of spiritual identity mosques like Baitul Mukarram attracts thousands of Muslims on each call of Azan. It is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh with a covered area of 21000-meter square.

Constructed in 1968, this mosque initially has the capacity for 10,000 individuals, but then the government decided to extend it to increase the capacity up to 40,000 to avoid overcrowding especially in the holy month of Ramadan. It has made the mosque, the tenth-largest in the world.


Situated in Delhi, India Jama Masjid is the symbol of a Mughal rule in India. The mosque consists of three domes with the courtyard having a capacity for 25,000 worshippers. Its 40m long minaret is constructed with red marble and stones. It was originally built by the great emperor Shah Jahan on the same structural grounds on which the great Badshahi Masjid was built.


Sheikh Zayed is located in the great city of Abu Dhabi, which covers a total area of 2200 meters square. It was initiated by the former president of UAE; Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan hence named after him.

This mosque is the symbol of beauty with its snow-white domes and minaret covered with white marble. Construction started in 1996 and took 11 years of completion.

The building was opened for worshippers in 2007. At festive occasions like Eid and Friday gatherings, this mosque can accommodate as many as 41000 people, leading it to the top ten biggest mosques in the world.


This great mosque is situated in Lahore Pakistan. This mosque has a vast courtyard that leads to a corridor. The mosque can accommodate as many as 25000 worshipers in the indoor courtyard and 70000 people in the main hall, making Jamia mosque the 7th biggest mosque in the world. 

Inspired by the old Badshahi Masjid, this mosque has the same domes and minarets that make this mosque equally beautiful and has the touch of Mughal architecture.


Islamabad is a city of scenic beauty, and great sights, the city situated in Pakistan is also blessed with the sixth largest and most sophisticated Islamic architecture, the Faisal mosque. Its architecture was designed by a Turkish designer in such a unique style that it looks like a wasteland Bedouin’s covering.

It covers a total area of 43,295.8 meter squares. It facilitates the accommodation of as many as 300,000 worshippers. Constructed in collaboration with the Saudi Government, this mosque was completed in 1986.


Hassan II mosque is famous for its highest minar located at the front of the mosque. It is situated in Casablanca covering the area of a 90,000-meter square. This mosque was designed by Buoyage’s which was inspired by the French structure Michel Pineau. It has a capacity for 105,000 individuals. Due to its vast covered area, it is considered the fifth largest mosque in the world.


Masjid Istiqlal is the fourth largest mosque in the world which is situated in Jakarta, Indonesia. It has grown its covered area over many years due to the extensive extension to its courtyard. Now it covers about 95000-meter squares of area giving the capacity for 120,000 worshippers. The idea of its construction was initiated to honor the freedom of Indonesia.


Medina is the city of Prophet Muhammad where he spent a major part of his life. Rays of Islam shine from this city. And Masjid al Nabwi is the emblem of Islamic rise in the world. Throughout the year, millions of supporters visit it.

To accommodate all these people, the mosque provides a covered area of the 400,500-meter square. It has the capacity for as many as 1000000 people. It is not just a mosque but a spiritual Lyceum and university that serves as a great foundation for Muslims around the globe.


Imam Reza shrine was constructed in remembrance and the honor of the fourth Khalifa of Islam, Hazrat Imam Ali. This shrine also serves as a mosque for millions of Shia Muslims of the word. It is regarded as the second-largest mosque in the world due to the covered area of 267,079-meter square.

The best feature of this mosque is its beautiful Gold coated Dome and the seven courtyards each with an area of the 331,578-meter square. It is located in Mashhad Iraq, comprising an art gallery, Razavi School of Islamic sciences, prayer places, and cuisine places for pilgrims.


Situated at the center of the globe, Masjid al-Haram is the epicenter of the Muslim world. It is the world’s largest mosque in the world with an immense area of 356,800 square meters while it is still extending to accommodate millions of worshippers visiting each year, especially during Hajj.

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