NCAA Basketball Rankings: Top 25

NCAA Basketball

College basketball is the only sports that Americans are wildly crazy about. They follow the sport day and night and always up for the updates. The NCAA college basketball and has been going on for years and now is a brand.

NCAA has provided a platform to the young student and emerging basketball player of America. Many famous NBA basketball players have been a part of their college basketball teams. This is why it is important to appreciate associations like NCAA who support and motivate the arising athletes.

The NCAA basketball association features 68 teams from all the colleges in America. It was founded in 1939 and is now a championship that every American looks forward to watch.

Out of the 68 teams, there are 25 teams that are ranked top due to their mind blowing performances and dedication towards to sports.

Top 25 NCAA Basketball Teams

NCAA Basketball

Gonzaga Bulldogs

Representing the Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington, the Gonzaga Bulldogs is the top leading team of NCAA basketball. The Gonzaga team has worked to achieve the position they are at today. It takes a lot of courage and dedication.

Auburn Tigers

The Auburn team of Auburn University is the runner up after Gonzaga Bulldogs. The fight for the championship between these two teams is tough and nail biting to watch. Just a gap of 83 points between the two teams has started an intense race for the championship.

Arizona Wildcats

NCAA Basketball

The team of Arizona University has been fighting tough. This type of hard work and dedication is what motivates the young players who want to pursue basketball as their career. Teams like Arizona will always be appreciated due to their contribution.

The Wildcats has a record match of 22-2 and was a match worth watching.

Kentucky Wildcats

Kentucky University basketball team has been a fighter in previous seasons and still hasn’t given up. Standing at 1350 points, the Kentucky has moved up a position in the table after their last match. There is still hope that team would reach top 3.

Purdue Boilermakers

Representing the Purdue University in Indiana, their men’s basketball team has never won a championship. However, looking at their improvement they might one day. If they keep working hard towards their goal, they will soon.

Achieving 1,163 till date is not an easy task and out of 68 teams it is the only one from this season to achieve this spot. However, due to their last match they have moved down to 2 places.

Kansas Jayhawks

NCAA Basketball

Achieving 1,511 so far in this season is a milestone itself. The Kansas has a long history with NCAA basketball championship. After the last match the team has moved up two places and the next match will decide if they will continue at 6 or move up.

Baylor Bears

The Baylor Bears is an actual dominating bar of this sport. A record of 21-4 is what Baylor has achieved in this season. all they need to top this season is to not lose. The Baylor’s moved up to not two places but three.

This shows remarkable performance by their team.

Providence Friars

The Providence Friars represents the Providence College. The team has achieved 1093 so far and has many matches to play. A jump in three positions has made other teams alert of their performance and what could happen in the coming season.

Duke Blue Devils

NCAA Basketball

Representing the Duke University located in Durham, North Carolina. The athletic teams of Duke University have contributed a lot to NCAA and the basketball team is one of the best ones.

Villanova Wildcats

Making it to the top10 by Villanova is what we all should applaud. The record of 19-6 is why NCAA is formed to create and support teams like this to grow stronger.

Texas Tech Red Raiders

The Texas Tech last match with Baylors is what shocked every NCAA basketball fans. Improvement is being shown and slowly would. The main goal of NCAA is to support teams and take them to international level.

All they need is three to four wins to enter the top 10 ranking of NCAA basketball.

Illinois Fighting Illini

NCAA Basketball

The Illinois fighting illini is an intercollegiate team representing the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Achieving points of 778, the team has a long way to enter the top 10 ranking. The teams like this is what keeps the game alive and is truly a game changer.

You never know when they would give a comeback and change the rankings.

UCLA Bruins

UCLA is the team representing University of California which is located in Los Angeles. The UCLA is one of the emerging team this season and has performed very well. they have been playing for several seasons but this season their performance was heart-winning.

Houston Cougars

Going down 8 positions, the Houston Cougars is going through a rough stage. This is the main test for a team to show how strong they are. If they pass it and come stronger then there is no room left to doubt on the team’s unity and understanding.

There are always ups and downs for a team but it should be taken as test for their dedication and passion towards the sport.

Wisconsin Badgers

NCAA Basketball

Scoring a record of 20-5 this season, Wisconsin has outplayed themselves. Their next match would be worth watching. The Badgers has been in NCAA for some time now and is making their place.

Holding 15th position out of 68 teams is not bad at all.

Tennessee Volunteers

Having an overall of 19-6, the Volunteers has moved up three positions in the ranking table. These unexpected moves by teams which are down at the table is what amazes many people. Mostly people follow the top teams but when a team that is lower in rankings performs well, it confuses some fans. This is fun to watch.

Tennessee Volunteers has a huge fan following and some diehard fans are always seen at every match.

Southern California Trojans

The USC is ready to perform this season. moving up four places on the ranking board is not an easy task. For this, you need to win with a good margin to take up a good position. USC has shown this by their recent performance.

Collecting 554 till date has made them stand at the 17th position at the ranking board.

Ohio State Buckeyes

NCAA Basketball

Standing at position 18, Ohio state buckeyes is a well performing team for the recent seasons. They have performed well in the previous seasons and will surely do in this season as well. All they need is the right moment to showcase their performance and hold their position.

Michigan State Spartans

There is always a tough match between Michigan state and Illinois Fighting. When there is a match between two position holding teams it makes their ranks vulnerable to change. However, Michigan has moved down 2 places that means they have lost some of their recent matches.

Texas Longhorns

Representing the University of Texas at Austin, the Longhorns have a big responsibility to show how strong a team they are. Their recent match with Baylor was filled with nail biting tension and was a thrill to watch. N=fans of both the teams loved how they performed.

Murray State Racers

NCAA Basketball

Murray State Racers is one of the oldest team in the NCAA division. They have a 15-win streak going on. Win streaks not only boost the confidence of the team but also of the fans.

The expectations of fans go higher and the team has to deliver that otherwise it is heartbreaking for the fans to see the streak break.

Wyoming Cowboys

The cowboys is comparatively new in the game. It is impressive to see how new teams can already make a place in the top 25. Gradually, this team would move up in the ranking board and soon touch the top 10.

Arkansas Razorbacks

The NCAA team of University of Arkansas is one of the emerging team. Their recent performances were a display of the strength their team has. However, it still needs a bit direction and guidance to improve their game and take it to the next level.

Connecticut Huskies

NCAA Basketball

If you can’t move a position up, then don’t lose your position to a rank down. This is what the huskies are good at. Maintaining their position and moving upwards when the time is right. Scoring 112 and still being at 24th position is impressive.

Alabama Crimson Tide

The last team in the top 25 ranking just made its place by moving 7 positions upwards. How impressive is that by taking up 7 places. However, they still have a long way to go and needs to work very hard to reach the top as they are only at 80 points.

Final Words

These are the top 25 ranks of NCAA College basketball. All the teams are playing wonderful and providing thrilling entertainment to their fans.