Top 10 Countries with Most Ethnic Diversity in the World

There are many countries in the world which have the people that belong to different ethnic backgrounds and they belong to different means, due to occupation, and other necessities of life theses people ended up living in a single country. Sometimes this is the result of the immigration process the country with much adaptable immigration process has a large amount of immigrant and sometimes this diversity may be due to the colonialism.

Like many people driven by colonial nations and forces were either forced to live in another country or either the personnel of the colonial nations never went back to their homeland and permanently settled here.Such as the Africa’s colonial history has created such ethnically diverse nation. The civil wars later on also played their role in driving out people and migrating to the peaceful land.


Ethnically diverse countries have seen a large amount of multi problems along with a large amount of diversity in cultures language and other aspects of life.Sometimes the infra ethnic relations build up, and assimilation process occurs but otherwise for the long period this group continue to maintain their separate identity for the long period.Though America is considered the-the most ethnically diverse region it is amazing to see that many African countries leave America far behind.Let’s look at the list of the most ethnically diverse countries.


Although the Malagasy ethnic group is the major constituent in Madagascar, which amounts to 90% of the people. It also comprises of the further eighteen sub-ethnic groups in the country.Which contribute heavily to the state’s diversity.The features of most often people indicate that Asian genetic influences are much stronger than the others.


There are about 60 different languages spoken in the Republic of Congo from these linguistics statistics one can understand the existence of the ethnic diversity in the country.As a result, of a large number of ethnical groups, the country is every time indulged in the guerrilla warfare between these ethnical groups who from time to time compete for their recognition and identity.


Although South Africa is a country that was greatly ethnicity and problems related to this, now the problems are solved, and the ethnic groups live in harmony with each other.The country offers an excellent relaxation and open immigration facilities due to that now the country ethnic racism is increasing, but the new ethnic groups are easily accommodated and live in harmony.

7. TOGO:

Togo comprises of more than 40 ethnic groups and different religions. It is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world.Many languages are also spoken here, and the French accent is dominant, the language depends upon the ethnic background of the person.


More than 260 diverse ethnical groups can be found in Cameroon, and the flexible immigration process adds to the extreme.The major factor for the diversity is not only the immigration process but the country has the open heartedly given refuge to many of the refugees that have added up to its diversity.


Around 95% of the Liberian population is indigenous but other immigrant communities and the local tribal groups are the primary constituents to the countries ethnic diversity.There are different linguistics and religion ethnic groups living in different regions of the country.


Uganda is a huge country with the vast area and population. Therefore, the country has a large amount of ethnicity in all fields. No single group make up the whole population rather small ethnic groups constitute the whole lot.


The United States are the nation of diversities; it is the multi-ethnic society within numerous ethnic groups of African, Asian, French, Spanish, Japanese ,and other people of different backgrounds living here which constitute the America.The America by the sociologists is considered to be the melting pot where the vast ethnic diversity is combining and assimilating to become the Americans.


About 99% of the Tanzanian population is of African background. It doesn’t mean it is free of the ethnic diversity.In such a population having the same descent the people are divided by religion, languages and cultures along with the different regions to which they belong.


Papua New Guinea is the most heterogeneous nation of the world with innumerable ethnic groups living there.About 820 languages are spoken here along with 50 different religions, and the immigrants are also in huge amount who have settled here for different purposes.

Papua New Guinea

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