Top 10 Countries with Highest Divorce Rates in the World

Frustration, anger, and anxiety are the major driving forces that are causing chaos in the world leading to conflicts among individual. These are the reason that people bonded into the marital relation are forced to choose their separate paths and divorce are seen as the ultimate solution. Low level of tolerance and significant differences between the two, causes this emotional wreck in their life. There are many nations where the level of social acceptance of divorce is high, as people are more liberal both by religion and by culture. As the USA is considered as the country with the highest rate of divorce but the facts revealed that Belgium has taken that position long ago. In fact, each year, these statistics keep on changing revealing new aspects and prospects. Certain nations were mostly belonging to the third world part such as Southeast Asia, Jamaica or Mexico, have low rates of divorce in the country as people there, abstain themselves from accepting this phenomenon.

Following are the top ten countries that have highest divorce rates in the world. So much that these countries are facing real threats to the existence of family life and integrity of relationships.


According to the reports of Census Bureau, USA shows an ever declining rate in marriages. It is the tenth highest regarding divorce rate. It is said that in the US in every one in six seconds divorce happens. It has 53% of the divorce rate, therefore. People are seemed to be waiting longer for the marriages, and when they do, they eventually get separated or are divorced. Few of its states have higher divorce rates than others which include Nevada, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey has relatively lower rates.


France is the land of love, Eiffel Tower in Paris allude to couples and romance. But this all is just an illusion as France stands ninth with the highest divorce rates list. France has more openness in the society with more general acceptability and liberalism. It is the reason that a large number of marriages in France are brought to an end soon. Statistics unveiled that it has about 55% divorce’s rate in the country. To overcome this scenario, the government has even taken plenty of the initiatives.


Cuba is the part of Latin America where the divorce is highest than all other countries in that region. Since 1998, Cuba is subjected to great criticism in that matter. High poverty and terrible housing system in Cuba are the two significant reasons for these divorces. Larger population creates greater issues as people are forced under strain due to poor economic conditions. It has 56% of the divorce rate. Such laws are now established that could reduce the divorce rates. Such a Lassie’s-Faire approach has been recently introduced.


Every six marriages out of ten end up in divorce in Estonia, raising the divorce rate up to 58%. This state is the former part of the Soviet Union where it is remained legalized for a long time. Therefore, it is socially accepted easily. There is also a drastic decrease in the marriage levels in the country. Estonia does not implement any taxation over breaks of married couples.


Luxembourg is located in between the three major countries of the world, Belgium, France and Germany. It is one of the smallest nations in Europe with half a million population. Luxembourg receives the huge amount of foreigners like travelers and others. The divorce rate in the country is approximately 60%. But is made compulsory that both the parties must be above the age of 21 and must be married for at least the period of two years. Most likely, people between the ages of 40 to 49 are more involved in divorces.


It is surprising to know that Spain also falls in this country. As the country has moved far away for its cultural and religious heritage, therefore, divorce are mostly accepted. New legislations were passed to improvise divorce with mutual consent of both the partners. This law is named as “Divorcio director” according to which a couple has to be married for at least three months to claim the divorce. Financial crisis in the country has also been another reason causing the clashes and divorces among the individuals.


The Czech Republic is situated in the midst of Europe. It has one of the highest divorce rates in not only Europe but also in the world. Out of total population, about 13% of the women and 11% of the men are divorced. Marriage is only dissolved under good circumstances which result from the fundamental breakdown between the two partners. It has 66% of the divorce rate in the country. About 90% of the women are granted full child custody after the divorce.


Hungary is another European state that is famous for its high divorce’s rates. For the past few years, marriage rate has been considerably decreasing in the country. The court grants both the spouses the right to the mutual consensus. Whereas the ratio of men divorce to women is comparatively less. Only 10% of the men are divorced while 12.4% of women are divorced.


Located at the edge of Europe, Portugal has also made it to the top ten with its ever increasing divorce rate. It seems to be following its neighboring country Spain in this perspective. The nation has deviated far away from its Catholic heritage and now follow a new trend to marriages. The recent figures revealed that Portugal has 68% divorce rate in the country. However, the marriage is still high in the country.


Belgium, another European country is an emblem of European Modernity. Despite its rich history and famous architectures this country couldn’t able to hold its marital system firmly. The consequentially majority of the marriages end up in divorce. Almost 32 thousand of the Belgian individuals sign divorce papers each year. Therefore, the rate in the country has skyrocketed up to 71% which is the highest of not only in Europe but also in the entire world.

Top Ten Countries having Highest Divorce’s Rates:

RankingCountriesDivorce’s Rate in %
4Czech Republic66%

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