TOP 10 Countries with Highest Birth Rates In the World

Human population has reached to the levels of drastic increase. There are now more than 7.5billion souls living on the planet. With every second passing by, a new life born in the world. But this huge population of man-kind is not equally distributed on the face of the earth. There are nations where the rate of fertility is higher than the others; there are countries with more people being born per year than other countries.

Factors like genetics and environment strongly influence the birth rate. If we take the example of all the African states, then the people living there have the higher rate of fertility. Therefore, more individuals are being born each year. Whereas the people belonging to other nations do not carry such genes hence, those regions are not densely populated.


The figures of the last census revealed top ten countries with the highest birth rates in the world. Statistics are categorized as the birth rate per thousand individuals. According to these statistics following are top ten nations with most children being born annually:


Afghanistan is an Islamic Republican sdtate situated in the south-east of Asia. This densely populated state has estimated to hit the birth rate level up to 38.21births/1000 population. Whereas the current demographics revealed that it has the population of 32 million. Which is expected to rise more in years to come by? The population is growing at the rate of 2.32 % each year.


Angola is a South African state and the seventh largest state in Africa. Angola has the population of 24.3 million according to the recent figures. It is one of the biggest states in Africa with a significant birth rate which is approximately 39.18births/1000 population. With scarce resources, this growing birth rate might be a threat to the economy of the country.


This African state is located in the Horn of Africa with more than 10.8million of a population. Somalia stands at eighth due to its birth rate of 40.49births/ 1000 population. As the fertility rate is quite high in this part of the region, therefore, Somalia has higher birth rates than most of the countries. Each year shows the growth rate of 3%. Somalia is the 6th largest country with the highest fertility rate in the world.


Not heard by many, but Malawi is located in the African continent. Just as many other countries of Africa, Malawi also holds higher birth rates. It has 17,377,468 number of individuals living in the country. The birth rate in the country has recently exceeded up to 41.8births/thousand population. Malawi is also named as The Warm Heart of Africa due to its loving people. Entirely dependent on agriculture this country, however, seems not capable enough to meet the increasing need for the ever increasing population.


Burundi is termed as the second largest and one of the highly populated state of Africa. Burundi is not only rich in fertility of soil and agriculture, but it also has higher fertility rates as far as human population is concerned. The latest ratio of births taking place in the country is about 42.33 births/1000 individuals. Which has enabled the total population to reach to an estimate of 10.3million. Due to lack of resources people in Burundi suffer many diseases especially AIDS, therefore, the average increase in population is comparatively less despite the higher birth rates.


Here is another African state that made it to the top ten countries with highest birth rates. It is located in The West of Africa and covers the large area of Africa. Surrounded by six of the most important states of Africa, Burkina Faso has the total population of 18.3million. With a slight difference in the birth rate from Burundi, this country has the rate of 41.4 births/1000 persons. Natural resources are enough to meet the needs of the increasing human population.


Not as densely populated as most of the countries of Africa but Zambia has high birth rates compared to the area it covers. Zambia is 70th most populated state in the world. It has the population of 15.2million. Statistics revealed that the annual growth rate is about 3.3% per year. The birth is as high as 42.26 births/1000 individuals. Despite of the higher birth rate, a country can deal with population needs as it has a large amount of area and consequentially more resources.


Like many other nations of Africa, Uganda is highly populated and highly fertile land of the continent. With extremely high growth rates, it is the third largest country with highest birth rates not only in Africa but also in the world. Total population of Uganda is estimated up to 39,234,256 individuals. The birth rate is about 44.17births/thousand persons. Therefore, the standard of living is quite low as the government is unable to meet the needs of entire population.


Situated on the bank of Sahara Desert, Mali is located in The West of Africa. The Republic of Mali is among the highly populated regions of Africa. With the birth rate of 45.53births per thousand individuals, the current population of Mali has reached to an estimate of 15,786,227. Most of its population are mainly distributed in rural areas. Therefore, a majority do not share good standards of living.


Situated at the bank of river Niger, this country is named after it. It is also located at the west of Africa covering great stretches of land. Due to its vast area, this country has one of the largest population in whole Africa. It has the highest birth rate of 46.12 births per 1000 persons. High birth and the fertility rate are the main obstacles in this state, for achieving great economic success. It hinders the revenue generation as needs have far exceeded the demands.

World Top Ten Countries with Most Births:

Sr. NoNameBirths/1,000 Population
5Burkina Faso42.42

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