Top 10 Countries with Best Elite Special Forces in the World

Almost every country in the world is facing a problem of terrorism, increased street crimes and Geopolitical wars. In such a state of anarchy and tyranny, governments have felt it necessary to maintain a Special Force, which can be used to tackle the extreme circumstances.


Here is a list of the top ten countries with the best elite forces in the world.


The National Gendarmerie Intervention Group, which known as GIGN, like many European special forces, GIGN trace their roots back to the hostage massacre at the 1972 Munich Olympics and a prison mutiny the year before in which hostages had been taken and murdered. Specializing in anti-terrorist and hostage rescue, the success of the force can be seen from the events such as saving 30 school children held hostage in Djibouti, capturing war criminals in Bosnia and battling Somali pirates. The force refers to other units as Security & protection force, Intervention force and Observation & search force. GIGN today stands at around 400 members.


Modeled on the British SAS and US special forces the Special Services Group (SSG) was created by the Pakistan army and is considered the best military unit worldwide as it has performed daringly dangerous operations both at international and domestic levels. Though its size remains highly classified, the recruitment procedure is very strict. Candidates undergo ten months of training which includes basic infantry school, parachute school, counter-terrorism training and hostage related training. Only 1 in 4 recruits ends up making it through the nine-month training. SSG has focused on local anti-terrorist operations recently while previously involving in operations against mujaheddin in Afghanistan and its bordering country India.


It was formed in 1957 to enhance Israel’s special forces and is made up of candidates selected for their high physical and intellectual ability. The recruits go through the nine-month training, airborne school and extensive hand-to-hand combat and physical conditioning elements. They are trained for a variety of environments including mountain, desert, jungle and underwater. They have been known to escort VIPs and provide site security. The most famous of these, Operation Thunderbolt, demonstrated the power and reach of Sayeret Matkal at international level.


Cobra elite force is the leading special elite forces group of Austria. After the attacks on Israeli athletes at 1972 Olympics, Austria created this force. The strength of this force is around 450 men who are also part of Austrian Federal Police; candidates have to pass through strict training hurdles like hand to hand combat, tactical training, marksmanship, and assaults training. A strict psychological test is also part of the training. Other than general training special training is also given to the candidates such as sniping, diving, and explosive different. Eko Cobra has performed some special operations with great success and courage such as hostage rescue in 1966 and ending a hijacked mission.


Delta Elite force is one of the strongest elite special forces of the world. The full name of this force is the Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta. In addition to counter-terrorism operations, this force also takes part in rescuing hostages, sudden raids, and VIP security. This force was formed after the increased amount of terrorist operation worldwide. It mostly comprises of US Special Forces like Rangers and Green Berets. The minimum age is 21 and should be between the rank of corporal and master sergeant. Only 1 in 10 passes this difficult training. After the physical training, candidates are put to an extreme level of the psychological test. This force is the part of every major US operation.


This Canadian force is included in the list of top ten strongest elite special forces group. It was created in 1993 and soon expanded to hundreds of members. After 9111 attacks JTF2 stands for the joint task force and is an Elite force known for some high-profile counter-terrorism operations. They are best known for providing security to the VIPs and provide site security to international events such as 2010 winter Olympics. They have also operated in many high profile cases such as rescuing hostage in Iraq or the operation in Bosnia. They have also worked in Afghanistan along with seals and US Navy. Their operations are entirely secret.


This force is one of the strongest and leading elite special forces group. It was established in the 1970s and was mostly involved in the operation in Afghanistan, in which the presidential palace was stormed, and everyone in the building was killed. This force was also involved in a high-profile terrorist operation in Beirut. The force was also involved in some domestic operations also such as Moscour siege 2002, Beslan siege 2004 both proved the power and terror of the force.


Shayete is the one of the strongest elite special forces. It is a part of the Israeli Navy and was created in 1948 and has taken part in every major operation including hostage rescuing and counter-terrorism. The training period is of 20 months and candidates undergo long and stressful physical training that is followed by extreme psychological training. The recent involvement of Shayete group in Gaza shows its reach and ability. Shayete members specialize in parachute training, bomb disposals, underwater warfare and night assaults. The most notable operation was the 1972 Olympics where terrorists were hunted down and killed.


It is one of the most famous of the Elite special forces and is best known for its operations. Neptune spear in which Usama Bin Laden was killed in Abbottabad. The training period for seals is almost a year, and the majority of candidates fail the physical training there is general training and after that, there is specialized training. It ensures that the candidates who pass the test are capable of performing in the extreme of moments.


SAS stood for Special Air Service and was created in 1941 to take part in the world war. The majority of the candidates come from the airborne forces. The physical training is harsh and requires a lot of swimming mashups and running. Survival skills are also taught to the candidates and are dropped into jungles. The final test includes 36-hour long interrogation session to break the candidate mental endurance. The passed candidates are transferred to all operation force for further training.

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