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Top 10 Countries with Least Natural Resources in the World

Top ten countries with least natural resources, Natural resources in any country are the major determinants of its richness and economic development.It also increases They are responsible e for the country to be self-sufficient and independent.

But the country’s natural resources many not guarantee ts progress and economic growth because some countries like Liberia and Sierra Leone are rich in natural resources but with that they have the lingering slow economy and on another hand Singapore and Hongkong lie countries with very little natural resources have the robust economy. Thus, dependence on natural resources should be there but not complete dependence. But the natural resources are necessary as the country manages it expenses solely by them. Here is the list of country with least natural resources.


Vatican City is the country with least natural resources.The country has almost no nature’s resources at all.The country is suffering from the complete lack of the coal reserves.The natural gas reserves are also not existent. The.The oil reserves of the state are also null and. Therefore, the country has not even precious metals, and gold or silver reserves the country is extremely barren thus stands on number one in the list of natural resources.


Costa Rica has the less amount of nature’s reserves. It is a green country with an agricultural economy that has the economy flourishing by the tourism industry.The least natural resources in Costa Rica has an influence on its economy, but the country has been surviving on its tourism industry and production and export of the bananas, pineapples, coffee, beef,sugar,rice dairy and other ornamental plants and flowers otherwise it doesn’t have any metal oil and gas reserves.


Switzerland’s natural and mineral resources  are much limited. There are although small reserves of iron and but the country is barren regarding oil and gas reserves. A large variety of the salt clay gravel clay and marble reserves are available in Switzerland but not much.


Belgium is also a nation not gifted with many natural resources but despite that the country is well developed. The major thing the country export is the construction material the cement, sand and some of the carbonates. The country also has the small amount of petroleum, hydropower, and other small reserves of the commercial value.


Taiwan is the nation with the less natural resources.But as compared to the other above countries it contains some deposits of limestone, a power of water, and other resources of the commercial value.But still the country is having insufficient of natural reserves.


Japan is the country that is faster growing industrially and, therefore, it’s mechanical products are the exported throughout the world.Its has the high standard of living and is developed country but is poor in the sense of the natural resources which are very It lacks complete petroleum rserves. It also doesn’t have enough hydroelectric power and water also lacks metal resources.


Hong Kong is the country with little natural reserves. But still the hong kong’s limited natural resources include metalliferous minerals.It also has the industrial minerals, onshore sea minerals but in very small quantity.It has the small quantity of quarried rock and building stones and a few sand deposits.


Jay Mayen is the small island with almost none of the exploitable natural reserves. The country has all traces of the minerals and other metals with little petroleum reserves.This country has nothing much except for the water resources.


Singapore has a tiny amount of the natural reserves. Deepwater resources of the petroleum have been mined and are exported.But Singapore earns more from the technological instruments and computers.Water is used for producing electricity but still the Singapore buys its drinking water even from other countries.


Gibraltar is the small country and is also poor in natural reserves. It has no significant reserve of the of big nature’s reserves however small amount of sand and limestone can be found here.

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