Top 10 Popular & Best Water Parks in America- Hit List

Summer holidays become twice much fun and amusing if you get the chance to visit an amazing water park.  Each year, a number of families head towards the water amusement parks to spend the best time of their vacation. Keeping in mind their importance, water parks are getting more thrilling, advanced and attractive for the fans. Now, not only Kids would love to take the ride of the water slides, but people of elder ages also love to try the thrilling water rides. Though there is numerous such park are created to excite the level of your enjoyment, yet America is particularly famous for its water park. They have used state of the art technologies to bring the recreation to a whole to new level.


Discussed here are the top ten water parks located in various states of United States of America. These parks are considered best by their area, a number of recreational activities they provide and of course the facilities and service provided through their management. So! If this summer you are planning to surprise your kids and family with a vacation special, then following water parks are must try!


Located in Wisconsin Dells, this park is equipped with open rain system. It covers 125000 square feet of area for indoor water fun. Water surfing simulator is available which can pump 50,000 gallons of water every single minute. It is considered the most powerful Flow rider of all waterparks. There is also an outdoor water park named the Zambezi which provides great with it appealing creative theme.


Wet ‘N Wild as the name indicates a fun amusement park which provides you the best time playing water in a wild themed setting. Situated in Orlando, this park will spark the wild side out of you. With multiple dizzying water slides, Cloverleaf rafts, H20 disco club and thrilling water coasters this park has the complete package.  The most attractive part is the wizard world of Harry Potter, which catches the attention of every young visitor.


Tennessee is the home to children’s favorite water park, Dollywood Splash. It has brought the one and only water coaster ride, called River Rush to Tennessee. River Rush covers steep drops and turns along with a dark tunnel. 70 feet long twin waterslide, real river simulator, fire towel falls are few of the many rides that take everyone’s breath away and raise their heartbeats with the thrilling adventure.  It also provides you a new experience of exploring an old coal mine through its Mystery Mine steel coaster ride.


Where: San Dimas, California. Feel the experience of splashing water through the amazing water slides at San Dimas when ragging water rushes with your heart beat. There is an extreme dark hole where the slide descends, and you can travel to that 52 feet deep dark hole on a two-seater raft. The park has fastest slides of all America which lead you to the simulated Bermuda triangle. It divides into three different courses all leading to a pitch dark depth at the speed of 50mph. There is also a wave pool which circulated a million gallons of water daily.


Where: Williamsburg, Virginia. Located in Williamsburg, Virginia, Water Country is one of the most well equipped and well-maintained water parks. Recently it has inaugurated the first ever Funnel-wave raft experience for its visitors. This raft ride is named as the Colossal Curl. The raft is designed in such a way that you can experience the feeling of weightlessness as it rushes down the hill and goes back up. Other raft rides are equipped with splashing water surprises on their route.


Where: Branson, Missouri. Though not as big as other parks on the list yet White Water Park is famous for its good maintenance and management and besides it is one of the most family oriented parks of US. Out of other major attractions, the Kapau plummet is the newest attraction in town. It consists of twisting slides that push rides down and rolls them all together at 70 degrees. People of all ages can enjoy Splash away Cay, which has a number of geysers and water shooters. The movie is also screened at every weekend, which you can enjoy while having the wonderful experience of the water pool.


Water world is one of the biggest water parks the US, which nearly consists of 40 aquatic attractions for its visitors. Mile high flyer is the ultimate water coaster ride which is famous for its great speed. When it comes to raft riding, it brings new challenges like simulated storms and dark tunnels. The rider experiences the thundering sounds and bolts of lightning with an artificial rain simulation. It is located in Denver.


The state of Indiana gives a safari pleasure at Splashin’ Safari.  Unlike any other safari park, this water park is designed to amaze you with its longest water coasters and the great Mammoth raft which is a six seater ride. It takes you to the seven stories high hill and then drops you from the peak. Racing down the hill, the raft also experiences amazing spins and turns which make the journey more memorable.


The city of Kansas has the most amazing attractions for the tourists in the form of Kansas City Water Park. Schlitterbahn has certainly no other parallel.  Its various amazing rides which include Verruckt plummets for four, this raft can speed up to 70mph dropping down from 15 stories high. It also has largest tidal wave river called the torrent river.  For more fun and refreshment, the park also has a separate bar for elders to enjoy.


Another great attraction of Wisconsin Dells is the Noah’s Ark.  As the name indicates, by its size it must be enormous capable of accommodating almost 51 water slides in it along with two wave pools and a separate surfing simulator. For those who love to experience the thrill, Scorpion’s trails is an amazing option to must try.

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