Top 10 Countries with Highest Death Rates in the World

Death is the ultimate reality of life. It is the biggest conflict that human individual has to face with the existing realities of life. Deaths are caused by various factors. It can either occur naturally or through some ailment or some fatal accident. As the time passing by, the average life expectancy is decreasing at the rapid rate.

On one hand the rate of births has increased significantly whereas the rate of deaths is also increasing to keep up the balance of population. As in recent years, due to the use of better medical research and treatment, now there is a cure for almost every disease. Therefore deaths because of epidemics are quite rare. Now in most of the countries deaths are caused by violence and war or by natural means or by hunger. Many nations in the world are facing greater death rates than other countries because of the several reasons.


Following detail indicates the countries with the highest death rates in the world. Due to the scarcity of resources people living in that part of the world has to face more life loss than other countries.


Africans living in the Central African Republic faces more deaths than other regions of Africa. As the law and order situation, there is quite worse. Each day number of civilians lose their lives for standing against the powerful elites. Moreover, basic needs for life like food and shelter is a rare commodity which no can afford easily there. This is the reason that it is harder to survive there than to face the death. According to the recent reports, the average death rate in the Central African Republic is 13.80 deaths per thousand population.


Afghanistan is the only Muslim state in South Asia, facing the highest death rates in the world. For decades, this soil has remained under various invasions. It has also remained the center of war and conflicts. Even still today, thousands of civilians and terrorists die there under the constant drone attacks and due to Taliban insurgency. The average estimates show it has death rate as high as 13.89deaths/ 1000 individuals.


Namibia is again an African state which has people who are still suffering from the shortage of basic needs of life. The total land area is covered with the wide stretches of deserts. So the survival is much harder than it seems. Each year plenty of the people die just because of hunger and scarcity of water. The weather there is dry, and the scorching sun adds fuel to the fire. Summer heat waves are also another reason for higher death rates in the country which is estimated up to 13.91 deaths per thousand population.


This country also fell under the curse of higher death rates. It is one of the European nation with the highest death rates of the current era. The average rate is about 14.27 deaths/1000 population. Which shows a drastic increase from the numbers shown by Namibia. Lithuania suffers greater deaths as the average life expectancy is lower than its neighboring countries of the European region.


Bordered by Libya and Sudan, Chad is another African state with high death rates. Experts claim that it has about 14.28deaths/1000 individuals of the death rate in the country. Since early 2001, Chad has been facing the major Humanitarian crisis, receiving thousands of refugees coming from Sudan. Therefore, country insufficient resources are not enough to meet the needs of the entire population that leads to multiple deaths.


Latvia is the center of enriched European culture for over the centuries. Situated on the shores of Baltic Sea, this country has also made it to the top ten countries with the highest deaths rates in the world. It has shown the record of 14.32 deaths/1000 population in the last year 2015.


Situated in the West Africa, Guinea-Bissau is a tropical region of Africa with plenty of forests and tons of wildlife. But when it comes to human life, it faces serious threats regarding more deaths and life loss. Statistics revealed that it has average 14.33 deaths per thousand persons in the population.


With the death rate 14.44, Bulgaria stands third in the ranking of countries with highest death rates. Bulgaria is also situated in Europe, within territories located near the Baltic Sea. States within in this belt show greater number of natural deaths occurring in the state. Demographics of Bulgaria reveals that its population graph has been in constant decline since the 1980s depicting that how the death rates has surpassed the level of birth rates in the country.


Ukraine had been facing the major crisis for the past few years, which affects its population graph and resulted in more deaths that the past. The rate has raised up to 14.46 deaths/1000 population. Civil reforms and internal conflicts have led to insurgency and instability that caused more deaths.


Lesotho is the country with the highest death rates of all in the world. It has the death rate of 14.89. These are the figures that were roughly estimated by the end of the year 2015. Deaths in the country are caused either naturally or because of various suspicious ailments and epidemics.

List of Top 10 Countries having Highest Rates of Death in the World:

1LESOTHO14.892015 EST.
2UKRAINE14.462015 EST.
3BULGARIA14.442015 EST.
5LATVIA14.312015 EST.
6CHAD14.282015 EST.
7LITHUANIA14.272015 EST.
8NAMIBIA13.912015 EST.

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