Top 10 Countries with Lowest Life Expectancy Rates in the World

Life expectancy refers to the average life that a person can be expected to live. The life expectancy in differs in different countries according to the conditions and environment of the particular countries.It is often noticed that the life expectancy rates in the poor countries are usually low because in poor countries the people are poor have unemployment suffers from disease due to low health facilities, unclean water, and unhealthy food people in the poor countries. They also have a high level of psychological stress due to lack of happiness and satisfaction and exposure to diseases and life problems the people of these countries have less lives expectancy. Let’s have a look at the countries with lowest life expectancy rates.:

1. CHAD :

Chad is the country with the world lowest life expectancy rate of about 48.69. The country is poor with lack of the necessary amenities. The country is a desert area, and people die every year of thirst and hunger.The government performance is poor, and the population is mostly living below poverty line people earn mostly by doing cheap labor, and the government are very weak health facilities are minor water is unclean, and people are not getting the healthy food they don’t live rather just survive.


It is the tropical country in West Africa.It’s known for its national parks and the wildlife. Guinea-Bissau is the country in Africa suffering from poverty and inflation.The country is not very pleasing circumstances.The government is weak with political instability. Political factions were fighting. The people suffers a lot. They aren’t able to get proper food and water.The life’s expectancy rate here is 49.11 only.


Swaziland is an African country with the life expectancy of 49.42 only.Swaziland is a beautiful country filled with nature and wildlife. Many tourists visit this state. But still the country has much low life expectancy because the poor section of the country is n deplorable conditions.The poor people of Swaziland live in outlying villages they have less approach to water and drink water from open watersheds they don’t have access to the healthy food and are less educated and more unemployed.


Afghanistan is the country of Asia for decades facing the menace of civil wars, and then foreign invasions suffering from the instability and the terrorism is rampant. The people of Afghanistan are tribal living very hard mountainous life full of hardships.They don’t have many facilities and have the poor quality of life.Many people die every year of bomb blasts and other insurgent attacks, and the life expectancy of the country is only 49.72.


The state is full of unrest and chaos. The people here are craving for peace. There are hooliganism and decoitis everywhere.The life and property of the people are not safe.The people are living precarious lives with no basic amenities available.The country is filled with unrest, and the country is unemployed with most people surviving on small labor.The life expectancy is as low as 50.48.


Somalia is the country for years indulged in the civil war and terrorism.The Somalian government seems to be founded nowhere, and the unrest and chaos the killings and the disorder are the scenes of the day.Somalian citizens are very poor and dejected they don’t have health facilities and even toilette facilities they have no good food available and the children are suffering from malnutrition and infant mortality rate is very high in Somalia. The.The life expectancy in Somalia is about 50.80.


Zimbabwe is also the poor country. Zimbabwe has the lowest life expectancy rate of 51.82. The country is also craving for the water and-and food.They have the very poor lifestyle, and people have fewer aces to drinking clean water and the people mostly depend upon agriculture for their survival .They live the very low standard of life, and the poverty has stricken the country badly.People suffer and die earlier due to the bad food and hygiene conditions.


Lesotho is the country with poverty and the lowest life expectancy rate of only about 51.86. The people are poor and suffering the dependencies on agriculture and cattle breeding. It is a beautiful country with large green mountains and has the good tourism industry but still a large population is poor striving to live a better life.


Mozambique is the beautiful island with amazing beaches with lovely sunset image sand the good place to be visited.Its tourist and fishing industry is flourishing, and the people are also living in the fishing and a bit of agriculture.The people of Mozambique overall are dependent on the tourism season for the time being they do good in living but after the season they again have a harsher lives. So the Mozambique people also have less life expectancy at the rate of 52.02.


52.03 is the life expectancy rate of South Africa which is regraded to be very low. The country is no doubt beautiful and the country is much better as compared to other African countries is also not as good in life expectancy as expected.The country people are average, and the poor classes are deplorable. Health and other facilities are minor, and people suffer from diseases.

Top Ten World Countries with Lowest Life Expectancy Rates:

Sr#CountriesLife Expectancy Rates
5Central African Republic50.48
7Zimbabwe 51.82
10South Africa52.03

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