And thus quoth, the celebrated poet:

‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ John Keats

We have all had this experience, and more than once, where we have been dumbfounded by the beauty of our fellow human beings. At moments as these, one is left pondering, how on Earth can someone be this beautiful? 

Women across the globe are beautiful and amazing. They just know how to wing that eyeliner, rock that outfit, complement that purse with those shoes and the list is far from over. 

Of course, beauty knows no limits nor does it follow a set standard. You cannot just answer a question such as “where are the most beautiful women?” Facts and figures fall short on these. These are the matters of heart and can only be stated quite subjectively. And everyone is entitled to their own opinion. 

Nevertheless, if you wish to learn where the most gorgeous women in US live, here is a ranking of the cities with the most beautiful women based on the rating by the respondents of Travel and Leisure groups. And so it covers the most fun places where you can make some friends including the ladies.

 This article is solely based for the appreciation of beauty. We hope you enjoy this list of cities having the best-looking locals.

10. Tampa, Florida

Tampa and beauty seem to have struck some deal behind the closed doors. Talk about the Florida gulf, the cultural variety and the fancy nightlife. You might have seen a Florida State game on TV and found the women to be highly attractive.

Tampa, as it turns out, is fairly popular destination for the post-graduates coming from the big schools in Florida State. It is expanding rapidly offering a rich environment full of great restaurants, a fun nightlife and some really nice bars. That’s a place to pay a visit, don’t you think?

Here’s a list of places where you could meet attractive girls:

  • Amphitheatre at 1609 E 7th Ave
  • Crowbar at 1812 N 17th St
  • Club Prana at 1619 E 7th Ave
  • The Castle at 2004 N 16th St
  • MacDinton’s at 405 S Howard Ave
  • Hyde Park Cafe at 1806 W Platt St
  • The Ritz Ybor at 1503 E 7th Ave
  • The Kennedy at 2408 W Kennedy Blvd 

9. Honolulu Hawaii

I remember watching Hawaii five-O and being absolutely awestruck by Kono’s, amazing surfing skills, she’s pretty badass. What is more beautiful than a woman living freely, and quite literally surfing with the waves? That’s what it’s like in Honolulu.

If you like the sun, the beach, the palm trees, and refreshing cocktails, and of course, beautiful women, you might wanna pay Honolulu a visit. And for surfers, that’s a really attractive spot.

Travelling to Honolulu and wondering where to hang out? Don’t worry; this article has got you covered.

Here are the places you may wanna visit during day time and mingle with the locals:

  • Kahala Mall 
  • International Market Place
  • Ala Moana Center

But for the night owls, Waikiki beach is a major attraction. There is a buzz of life around and the women are strikingly beautiful. Here are some bars which offer a view as well as drinks to fit the mood:

  • Hale Koa Barefoot Beach Bar 
  • Arnorld’s beach bar 
  • Hula’s Bar and Lei Stand 

8. Atlanta, Georgia

Of course, Atlanta is one of the major attractions. Being an entertainment hub and booming with new bars and clubs and a vibrant night life, Atlanta attracts a diverse crowd including beautiful women. Atlanta, with its buzz of life, can be your get-away weekend.

7. Nashville, Tennessee

There are many reasons to love Nashville. The bars, for instance, offer crafty cocktails, the folks of Nashville love themselves a little alcohol and that means you can enjoy a nice beer or a cocktail with a local lady. And if you are a huge fan of sports, this just gets better. Because people of Nashville are way too into sports and yes, breaking the stereotypes, so are the girls.

And the fun is far from over here. People of Nashville are culturally sophisticated.  And cooking for Tennesseans ranks far up high on the ladder of cultural importance. So the ladies can cook! You can enjoy a decent and delicious home-cooked meal. And last but not the least; the locals are very well behaved. So you can easily befriend women without fearing a rude rejection. 

Nashville offers great condos for rent and is particular inviting for young professionals who like to blend in with a heterogeneous crowd.

6. Minneapolis/St.Pauls, Wisconsin

As far as the travel and leisure reports go, Minneapolis is one of the top attractions for the party lovers. The city offers a buoyant lifestyle, legendary parties and energetic clubs and bars, and the beautiful women like to have fun and can be found as a major part of the crowd.

5. New York City, New York

The City that Never Sleeps buzzes all day long with the energy of life. New Yorkers take life as a challenge and aim to deliver. Ladies in this aspect strive to deliver be it professional life or personal care. 

Women of New York are highly conscious of their beauty. The city has a high proportion of beauty professionals and boutiques. Plenty of modeling shows are hosted in the city and it doesn’t stop there. Generally, you’d find women with their baffling beauty because:

“New Yorkers want to stand out. They’re constantly reinventing their appearance. They know you’re looking, and they’re looking right back.”

(Quote source: NY magazine)

New York is a dream destination for most of the travellers from around the world.

4. Los Angeles, South California

Next comes the City of Angels, the culturally diverse and energetic Los Angeles. The cultural diversity offers a range of beauty across the city, the largest ethnic group being Hispanic.

With its famous landmarks that you are bound to have seen on TV, such as the HOLLYWOOD sign, the city attracts a greater crowd over the weekends. A lot of people apparently come from NYC to party and blend in with the crowd. However, if you are looking to make some friends in LA, and especially the ladies, bear this warning in mind: while the women are pretty and attractive, they are not the friendliest of the crowd. In other words, they might not be the most approachable women, so be subtle.

3. Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston’s aesthetic is something beyond this world. Talk about the horse-driven carriages, its cobblestone streets, and the pastel antebellum houses. Besides the scenic beauty, the locals are fun. Everybody knows everybody. It is easier to blend with; owning a boat makes it even easier. Women are not only beautiful but also have a southern accent that is reminiscent of summer and sunshine. According to Towncharts, there are more women as compared to the men in the area.

2. San Diego, California

Women in San Diego are fond of surfing and yoga. If you wish to get a nice bronze tan for yourself and have some fun in San Diego, you might just find the right partner for your exciting adventures. But be wary of the laid back attitude of the locals. They are not as easy to blend in with as you might think. 

1. Miami, Florida

When it comes to fun, Miami takes it a little too far. Big boats, parties, sunshine, alcohol, money, all with the vibes of the roaring twenties. That’s a typical place to go when the plan is to get ‘loose’. Put in simple terms, Miami is just wild. Women in Miami are as versatile as the adventurous activities of the city.

Anyway, here was the list of women we found to be beautiful, adventurous and attractive. Don’t agree with the list? Share your views.

Irrespective of the country wherever you travel, generally it is required to have a residency visa for having a long stay in another country. Many countries have suspended their visas because of the lockdown being observed in their countries due to the Corona pandemic.

Therefore, it is recommended to grab necessary information from the immigration department of your destination or visit the U.S. State Department website to find updated country information.  

American citizens are considered to be quite lucky in terms of passport power and have the 22nd most powerful passport in the world including Ireland, France, Japan, Belgium, Greece, Norway, and Malta. Almost 116 countries allow U.S. citizens to enter their territory only on a valid passport without a visa.

Amongst these countries are France, Mexico, Canada, Iceland, Belize, Italy, and many more. Before June 2019, Brazil was the country that required visa of U.S. citizens, but afterward, the same has been changed, and now U.S.  citizens can tour Brazil if they possess a valid passport. 28 members of the European Union allow US citizens to visit their destinations without a tourist visa. US citizens, with or without a visa, are not permitted to visit North Korea.

However, in special circumstances, if someone heads to travel to North Korea, US passport holders have to obtain a special passport validation from the U.S. Government. At the same time, there are a few countries in the world that need visas for the citizens of America to visit these destinations, which include Australia, Bolivia, China, Cuba,  India, and Russia.

Countries that require visas on Arrival for U.S citizens: 

There are many countries in the world that require a visa upon arrival. You can submit the application for a visa when you arrive in the country and thus you don’t have to go through all the hassle before leaving for that country. That sounds convenient, doesn’t it? You can find out the list of the countries that require the U.S citizens to submit a visa application once the citizens are in the country: 

  • Azerbaijan – You can get a visa for 30 days and in just 25$
  • Bahrain – You can get the visa for 14 days and 79$
  • Bangladesh – You can get the visa for 30 days
  • Bolivia – You can get the visa for 90 days
  • Burkina Faso – You can get the visa for 30 days
  • Cambodia – You can get the visa for 30 days and in $36 
  • Cape Verde – You can get the visa for 30 days
  • Comoros – You can get the visa for 45 days in just $30
  • Egypt – You can get the visa for 30 days in 25-60$
  • Ethiopia – You can get the visa for 90 days in 52-72$
  • Gabon – You can get the visa for 6 months
  • Guinea Bissau – You can get the visa for 90 days
  • Jordan – You can get the visa for 30 days in $118
  • Kenya – You can get the visa for 90 days for 53$
  • Kuwait – You can get the visa for 90 days
  • Laos – You can get the visa for 30 days in just $54.34
  • Lebanon – You can get the visa for 30 days
  • Madagascar – You can get the visa for 90 days 
  • Malawi – You can get the visa for 30 days in $80
  • The Maldives – You can get the visa for 30 days
  • Mozambique – You can get the visa for 30 days
  • Nepal – You can get the visa for 90 days
  • Papua New Guinea – You can get the visa for 60 days in $50
  • Paraguay – You can get the visa for 90 days
  • Rwanda – You can get the visa for 30 days in $30
  • Saudi Arabia – You can get the visa for 90 days in $125
  • Seychelles – You can get the visa for 90 days
  • The Solomon Islands – You can get the visa for 90 days
  • Somalia
  • Sri Lanka – You can get the visa for 30 days
  • Suriname – You can get the visa for 90 days in 50-100$
  • Tanzania – You can get the visa for 90 days in 50-100$
  • Togo – You can get the visa for 7 days
  • Tongo – You can get the visa for 31 days
  • Tuvalu – You can get the visa for 30 days 
  • Uganda – You can get the visa for 90 days in 51.50$
  • United Arab Emirates – You can get the visa for 30 days
  • Zimbabwe – You can get the visa for 90 days

E-Visas :

There are some countries in the world that require US citizens to apply through the electronic system. If you are a US citizen, then check out the list below to find out the countries that provie E-Visas to US citizens. 

  • Angola – You can get the E-visa for 90 days
  • Australia – You can get the E-visa for 90 days
  • Azerbaijan – You can get the E-visa for 30 days in $25 
  • Bahrain – You can get the E-visa for 14 days in $79
  • Benin – You can get the E-visa for 90 days in $60
  • Cambodia – You can get the E-visa for 30 days in $36
  • Cote D’Ivoire – You can get the E-visa for 90 days in $84
  • Djibouti – You can get the E-visa for 31 days in $12-23
  • Egypt – You can get the E-visa for 30 days in $25-60
  • Ethiopia – You can get the E-visa for 90 days in 52-72$
  • Gabon – You can get the E-visa for 6 months
  • Guinea Bissau – You can get the E-visa for 90 days
  • India – You can get the E-visa for 60 days in 26-82$
  • Kenya – You can get the E-visa for 90 days in 53$
  • Kuwait – You can get the E-visa for 90 days 
  • Laos – You can get the E-visa for 30 days in $54.34
  • Madagascar – You can get the E-visa for 90 days
  • Myanmar – You can get the E-visa for 28 days in $50
  • Oman – You can get the E-visa for 30 days in $130
  • Papua New Guinea – You can get the E-visa for 60 days in $50
  • Rwanda – You can get the E-visa for 30 days in $30
  • Saudi Arabia – You can get the E-visa for 90 days in $125
  • Sri Lanka – You can get the E-visa for 30 days
  • Suriname – You can get the E-visa for 90 days in $125
  • Tajikistan – You can get the E-visa for 45 days in $52
  • Tanzania – You can get the E-visa for 90 days in 50-100$
  • Turkey – You can get the E-visa for 90 days in $20.70
  • Uganda – You can get the E-visa for 90 days in $51.50
  • Uzbekistan – You can get the E-visa for 30 days in $25
  • Vietnam – You can get the E-visa for 30 days in $25
  • Zambia – You can get the E-visa for 90 days in 52-152$
  • Zimbabwe – You can get the E-visa for 90 days

Applications at the Embassy: 

Lastly, there are countries that require U.S citizens to apply for a visa at their embassies in the United States. Following is the list of countries that follow this process for the visa appliacation for US citizens. 

  • Afghanistan
  • Algeria
  • Bhutan
  • Burundi
  • Cameroon
  • Chad
  • China
  • The Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Eritrea
  • The Gambia
  • Ghana
  • Guinea
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Liberia
  • Libya
  • Mali
  • Nauru
  • Niger
  • Nigeria
  • Russia
  • South Sudan
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Turkmenistan
  • Venezuela
  • Yemen

To be more specific about the countries, you can check out the website specifically for that country, and learn how many numbers of days you can stay in a country and what visa process is required for that. 

The warm climate in the month of August is liked by most travelers for traveling all around the world. One reason for this is because August has long days and you can spend a lot of time exploring the cities and beautiful natural places as well as major tourist attractions. We have compiled a list of cities that offer the best vacation resorts in the month of August. 

Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is the capital city of the province of West Flanders, Belgium. Its location is in the northwest of the country. June to August is the best time of the year to visit Bruges. During this time period, the weather is mild and the trees are green. Weather is considered to be as chilly and damp and the temperature usually doesn’t climb higher than the 70s.

The finest way to explore the amazing architecture of the city is by water. Canals are connected through the momentous center of Bruges and extended into the city. Reflection of the striking buildings spread in every direction, present charming scene. There are different jetties around the city and boats depart therefrom throughout the day. If you had an interest in beautiful buildings and history, Bellfry of Bruges is an inspiring medieval bell tower to visit.

One of the oldest halls in the city is Bruges City Hall located at the main plaza of the city. If you are a nature lover and are fond of natural mesmerizing beauty, then Minnewater Lake floating is the right place in the city for you to enjoy your vacation. It is located downtown Bruges. The Lovers Bridge will keep you spell-bound with its beauty and it will increase your love and affection for the nature around you.

Sibenik And The Kornati Islands, Croatia

Sibenik is a historical city of Croatia. It is situated in central Dalmatia and the river Krka flows into the Adriatic Sea. It is famous for its beautiful landscapes and known for its rich historical monuments. If you are fond of enjoying the blue sky and like sunbathing then the month of August is a nice period to visit Sibenik. A very melodious and see-through renaissance building is  Town Hall, which is situated on the square of the Republic of Croatia. It was built between 1533 to 1546.

Fortresses are the key symbol of Sibenik and it is also known as the city of fortresses. The town is connected to the Adriatic Sea through St Anthony’s channel. Walking trail near the channel is a nice place for bikers and tourists. Fortress of St Nicholas is a UNESCO masterpiece of art and is located at the end of the trail.

Krka National Park is definitely a beautiful and natural attraction in Croatia and has the feature of preserved nature alongside the river. It has multiple locations which include Skradinski Buk. There are two beaches located in the vicinity of old town. So if you’re someone who loves sunbathing on the beach, then visit the beautiful islands in Croatia. 

Bunol, Spain

Castle on top of a hill overlooking Bunol, Spain

Bunol is a municipality in the province of Valencia, Spain. Despite the high temperatures of August in Bunol, still, it is one of the best times to visit Spain. Hotels and flights price is offered at discounted rates. These days of August are priceless to be spent on beaches, hiking the mountains or enjoying the summer festivals. Bunol is famous for its numerous cultural and recreational attractions for tourists. Another specialty of this town is a huge number of fountains, parks, and gardens which is making it a fantastic place to visit.

La Tomatina is a celebration that is held in Buñol. During this festival, participants throw tomatoes on each other and are involved in tomato fight for having fun and spending quality time with their community. It is the most exceptional event that you could enjoy and participate in in Europe. Gandia located in Valencia province has 7 kilometers long coastline. This little city is famous for its exceptional climate, broad beaches, and delightful dishes.

The beaches are of high class and have been awarded certificates such as Blue Flag. Most of the visitors choose to stay near the beach in hotels and holiday homes. Playa Norte is another perfect beach for families having children alongside. There are different zones rich inplaygrounds and exercise facilities. Moreover, there will also be floating platforms and playgrounds in water. So children will certainly enjoy a lot and you will have quality time here.

Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich is the capital of the canton and largest city in Switzerland. It is situated in the northwestern tip of Lake Zurich in the north of the country along Limmat river. It is the best city in Europe to visit in the month of August. These days, the techno party takes place in the entire city and the charming Swiss city hosts the Street Parade, which is amazing to watch and enjoy. Street Parade Zurich is held around city’s elegant lake basin.

Such a striking scene encourages hundreds of thousands of tourists to take part and celebrate around the focused on electronic music, such as drum & bass, or techno. These days, Zurich presents itself as a magnificent place in Europe and the entire environment is full of excitement and enthusiasm, with people dancing and multiple DJs playing music on different platforms. Limmat waterfront catches the attention of tourists and the right bank along the Limmatquia, there are beautiful medieval union houses relating to merchants, spice traders, and carpentry, etc.

Downtown of Zurich at sunny day

The largest collection of historical artifacts is placed in a museum. You can explore the swiss culture and go on a trip of the past by keenly observing weapon tools, pottery, and ages to the 20th century.

Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki is the capital city of Finland. It is the major city of northern Europe and is famous for its political, educational, financial and cultural activities along with research centers. It is also known for its artistic expertise with respect to glass, fabric and furniture design. In the gentle summer in Helsinki, visitors come in abundance and tourism attains its climax.

Helsinki provides amusement for its visitors in the shape of the marvelous sea-facing landscape, varied architecture, world-famous design, and excellent food. Helsinki is squeezed enough providing ease for its visitors to explore it on feet.  There is a multi-art-festival held in Helsinki in summer, which includes traditional music, jazz and pop concerts, theatre, existing dance and film screenings, etc.

Summer vacations are the perfect time to travel to various places, because you have plenty of time to explore the beauty by traveling, and summers are the perfect time as it is mostly pleasant weather, you can get tanned at the beach and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of cities and streets. We have listed here the best cities to visit in Europe in July. 

Naples, Italy

Naples is listed among one of the biggest cities in Italy and is listed as most famous after the historic cities of Rome and Milan. If you are planning your vacation in July, it is the best time to visit Naples as the weather is quite pleasant. It is not too hot, and you can enjoy the warm weather in the city.

The costs for living and traveling within the city are quite affordable and you can observe the beautiful art museums and explore the historical places as well. The culture of the city is depicted in every corner and street, and you can also buy handmade jewelry and other traditional art pieces as well. If you enjoy talent shows, July is the perfect time as there are a number of talent shows happening around the city. Another attraction for tourists is the coastal area, which mesmerizes the tourists by its beauty and boat trips are offered at very cheap prices.

The islands around the city portray the perfect landscape of the city, and you can enjoy the skyline; Castel Nuovo as well. If you love cruise ship rides, then Naples is the best place to enjoy these trips. You can enjoy local Italian food on board, and get served with the perfect Italian cuisine and seafood as well. 

Salzburg, Austria

Another beautiful city to explore during July in Salzburg, Austria. It is the capital city, and it is one of the biggest cities in Austria. It has a huge population and is located in the Eastern part of the country. The city comprises two parts; the Old part which shows ancient history and culture of Austria and New city which shows Amazing modern city architecture and buildings.

The city is not as crowded in July as other cities in Europe and you can explore the city with its splendid beauty in the month of July when it is warm and pleasant. If you are someone who enjoys going to festivals, then Salzburg is the place you’d love to explore the international festival of Salzburg which is celebrated every year during the month of July.

Another reason why Salzburg is famous is for its musical shows and festivals. These events take place in different public places such as theaters. Salzburg also portrays the heritage of the area in different historical buildings, and the architectural pieces are one of a kind in the whole world. The architecture is inspired by Medieval ages and presents a beautiful picture of the whole city. 

Vienna, Austria

If you have ever been to Austria, then you probably know about one of the most famous cities of Austria; Vienna. Vienna is located in Central Europe and portrays the rich culture and history of the country. It is full of natural beauty, and the rivers and mountains present the marvelous natural beauty that the city is blessed with. The city is located on the banks of Danube rivers and thus it presents a gateway from the eastern part of Europe to the western part of Europe.

July is considered to be the humid and sunniest month in Vienna. During the month of July, there are crowds of tourists everywhere like markets, palaces museums, and parks. Vienna is famous for its many historical tourism opportunities. It had magical compilations of art, sparkling palaces and outstanding musical legacy that is being carried on in concert halls and great opera houses. Vienna State Opera House is one of the World’s most marvelous theaters. Precious Hapsburg royal family’s art collection is placed in Vienna’s Kunsthistorisches Museum.

The museums are familiar for their late Italian Renaissance, but the collections contain classical Egyptian, Greek, and Roman artwork. Schonbrunn Palace is performing the major role of cultural importance and is the main tourist’s attraction in Vienna. Hofburg palace is another gigantic complex paying tribute to the rulers for a hundred years. Further gardens of the Schonbrunn Palace Complex are extended over kilometers and are simply magical.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is the Capital City of Denmark. It is uniquely famous for its strong economy, cycling culture,  canals, and joyful citizens. In fact, it is known to be the happiest city in the world.  July is the warmest month in Copenhagen. During the warm season, June through September is full of famous events and festivals.

Moreover, the days are sunny, breezy, few crowds and rates are very economical, so it is the best time to visit Copenhagen. Copenhagen is a large city but visitors’ attractions are located in the historic city center. The energetic capital is a beautiful blend of modern architecture, culture with sustainable living, beautiful restaurants and royal history. Very next to the 17th-century canal is a historic waterfront area, old wooden ships are fastened to grab tourists’ attention. Both sides of the canals have restaurants, bars, and cafes with outdoor seating for visitors.

The National Museum of Copenhagen had a sort of magnetism that you would not realize how fast the time passed. One of the oldest enjoyment parks in the world is Tivoli Gardens which is situated in Copenhagen. It’s a beautiful park, with restaurants, gardens, and a beer garden with thrill rides. 

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden located on its east coast. The best months to visit Stockholm are between June to August. July is the hottest month in Stockholm and averages temperature is 20 – 25 degrees Celcius (68 – 77 degrees Fahrenheit). During this period, Stockholm is at its liveliest time and a beautiful feature of the city is the sunsets late in the evening. 

The Skansen is the oldest open-air museum in the world. Young children and families enjoy the charming beauty of the city during this time. Not only they will observe a genuine taste of Sweden as it once was, but also Skansen Aquarium and the Children’s Zoo will leave time lasting memories. ABBA is more than just a museum. The permanent display is round the clock like stage garments, gold records, instruments and much more.

Stockholm City Hall, built from eight million bricks, is one of the famous silhouettes with three golden crowns. This is the country’s leading examples of national idealism regarding architecture. The city has amazing pieces of arts and architecture and is a wonderful place to explore during July. 

June is that time of the year when people are free from their college for vacations, or take a break during summers to get rid of the mundane routine and enjoy exploring different places on earth. If you are looking to find the best places to explore during June, here is the list of cities that provide the best vacation spot during the month of June. 


If you are planning a vacation in the Netherlands, you can not miss the marvelous city of Rotterdam. It is the most famous city in the Netherlands after Amsterdam and attracts huge crowds of tourists to enjoy the natural beauty. It has a splendid port which was built during the time of the establishment of East India company.

Another fascinating piece of architecture is Markthal, It is full of art pieces and paintings of flowers and fruits. If you are interested in animal life, there is a large zoo to explore in Rotterdam which has all kinds of species of animals.

The Euromast tower is another tourist attraction that has a number of restaurants and a great place to explore for both children and adults. 

Rhodes, Greece

The Rhodes Island is located in the South Aegean Sea. It is the fourth largest island located in Greece. The island is known to be mountainous. The spiritual island of Rhodes is a mixture of cultures and time periods and is the most admired destinations of Greece.

Rhodes is economically more affordable to stay at and explore as compared to its neighboring cities. June is the best time to explore Rhodes. The weather is extremely pleasing with dependably warm and sunny conditions with rare chances of rainfall. Its average day tempering rises from 24°C to  28°C. Rhodes has been gifted with many amazing, long stretches of beach. Besides you can also enjoy multiple small sandy coves, which are almost out of sight.

If you are in search of water sports, family-friendly beaches or beach bars, Faliraki village is admired by the tourists for water sports, bungee jumping and go-karting. Other specialties of Rhodes are natural landscape, ancient towns and picturesque villages and imposing buildings, top restaurants, fashion boutiques, and dance clubs. Therefore, Rhodes Greece is succeeded to surprise the tourists coming from all over the world. 

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest’s nickname is ‘Paris of the East’. It attracts the tourists all year due to its comfortable and friendly atmosphere. You may not forget your umbrella in June as skies get cloudy but the rains just magnify the beauty of Budapest. June can get little hot through the daytime. The average high temperature is 24°C and average low temperature is 14°C.

In early June Budapest’s popular Beer Festival takes place. Summer Festival is held in June at an open-air theatre and it has the capacity of 3,000 people to accommodate. Music and theatre performances are performed. Another cultural event is held in June with the name of Danube Carnival on the Margret Island.  The theme behind this event is to keep the cultural heritage of Hungary alive. Peoples belonging to other cultures are also welcomed to perform here. In June another even with name of Water Carnival and Bridge Festival took place.

Dance performances and music concerts took place along the banks of the rivers. Heroes’ Square in Budapest is the place where horsemanship traditions of Hungary are celebrated in the National Gallop which is based on a horse riding competition. Another event with the name of ‘night of museums’ occurs and multiple museums participate in this event, which stays open until 2:30 at night for displays. Therefore, you have much more to see and enjoy in June at Budapest. 

Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux is situated in the west of France. It is 360 miles in the southwest of Paris. It is the biggest wine-growing area in France. It was chosen as European Best Tourism Destination for the year 2015. The prime time is between June and August to tour Bordeaux and walk through and explore vineyards. Its average temperature is 53 degrees Fahrenheit all through the year. It has constant rainfall throughout the year, floating around 2.3 inches in a month.

June brings food gala and wine-tasting sessions in abundance to Bordeaux. Bordeaux fête le fleuve, a celebration that occurs once in two years’ time. It begins from June 20-23rd and a big concert is organized at every night. Water activities, Cooking pavilions, art exhibitions, a white wine festival, fireworks on the Garonne river and many more activities are there to enjoy and celebrate. La Place de la Bourse is known for its Water Mirror, so you should spend precious time here.

Water Mirror is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is in fact the largest reflecting pool in the whole world. It reflects all beautiful buildings in its vicinity as it is only 02 centimeters deep and generates a mirroring and thrilling effect. Needlessly, it is the best place to see and enjoy in the Bordeaux.

Interlaken, Switzerland

Interlaken is a significant and well-known tourist attraction in the Bernese Highlands region of the Swiss Alps. It is the gateway to the mountains and lakes of the region. The town is situated alongside the river Aare. June is the month with an average high temperature touching to 21°C  and the days are long.

Month of June is peaceful before the crowds gathered and provide best chances to enjoy and get most out of it before gatherings in July and August. However, rain chances are higher therefore, be sure to pack a waterproof jacket along with necessary clothing. It will still be cool on those early morning hikes with the low temperature at 11°C but afternoons will likely be quite warm. Beautiful scenic hiking trails are the most rewarding activity in Interlaken.

Hikers are allowed to choose trails depending upon their fitness and length of time required. Grindelwald is a town in the Interlaken region that is your  gateway to your activities in the Swiss. Paragliding has become the most required activity while having tour of Interlaken in the Swiss Alps. You can enjoy the unbelievable snow-capped mountains from multiple points in the area but flying through the air is a real and unforgettable adventure. 

Are you wondering where your next destination should be? May invites a huge number of tourists to explore their dream destinations throughout the world. In Europe, this time of the year is very pleasant and we are suggesting a list of cities which you can explore and make this month full of fun and adventure. 

1: Oslo, Norway

Oslo is a city which is known to be one of the cleanest in Europe, you can explore the rich city and welcoming people and explore the rich culture of Norway. It is also considered to be the hub spot of Norway, and you are greeted on every street that shows how friendly the people are. You would need a few days to fully enjoy the beauty and the public areas which are full of modern architecture and buildings. Another perk is that people are very considerate about eco-friendly practices and products. As Norway is listed among one of the safest countries in the world, you do not have to worry about your security and safety and can admire the natural beauty at any time of the day. Tourists also enjoy visiting the Central station of Oslo which is known for its modern architecture. Other important places known for their architecture are the wooden houses in Damstredet street.  If you are someone who enjoys trying out different foods, there are a huge number of cafes and restaurants that offer delicious Norwegian food. 

2: Madeira, Portugal

If you have heard of this name before, then you are probably aware of the fact that Madeira is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in the world and it was listed in the travel awards during the year 2015. One of the main reasons it is famous as a travel destination is because of the volcanoes that present a miracle of nature and are mesmerizing to watch.

Madeira is an island located a little far from the Canary Islands and has a very interesting landscape. It offers a variety of fruits that you will be shocked to find out about,  and the warm weather of May is the perfect time to explore the natural beauty of the island as well as enjoy the fresh fruits.

The wine of Madeira is also famous among people, and you can enjoy other activities like fishing or diving, etc. Most people want to enjoy holidays at a sandy beach, are you someone who would like to enjoy a holiday at a beautiful beach? Madeira is the perfect place for you, it has golden sand beaches, and you can enjoy the walk on pebbles. 

3: Athens, Greece

All the citizens of Greece would agree that May is the perfect time for traveling to Athens. The weather is very pleasant, and a ray of warm and bright sunshine will welcome you in the month of May. During this time of the year, the island resorts start opening up for the business, but the places are not much crowded, so you can visit any place in Athens without worrying about huge crowds of people. If you are someone who loves to visit historical places which are also rich in culture, you would love exploring Athens.

The archeological ruins are a huge tourist attraction, along with the museums and ancient streets. You can also enjoy the local food in markets and restaurants, and the wine in Athens is incomparable to any other region of Europe. There are beautiful vineyards just outside the city. The ancient Acropolis is just another thing to explore in Athens, and which portray the life of old civilizations of Greece.

During your trip, you would not want to miss the famous Temple of Athena Nike and enjoy the splendid Library known as Hadrian’s Library. If you want to enjoy the natural beauty, you can visit the islands nearby and go to pick flowers and spend time with the local population to learn more about their culture and traditions. Important events that take place during May include Protomagia, which is also known as International labor day. 

4: Porto, Portugal

Porto is a seaside city of Portugal situated in its northwest. It is famous for its bridges and port wine production. In the riverside district (medieval Ribeira), there are multiples cafes and narrow cobbled streets which are the true depiction of Portugal’s culture and history. Porto is Europe’s most respected tourist destination and an attractive and exciting city.

May is the best time to visit Porto because the weather is splendid and there are only a few tourists which makes it convenient at every point. Porto is known for its monuments, important places had impressive views of the city, the best cruises on the Douro, the restaurants, the museums, and art galleries.

Porto is one of the cheapest cities in Portugal and has a modern public transportation system. Important to note is that cruise up the river should not be missed, and it will give you a new look at Porto. The Douro Valley is famous all over the world for its wines, which is because of its distinctive soil. Its sidewalks are wide, plenty of parks are there and shopping areas are attractive and asking for a visit.

5: Zadar, Croatia: 

Another cool place to visit in Europe is Zadar, which is located in Croatia. It is known as the best city in Croatia and has a lot to offer tourists. It is famous for its historical sites and invites history lovers from all around the world.

In May, you can enjoy the weather in the city without having to worry about crowds of people all over the city. In the northern part of the city, there are a few spots rich in natural beauty. The city also has cheaper prices for living, and you can easily include a trip to Zadar when you are visiting Dubrovnik.

The pine-scented beaches are another attraction in Zadar, it is also famous for a solar-powered dance floor that gathers people for fun evenings and enjoying the sunsets at the same time near the beautiful beaches. 

April is the season that brings adventure and fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the world. It is the best time to explore the wonders of nature and embark upon new journeys to make long-lasting memories. So we are here to help you create a list of the best cities to visit in Europe during the month of April. You can go through the list, and decide your favorite place for visiting.                   

1. Cinque Terre — Italy

Cinque Terre is the sensational place to visit in April if someone is looking for fun activities to do such as hiking/climbing and exploring the beautiful scenic beauty of villages/towns. Some of the most famous places here are; Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore are five lands from north to south. Hotels facility is also available in different towns and cities, or you could also stay in nearby Biassa or La Spezia, where the IC trains stop. There are facilities of daily shuttle service to Riomaggiore. You can decide at this point, where to start from your journey and discover/explore your destination. 

A train commute facility is also available to travel among these five villages. If you like more adventure, you should opt for the Cinque Terre hike. Towns are interlinked and it will definitely provide you mind-blowing scenery. Before, starting your hike, make sure that paths are open and there is no hurdle. The trail from the south, Monterosso to Vernazza is an absolutely amazing one. All the points and scenes of Vernazza are stunning. Never the less, plenty of fresh seafood is available in the towns and you can also enjoy the coast by boat or kayak as well. In April, there are rare chances of rain and temperature lies in the mid-60s. Peak summer brings crowds over here so April is the best time to explore the Cinque Terre.

2. Amsterdam — The Netherlands

April is the best time of the year to visit Amsterdam, the weather is pleasant, and not too hot or cold. The most famous flower of the Netherland is Tulip and you would have definitely heard once or twice about it. You can enjoy the peak season of Tulip if you plan to visit mid-April or later. The scene of the large fields of Tulip around Amsterdam City is spectacular. Keukenhof Gardens only opens for 51 days per year to show beauties in bloom. Luckily which includes 30 days of April. It is situated at about a 35-minute drive from central Amsterdam. Apart from the beauty of Tulip fields, there is much more to do in the city itself. Tulip festival is hosted by Dutch Capital in the month of April along with many major music festivals. Many restaurants and cafes had surrounded the Canal Ring and its neighborhoods. This presents an extremely fascinating scene. The Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, and the Anne Frank House are the important sites and do not deserve to be left unseen.  

3. Lanzarote, Tenerife, and The Canary Islands — Spain

In April there is almost zero percent chance of rainfall in the Canary Islands. After a long exhausting winter, sunny skies and warm temperature is waiting for you and beaches of Canary Islands are crowd-free. If you want to enjoy lively beach vibes, The hotel services in April are active and provide comfort to people. Each and every corner of the Lanzarote and Tenerife present beautiful landscapes and blue seas are making the scenery more astonishing. If you had a transport, you can reach either island’s beautiful landscapes.  Another important place in the Canary Islands is the crescent bay which attracts thousands of tourists from abroad and shares the beauty with the rest of the world. 


4. Lagos, Sagres, and The Algarve — Portugal   

If you are looking for warm days and sunny skies after a lengthy summer, the Algarve is waiting for you in April. Besides the water is too cold in a seaside town, Aprils visit will give you more chances to explore the region’s beautiful towns and sensational coastal scenery.  

Lagos had historic core and beautiful/appealing beaches in the region, so your stay Lagos will be the loveliest time of your vacations. Surfers are more eager to get into the water as April is not quite a beach season. So, if you like surfing, it will be a golden chance for you.

Similarly, the beaches of Sagres — the westernmost of the Algarve towns — are imaginary appealing for surfing in April, therefore, are less congested. This region area’s landscapes are amazing to watch and feel the beauty of nature. You would need a car to explore every part of the region. Tavira is also a beautiful addition to the mind-blowing towns.

5. Galway and Western Ireland

If you are planning for April vacations in Europe, Galway and Western Ireland should be your first priority. Temperature is quite normal around 55 degrees Fahrenheit and chances of rain in the whole month are not very high. Although being Ireland, the weather can change here dramatically, therefore, you should make your preparations for potentially rainy days.

You should be based in Galway. Latin Quarters are the heart of the town. You will find here dozens of bars, buzzing pubs with live music. One of the bar Kings head is 800 years old one, which will certainly attain your attention.

You can buy Irish crafts from different shops in the downtown. River Corrib provides a lovely and romantic environment. Head west of the Corrib is famous for a tasty and local foodie. It is suggested to take a trip to Burren and famous cliffs of Moher. If you are comfortable with driving, you should rent a car and explore County Galway of nearby County Clare. There are 16th-century castles and fairy-tale worthy sights like Kylemore Abbey.

Have you found your favorite next destination from the list above? Then what are you waiting for? Book your tickets and fly for one of the most memorable experiences of visiting European cities. 

Europe during the month of March is one of the best choices you can ever make. It is the time of the year when the weather is transitioning, and the spring starts to bloom with its full beauty. Every place in Europe portrays the beauty of new blossoming flowers and trees. Some areas are perfect for enjoying the sunlight and enjoy the natural beauty Europe offers. If you are interested in traveling during the month of March, then the guide below will help you out in deciding what cities to explore. 

1. Florence, Italy

The city of artists, during the month of March, is full of art of nature. It welcomes the season of spring which is a sign of rebirth and takes us on the beautiful journey of new beginnings. Florence is an important place for historians as well as lovers of historical places. It has buildings that are enriched with the culture and history of the city. The history of the city is also preserved by the state of the art museums and splendid architecture. Another huge attraction is Gallery Florence, which is one of the most popular art museums and displays a huge number of portraits and paintings related to the period of the Renaissance. During the month of March, Florence welcomes thousands of tourists, as this time of the year is perfect for roaming around in the streets and exploring the rich culture. Florence also offers a huge variety of Italian food, and you can enjoy the cuisines at every corner of Florence. 

2. Paris, France

If you have not been dazzled by the Eiffel Tower, then March is the best place to enjoy all the famous attractions and experience the magic of Paris. The city portrays a number of architectural and artistic buildings. Paris is a good place to visit throughout the year, but in the month of March, Paris offers a splendid blend of natural beauty. The weather and climate are perfect for roaming in the streets of the city. This is the time of the year when there is a relatively lesser number of tourists and you can not see huge crowds of people. You can experience a relaxed environment, and enjoy theme parks without having to wait in long queues for your turn. These attractions include Disneyland, Louvre Museum, Palace of Versailles, Seine Dinner Cruise and Sainte Chapelle. Another perk for visiting Paris in March is less crowded in one of the most romantic places on earth; The Eiffel Tower. 

If you are interested in Athletics, then Paris offers marathons which are very exciting for all the tourists in Paris.

3. Lisbon, Portugal

March is a good time to visit the city of Lisbon, Portugal. Obviously, because of being a vibrant city, it attracts crowds of tourists during summers but in March, there are relatively fewer tourists visiting the city. Another reason why March is the month to go to Lisbon is that the weather is neither too hot nor too cold, and you can enjoy the beautiful sky and don’t have to worry about rains. 

If you love going to different types of fun events, then Lisbon offers multiple events during March. Such as Moda Lisboa; in which you can shop for different fashion collections designed by Portuguese designers. Another fun event is the Marathon, which is enjoyed by many citizens and tourists and you can enjoy the city structure while running a Marathon. If you are a fan of animated films, Lisbon has a yearly event known as Monstra. This is a film festival where you can watch films produced from all over the world. 

4. Geneva, Switzerland

Aerial view of Leman lake – Geneva city in Switzerland

Switzerland is full of mounts and hills and invites people from all over the country to spend their vacations. Many tourists like exploring the country in winters because of the ski resorts and ice skating. March is the time of the year where you can enjoy a number of fun activities, such as greenery and jungles. With the starting of the spring season, you can enjoy skiing at a number of places. If you enjoy visiting parks, then Swiss National Park will attract you for its marvelous beauty. 

Some of the places that you can enjoy traveling to during March include Matterhorn. It is a peak covered with white snow and is loved by tourists as well as Swiss people alike. Mountaineers from all over the world gather for climbing the mountain, and they also enjoy the ride at cable cars in this mountainous region. Another huge attraction is Chateau De Chillon, this is an ancient castle near Lake Geneva and portrays the ancient history of the Swiss population. If you’re at the castle, you can enjoy the view of the lake and also enjoy the architecture as well as art pieces such as paintings, etc. 

5. London, England

If you are interested in going to London and enjoy the top gardens, March is the perfect month to explore the beauty of the city. During this month, all types of different flowers such as daffodils blossom and you can enjoy the natural beauty. Along with beautiful natural beauty, you can also enjoy a number of events such as Saint Patrick’s Day, where people gather from all over the city for celebrating the display of Irish Culture. 

Another important event is WOW – Women of the World, which is a festival for celebrating the rights of women across the world. People celebrate the bravery and courage of women to fight for their rights. Another cool thing to do is to join people in recycling event on Global Recycling Day. The event takes place at Carnaby street and people love participating in the event. Other important events include the London Handel Festival and Eat and Drink Festival for all the foodies out there. 

We hope this guide helped you in deciding which city to explore during the month of March, and you can start your travel plan NOW! 🙂 

February is known to be a gloomy month for most of the people, but if you are someone who loves traveling and wants to make the month of February full of excitement and fun, we can help you out in doing so. Decide what your next travel destination is going to be, and plan your trip now!! 

Europe is one of the most beautiful places on the face of the earth, may it be summers or winters. Now there’s a need to discover what the best cities to visit in Europe in the month of February are? We have created a list of the best cities to visit in Europe to help you out in planning your trip.

1. Seville

If you are a fan of splendid architecture, then Seville is the place to be. You can enjoy the glamour of the capital city of Andalusia (Spain). The best thing about the city is its stunning cathedrals and Royal buildings. This is the city where the movie Star wars was shooted, and if you’re a fan of the movie, then you will definitely fall in love with the city. Another important feature to discover in the town is the old town, where the interior designing and architecture is as pretty as a picture and will leave you astonished. It shows the history of Spain which was home to different cultures and religions such as Romans, Muslims, and Christians. The warm days of February with bright sunlight is the best thing about the city. The average sunshine during the day is almost 6 hours, and you can enjoy good weather while exploring the streets of Seville. 

2. Barcelona

Do you enjoy colorful festivals? Barcelona offers the most remarkable festivals and attracts tourists from all around the world in the month of February. Other than festivals, Barcelona has a number of beautiful beach spots and in the month of February, you can enjoy the lovely sun at beaches. If you are someone who loves to explore the architecture and culture of the city, Barcelona is your place to go. Another fascination about the city is its museums which portray its history and heritage. You can visit the museums and can buy paintings, souvenirs, and antiques and enjoy the tasteful cuisines at traditional restaurants. Another famous place in Barcelona is the Barcelona Zoo, which inhabits almost 7000 animals. You can enjoy this attraction with your kids and family, and be amazed to discover all types of birds and animals. Barcelona also offers a Flamenco show that you would not want to miss if you love musical shows, it is a portrayal of Spanish culture and will make you fall in love with the culture and music of Barcelona. 

3. Canary Island

If you are a travel enthusiast, then you probably have heard about the Canary island. It is one of the top choices for traveling especially during winters. It is located in Africa and is part of Spain. Do you want to be mesmerized by the beauty of beaches and the heritage and culture of Spain? Then this is the perfect place for you to visit. The place offers a unique experience to people who love natural beauty as well as fun activities like surfing, swimming, and climbing. You can also enjoy the nightlife in some of the parts like La Palma, where you can enjoy ferry rides as well. The mild climate of the city offers the perfect place to enjoy the sun at the beaches and the beautiful almond trees in full blossom. Another thing that Canary Island offer is the Carnivals. You can enjoy costume parties at the carnivals, and enjoy the culture of the city. Along with that, there are a number of events like galas; such as Drag Queen Gala which is a hard-core party for tourists and will compel you to visit the island again. So book your tickets right away if you love being a drag queen and start packing for enjoying your vacation at the Canary Island. 

4. Prague

Visiting Prague in the month of February is a MUST!! Why? Because of the wonderful weather in the city that makes it a huge attraction. During this month, you can get a number of discounts and your vacation can be pretty cheap. You can enjoy the city without a big hassle of seeing hordes of tourists all over the city, which is normally the case in the summers. Enjoying the nightlife is a huge perk, and you can go to concerts as well as theatre performances. Another reason why you should visit Prague in the month of February is the Masopust Festival, that entertains people and lives up the city with fun-filled activities and carnivals. Prague Castle is also a heritage that attracts people from all over the world and is among one of the most unique architectural designs in the continent of Europe. Explore cathedrals, castles and breathtaking beauty of architectural designs throughout the city. 

5. Berlin

Does the month of February seem like a sad and depressing time of the year? You can make it full of fun and enjoyment by visiting the city of Berlin. Berlin is full of exciting activities to do, and a lot of delicious food to enjoy. A food festival is known as “Eat! Berlin” is also arranged during February. If you’re looking for the perfect place for proposing someone on the ValentinDay, then there are a number of romantic places which will be the perfect destination for it. One of the best things about Berlin in the month of February is its “International Film Festival”, where films from all around the world, and from different productions and genres are displayed in a cinema. Another perk is the best shopping deals on Sundays, you can shop for your friends and family from different famous brands on special discounts.

Have you decided which place you’re visiting in the month of February? Book your tickets now and start your journey. 🙂  

Are you wondering which part of the world to discover in winters, especially in the month of January? Then we are here to help you out in choosing a beautiful escape from your daily routine. One of the most beautiful cities to visit in the month of January is Las Palmas in the  Canary Islands located in Spain. Although the weather here is pleasing throughout the year but is especially nice during the winters. 

Why visit Las Palmas? 

Lots of options to choose from: If you have never been to the Canary Islands, you probably think it consists of 2 or 3 islands, but you’ll be surprised to find out that it actually has 7 islands. So you have a lot of places to choose from.  The best among these islands is the city of Las Palmas, which offers a diverse landscape and natural beauty at its peak, and is the biggest city in the Canary Islands. 

Beautiful Weather: 

If you are planning to take a break from your busy schedule in the months of winter, especially January then Las Palmas would be the best choice for enjoying your dream vacation. The weather in January is very pleasant, and the overall climate is fantastic. Las Palmas is known to have the “Second best Climate in the world”, and you probably would not want to miss how it feels like. 

Diverse Landscape: 

Are you a huge fan of natural beauty? Las Palmas provides all types of landscapes to enjoy, including a beautiful moon landscape, tidal waves, and vibrant sunshine. These are all the reasons why Las Palmas is the best place to visit in the month of January. 

Easy communication: 

Are you an English speaker and would like to visit somewhere where it’s easier for you to communicate?? Las Palmas will host you well because most people on the Island are used to having English guests and thus are pretty good at English communication. This way you don’t have to struggle for learning more about the Islands and enjoying your vacations without having a language barrier. 

White and Black Beaches:

One of the top reasons why people visit islands is because of the beautiful beaches. Las Palmas is perfect for someone who loves beaches, not only does it offer white sandy beaches for perfect tanning, but also black beaches which attract a huge number of tourists from all around the world. Las Canteras is one of the most famous and finest beaches located in Las Palmas and is well known as a destination perfect for surfing. In the month of January, you can enjoy quiet spaces at beaches, and also explore mini beaches in the island.

Best place for Divers: 

Are you an expert diver or would you want to learn diving? Las Palmas offers both, so it’s time to be excited for a fun diving experience along with enjoying the beauty of nature. You can also enjoy snorkeling, and have fun in the beautiful waters filled with natural beauty. 

Heaven for cheese lovers: 

The Canary Islands has won the “World Cheese Award”, and if you’re a foodie and like to taste cheese from all over the world, you will probably fall in love with the taste of cheese in Las Palmas. The taste, as well as the smell of Cheese produced in Las Palmas, is unique and different from all around the world. 

Perfect location to see the Milky way: 

Las Palmas offers a super advantageous location for all the nature lovers, along with admiring the beauty of the earth, you can observe the heavenly beauty of the milky way. Isn’t it marvelous? 

Surfing Destination: 

Do you wonder what surfing in pristine water feels like? You need to book your flight to Las Palmas, it will leave you fascinated. The other locations for surfing on the islands are Lanzarote and Tenerife, which are said to be the favorite spot of most tourists for surfing along with Las Palmas.

City Structure: 

If you are in Las Palmas, you can not miss the marvelous city structure including monuments and the cliff tops inhabited by diverse people. The streets in Las Palmas are reflective of its history, and the people are super friendly and would not hesitate to give you a tour of the city. 

Mystic Botanical Gardens: 

Las Palmas, along with its exceptional lakes and water bodies, offers a number of Botanical gardens that will astonish you with their beauty. You can explore different types of plants including huge variety of Cacti and Flowers. The city grows a large number of plants which further enhances the beauty and breathtaking views on the island. 

Urban Villages: 

If you are someone who is interested in exploring the culture of different areas, then Las Palmas has a lot to offer. The food, music, and art of the city are also some of the features that make it a huge attraction for a large number of tourists. There is a weekly performance by artists and musicians in the streets of the village, and you can watch the performances by the traditional people. 

Hipster Culture and Heritage: 

The vibrant and diverse culture of Las Palmas is also because of the Hipster Culture, the architecture, as well as the buildings, are reflective of the hipster culture. You can hang out in the bars and other hipster hangouts in the streets throughout the city, and discover the vintage shops in the city that offer beautiful products at very fewer prices. 

Plazas and Parks: 

If you enjoy a stroll or a picnic, you might want to visit the plazas in the city. You can find a number of restaurants with tasty foods, and bars as well. Not just this, the parks in the city are perfect for a day out with family or a picnic spot. 

These are all the reasons that make Las Palmas a perfect destination for a fun vacation, which will help you in enjoying your days to the fullest and learn a lot about diverse cultures. So book your ticket today, and discover the beautiful city in the month of January!!!